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Sunday, January 28, 2007

so much for being on vacation

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Okay so yes I am progrestinating but I do need to finish this post.

This is my mom while shopping yesterday. She wanted me to cook dinner for her friends on Monday so we went shopping and got a lot of stuff. My mom doesn't like to cook and does not makes foods she likes if they take a long time to prepare. So since I figured I'd be cooking anywho I may as well get some stuff done for her that she likes but wouldn't fuss with. Little did I know. After we left the store we went home and after lunch and a well desserved nap on my part I started on this culinary escursion. I wanted to take pictures (my mom took a few and I'll add them once I got them) of the final outcome but was to exhaused to do so. I cook for 5+ hours straight. I didn't finish until 11pm. I made Split Peas soup, Lentil soup, 40 stuffed cabbages, 10 Rindsrouladen (actually since they were filled with ground meat, pickles and a bit of mustard - they where spanish birds), a whole head of red cabbage, curry (white) cabbage and Koenigsberger Klopse . Upon finishing my mother thought it would be good to air ourselves out while taking a little bike tour. Mhh little try 4km at around midnight!!! It was kind of chilly too. So after getting back I went to knock out some homework and fell into bed.

Today I was woken once again early. After breakfast we had to stop by at the club house so I could be "introduced". Then we were off to drop of quilts at the LAMP project. Its actually a cool place where they offer underaged mothers a way to finish school while providing childcare. After that it was off to the maternity ward at a hospital to drop of baby hats my mom and her friends made. After getting home and lunch I played around on the computer while chatting with Jin and Bathroom Hippo until it was time to finish up dinner. I had to still make the Potato Dumplings (I cheated here and bought the once in the box).

The dinner as interesting to say the least. My moms friend and neighbor was invited and he brought one of his girlfriends. She is deaf which makes communication a bit difficult since I do not know sign language and he is still learning. Anyhow so she comes in and is gesturing with a camera and clearly upset. I gathered something about him dressing up???? So after a while he walks in (she takes of picture) dressed as to attend some formal function. Apparently it was meant as to joke to my mother. Well she was mad since she just wore jeans and t-shirt. And when I say mad I mean really P.O.'d Well then he said she already had 2 martinis. Great she's drunk before dinner lovely. So he goes back and throws on a shirt and looses the jacket. We try to start dinner as we try to get her to come over to the table she falls over the makeshift desk my mom had set up for me and nearly cost me my computer. Thank god my mom was right there and caught the laptop before it hit the ground. DAMN DRUNKS! So once she gets some food in her she is getting quieter. Talking is still a challenge while she can read lips I have a hard time to make sense out of her signs, gestures and sounds. (BTW everyone loved the food I made!!!!)
Of course my mother insists on serving wine with dinner which I still think was a bad idea but oh well. After dessert my mom and the lady wanted some pictures so we did that and when my mom asked her to take one of us it took her forever to figure out my moms camera. We tried to tell her all she had to do was to keep pressing the button but we just couldn't get the point across. She finally did it but again was agitated and frustrated (can't blame her). I felt kind of bad knowing that our lack of sign language frustrated her. I finally excused myself and went to my room to start on my paper. They ended up leaving not to much later after my mother promised I'd go over to say good bye tomorrow WTH!???!?!?

So lets review vacation means sleeping in, going out for food, hanging at the pool/spa and relaxing right?
  • Mhh got an early wake up call every day
  • cooked for a total of probably 8h (5+ consecutive)
  • aside from passing the pool to leave the park have not seen it
  • and I sure as hell haven't relaxed
Of course the part where my mother made me talk to my sister whom she called (note my mother called her - even so my sister knew I'd be here) sucked too. I swear she has to be the most deluted, selfish person out there. She wants Grumpy and I to come STAY with her when we go home to Germany in December. Okay this person has never written me a letter/card in the years I have been here. Not even a thank you note for the holiday/birthday cards I sent her. I have never recieved a phonecall from her. I haven't seen her in years (not that I mind). So of course I decline the staying over part. I mean she lives in my hometown and we got my moms place to stay at why would I want to stay at hers?

So she is like
"We are sisters we need to meet!"????? I told her we can do coffee in town but we will not stay over.
She goes
"But don't you want to meet my boyfriend and his Mom?" I was like I met him and again she can come to the coffee.
Her answer
"But we haven't seen eachother in ages we are siblings!" To which I replied Well I was in Germany 3 times within a year last time being last May.
Of course she is like
what? I didn't know. Well if you don't stay in touch you wouldn't now would you.
She of course argued that
she was in touch with our Mom which I knew she wasn't. I told her that in the almost 8 years I have been here she never wrote a card or letter - her excuse well you know I don't like to write I rather talk on the phone.
To which I replied
well you haven't called either!. I finally had enough told her I had to go and I'd get in touch about meeting for coffee. ( I will do my best to forget to do so - after all I only got 2 weeks and there are plenty of people there wanting to see us that do write and call!!!!!!!

I have to say I am glad she wasn't allowed to come here because I would have killed her these past days. I have no intention so spend more than 15min alone with her anywhere.

So I will leave early tomorrow in hopes of going standby to get home early (or at all) since they had flights canceled right and left today. Wish me luck


Dan said...

Grocery shopping?

Nicole said...

You crack me up.

Dino aka Katy said...

dan - yeah that is my mom shopping

nicole - thanks I think

Bathroom Hippo said...


Osama Bin Laden has an Uncle?

Dino aka Katy said...

hippo - yeah thats it. google it!

jin said...

Wow! Some post!
But I knew all that stuff aleady!

Thanks again for calling!!!
Glad you kept trying! LOL!

I should maybe make that a new requirement: all who wish to speak with the jin must IM her first! So she knows to go answer the phone!
LOL! :-)

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - that sounds like a plan of course you'd have to be signed on!!!!! Which you aren't right now or I'd see it since I am still up!!!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Rouladens? Knodels? Going to Germany - oh,please take me with you!! I need a trip down the Rhine.