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Monday, March 21, 2011

News news news and change

So I took the leap. I went and applied for a new job with a couple of companies that work all around the world. I figured if they have offices in Germany I may at some point be able to get transferred there. I had two offers and decided today to go with P.are.xel. I will start April 4th with a week long training in Raleigh, NC followed by training at home. Yes AT HOME. I shall stay put for at least a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. While I will be doing the same thing so after my training period is over my schedule and travel will most likely be similar to what its now but I figured it can't be any crazier than it is now and at least with this company I get to head toward my long term goal - heading back to Europe.

Well let me get some rest I am in NYC all week and forgot to check the weather. Its been nice and cozy down south but its still cold up here and I forgot to bring the right shoes/clothes :( guess I'll be cold.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another week bites the dust

Its hard to believe how fast his year has been going I mean April is right around the corner. I just checked out the prices for my favorite campground maybe we can hope down for a weekend in April. March has been nuts guess it could be called

Had to travel on weekends which I don't like but its not something I could avoid. Thankfully its almost over.

I had a fun dinner with Ms Jin and JDC in Florida at our favorite Restaurant Bowled in St. Petersburg, FL. If your in the neighborhood you have to go and check it out. The foods amazing.

For a change this weekend we have a full social calendar. Thursday night I got home in time to grab a movie - saw I am number four at the IMAX. Not bad a movie guess they are trying to take on Twilight without the Vampires. Last night hubby and went out to meet up with one of Hubby's fraternity brothers and his wife. We ended up having a great time no surprise to me :). We are even talking about going down to our favorite campground together.

Tonight I am heading out to celebrate Hen's night with my English friend who after almost having given up all hope for true love, found it and is getting married this Spring. I am so excited for her, i like her beau - and not its not because he shares Grumpy's given name - and am thrilled to see how happy she is planning the wedding and their future together.

I wont be able to party to much as I am heading out early tomorrow to Buffalo, NY for the week.

Well better make some food before i polish of the rest of the 2 cookies Ms Jin had given me for the trip home.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

busy busy bee

Things have been nuts so far this year lots of change lots of drama. After 8 years of working with the Au pair program as LCC I have resign. It was a pretty sad day for me especially since it really wasn't what I wanted to do but given what was asked of me it was the only option. Day job has been to nutty lately with lots of 60-80 hour weeks. More of that here. Lots of changes a lot of them good its just that they increase our already high workload. I like doing a good job and with all the things we are now required to do it is nearly impossible to do so even if you do work 80hs a week. Hell I have yet to finish my January contact reports and here its March. Well I better finish this post and get to it.

I am heading to Tampa tomorrow hopefully I'll get to catch up with Ms Jin and JDC while I am there.