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Monday, August 25, 2008

Vegas and back

Vegas and back
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Vegas was fun we saw the Hoover Dam from jetskis we rented, saw part of the Grand Canyon, went and saw a show (Bite @ the Stratosphere) and of course gambled.
On other news looks like the Clomid isn't working. I had my ultrasound today and while have two folicals one is much to small- the other they hope will grow enough. I have to go back to see if it did or if the dose has to be increased.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home and gone again

Yes we made it home after 53HOURS!!!! I ended up having to leave again less than 36 hours after getting home - got this sweet rental car - the new Mustang convertible. Sweet ride I didn't want to give it back. I had hoped I could get another one when I got to Vegas the next day but no such luck - they gave me a Hyundai Santa Fe.
Grumpy should land soon. I am still busy so the poor guy may have to take the shuttle to the hotel. We hope to go Jet skiing on Lake Mead tomorrow afternoon. And then maybe catch a show and see if we can make it to the Grand Canyon. We head back Sunday afternoon.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hadn't planned on visiting England but here we are. Of course our connecting flight is delayed by 4 hours why wouldn't it be so now we wont arrive home until past midnight - if we are lucky and all goes according to schedule. I am not sure but I think we may have been faster had we gone by boat!!! At least we are first class today so we get to hang out in the fancy lounge with free food and booze.

I will keep you all posted on my little travel adventure :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

so much for dinner

until 3 hours ago it looked like everything was going well we boarded the plane we taxied I fell asleep. I wake when the engine rev up and notice we don't take off. the captain announces a light in the cockpit went off and it needs to be checked. after a while he states we need to go to a gate so a mechanic can check it. a bit over an hour passes we are still on the plane its hot ... then the announcement more tests needed but it looks like it was a false alarm. more time passes - yes it was a false alarm but now we need to refuel. tic toc ... now we are refueled but can't get a take off slot until another 1 1/2 hs. so here we are on the plane hot as hell. at least I brought food since I hate plane food. they finally handed out water. there is no way we'll make the connection and my back of chocolate I bought is melting in this heat.

UPDATE (9:35pm)

So after being trapped in the plane for 5hours they finally let us go - the flight was canceled. We had to go back into the terminal and wait for 3 hours to be rescheduled. Now we are in a hotel they put us in until we leave early AM tomorrow to try again to get back this time with a layover in Manchester England. What sucks is that I am supposed to work tomorrow never mind the fact that I had planned on floating the in pool right about now after hugging Grumpy and the little monsters - nope instead I am in a airport hotel. My shoulders are killing me from handling our heavy luggage and I am not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. Wish me luck that all will go well and I'll be home tomorrow night

Monday, August 11, 2008

wedding and reunion

The wedding was great. The bride looked beautiful the groom looked dashing and the flower girls were adorable. After the ceremony we went to the reception were yummy food and cake was served and lots of alcohol was consumed. I even danced. I did go the entire reception barefoot because my shoes were to high and uncomfortable. The only damper on the evening was when the next morning the couple realized that someone stole 500 euros from them. Since it was held in a type of community center with only the closest friends and family present it has been heart wrenching to think who could do this. The only stranger was the DJ.

After helping cleaning up the next morning ( I knew having been a dish washer for a month would come in handy some day!) I headed out to meet up with the peeps from my middle school of who I haven't seen many since 1992 when those of us attending high school split. It was wonderful. We met our old teacher at the school did a walk through, sat in our old classroom (still the same curtains and all) and walked down memory lane before heading out to a restaurant which we ended up closing some time after 1am (we met at 3:30pm!) we didn't realized how late it was until we got hungry again and found out the kitchen had closed some time ago. It was such a great night we laughed so hard and talked so much.

I still can't get flickr to work the way I want to so here is the link for the picasa album for both events. My time here is almost over and while I am looking forward to Grumpy the pets AC and my pool I am very sad when thinking about leaving once again.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008


For some reason I am unable to add a slide show via Picasa or a badge via flickr for the photos - so here is the link if you'd like to see them

Germany - wedding August 2008

Hi from Germany

Sorry I have been scarce just got busy. So Monday we landed (Mom and I) in Germany. The flight was not as bad as the one Grumpy and I were on in december but it wasn't what I'd call a good flight. Once we got into my hometown we had to get a wireless modem as my broadband card did not work despite that I had called Verizon and they assured me it would! Last night was the Polterabend for the wedding. The happy couple decided to have the party a couple days before the wedding so noone would have a hangover on Friday - and yes I am sure many suffer a hangover today. I am dizzy but since I stopped drinking hours before I left at midnight I do not think this is a hangover. Today I am heading out to meet up with my friends - the parents of my favorite twins. Tomorrow its workday - cleaning out the basement and storage room. Then Friday is the wedding - I am to be at the brides house at 10am to get ready and be moral support. I am also crashing there since I wont be able to drive home. Saturday is my middle school reunion and Sunday its of to see Oma. Monday is full of appointments, Tuesday is shopping and packing, Wednesday we are to go see my aunt and uncle and Thursday so 3am we have to head out to the airport. Busy little bee. I doubt I'll have time to post much so I will upload all my photos to click and post one of those modules that will rotate them - when you click on it you can see all of the pics from this trip = so far there are only the once from last nights party.