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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bierfest - Germany 2011

We are back. If we are friends on facebook then you will have had a chance too be on vacation with us - sort of. Thanks to my awesome friend who works for vodafone in Germany I had a SIM card for my Blackberry with data service. So I was able to upload pictures in real time giving you a chance to literally see what we saw.

As always the trip was much to short and over soon after it began. And it wouldn't be a trip for us if there wasn't something that went wrong. We tend to have bad luck when our US Airways flight code-shares with Lufthansa. The new LH plane was super uncomfortable I had a metal box under the seat in front of me and I ended up having major circulation problems from it. To make matters worse when we got into Frankfurt we were told my suitcases didn't make it and they couldn't even tell us where they were. It took 40Euros and 3 days to finally get them - of course they were damaged. At least we had gotten them back.

We headed from Frankfurt where we landed to Munich as Hubby wanted to check out the Octoberfest. We stayed with friends - a stroke of luck as my friends mom had some clothes she didn't need which fit me so I didn't have to wear my sweats. We headed to the "Wiesn" right away and Hubby loved it. He was so proud that he had 4 Mass of beer while our German friends switched to Radler after the second Mass.

The next days the boys checked out Dachau while I did some running around and then we had dinner at one of the local spots in Tracht.
We had fun dressing up in Dirndl and Lederhosen to head out.

After a quick stop at Neuschwanenstein castle we headed back to the East. We got to meet up with friends and family and then headed up to Berlin for a few days. Hubby fell in Love with Berlin and wants to go back.

As always 2 weeks were not nearly long enough. I feel a little better about it knowing I'll be back in Spring but still .......

Here are some pics of our trip    - there are 400 some - you are warned ;)