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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Another year and more things to be thankful for.

Having great friends
Loving family (2 and 4 legged)
Having a job that I love and that pays the bills
Getting to travel
Trying new things and so much more...

Speaking of new things we got a bunch of apples from Zina's Produce and I decided to try make applesauce. This is another one of those things that is so simple but I have just never thought about making it myself before.

I looked at several recipes some called for tons of ingredients others for almost none. I decided to stick with the more natural approach and just cut the apples leaving the skin on.

I put them in a big pot and added just a bit of water so they wouldn't burn on the bottom. Once they were all soft I spooned them into my magic bullet container a bit tedious since you have to do it several times but it does the trick. Once pureed I put it back in the pot and tasted it to see if any sugar was needed - none was just a bit of cinnamon.

Looks good enough to eat and even better no chemicals, preservatives or added sugars. I still have a lot of apples so I will make more and freeze them so we can have them later. Got a few apple recipes I can't wait to try like apple fritters and apple pancakes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Want some delicious soup?

The other day Ms Jewel mentioned she'd made a carrot and parsnip soup that was delicious. This reminded me that I had some carrots who had seen better days and kohlrabi that needed to be eaten. I adore home made soups so off to the kitchen I went.

I cut up the carrots and kohlrabi chopped an onion and added to potatoes - cubed into a pot added some water and a bit of salt.

Boiling the veggies until soft, then drain but be sure to catch the water.

But veggies with some of the broth in a blender and puree. I placed the puree back on the stove and added some nutmeg to taste.

Guten Appetit

Friday, November 11, 2011


I know i have been scarce and I can't promise that I will post here more now as life is still busy. I did want to note that I created a new Blog - one to chronicle our new journey which hopefully will end with us being parents of a beautiful baby girl or boy or both. You can follow our story here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bierfest - Germany 2011

We are back. If we are friends on facebook then you will have had a chance too be on vacation with us - sort of. Thanks to my awesome friend who works for vodafone in Germany I had a SIM card for my Blackberry with data service. So I was able to upload pictures in real time giving you a chance to literally see what we saw.

As always the trip was much to short and over soon after it began. And it wouldn't be a trip for us if there wasn't something that went wrong. We tend to have bad luck when our US Airways flight code-shares with Lufthansa. The new LH plane was super uncomfortable I had a metal box under the seat in front of me and I ended up having major circulation problems from it. To make matters worse when we got into Frankfurt we were told my suitcases didn't make it and they couldn't even tell us where they were. It took 40Euros and 3 days to finally get them - of course they were damaged. At least we had gotten them back.

We headed from Frankfurt where we landed to Munich as Hubby wanted to check out the Octoberfest. We stayed with friends - a stroke of luck as my friends mom had some clothes she didn't need which fit me so I didn't have to wear my sweats. We headed to the "Wiesn" right away and Hubby loved it. He was so proud that he had 4 Mass of beer while our German friends switched to Radler after the second Mass.

The next days the boys checked out Dachau while I did some running around and then we had dinner at one of the local spots in Tracht.
We had fun dressing up in Dirndl and Lederhosen to head out.

After a quick stop at Neuschwanenstein castle we headed back to the East. We got to meet up with friends and family and then headed up to Berlin for a few days. Hubby fell in Love with Berlin and wants to go back.

As always 2 weeks were not nearly long enough. I feel a little better about it knowing I'll be back in Spring but still .......

Here are some pics of our trip    - there are 400 some - you are warned ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Anyone still there?

So much for my new years resolution of posting more often - last post was May 19 that's like 2 months ago wonder if anyone is still reading this old blog.

So what have I been up too??Besides napping with the puppy????

Well things are well with the new job, just had my eval talk today and it the company is very happy with me :) now lets hope that translates into more $$$$$.

Grumpy and I did find a property we like and closed on it last week. 5.7 acres in the country but only 30min from the beach. Its partially cleared which is great as we can put the trailer right on in. We still have to get a well dug, power hooked up and sewer installed per the country's rule if we want the to leave the trailer there which kind of sucks. We were planning on doing it just not right away but then we also didn't realize they want an arm and leg for the damn well. Either way I can't wait until we got it all done and can enjoy weekends with the pups. Grumpy was out there today putting up no hunting allowed signs up so the deer can have a safe haven. I am sure the pups will love running wild out there but because there are hunters I told Grumpy I'd put the pups in pink tutus so they wont be mistaken ;)

We have friends coming from Germany next week so we've been trying to get some ground in this chaos also known as our house but don't seem to make much headway - oh well I never said I was a housewife.

I have been moonlighting as a guest writer on a new blog - if you haven't yet hop on over to The Clumsy Eater and check it out. I often have to eat out while on the road which lets face it I am on the road every week - I send in my reviews for the places I find on my trips. So check it out as there are more things reviewed than just restaurants.

In other news hubby and I decided to check more seriously into the whole adoption thing. Its not gonna be anytime soon we know especially here in VA and us not having the kind of cash one needs for private adoptions or adopting from another country but we figured it can't hurt to get the process started. We haven't given up the hope that somehow we get to experience the joy of pregnancy and all the fun associated but figured our child is out there somewhere. Since we usually don't do things the easy and conventional guess we shouldn't expect having children to happen that way seems our stork is going to work a little harder. I probably wont post to much about the process since the whole baby issue usually gets me super upset and super angry. But if there are news no worries it will be announced we are guessing it will take somewhere around 2 years assuming they'll even find us worthy which with my current job and travel schedule is still a big IF.

So I better get back to chores I am leaving Monday for Arkansas and fly from there to NYC to pick up my friend and godchild.

Hubby took picks from of the land and I'll think I'll create an album for the land so you guys can see how it comes along

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy busy bee

Sorry its been awhile. The new job is in full swing and I am hitting the road again so I haven't had much time to post or even read. The new job is great I love not having to pay and get reimbursed down the road.

Hubby and I are hunting for a weekend spot. We've been looking at properties and found some we like. Now its just a matter of price and location. So we'll see

Grumpy is away with some of his fraternity brothers for some guy time. I have tons of work with this new project to catch up with plus I am to meet up with the wives Saturday night that should be fun.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

News news news and change

So I took the leap. I went and applied for a new job with a couple of companies that work all around the world. I figured if they have offices in Germany I may at some point be able to get transferred there. I had two offers and decided today to go with P.are.xel. I will start April 4th with a week long training in Raleigh, NC followed by training at home. Yes AT HOME. I shall stay put for at least a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. While I will be doing the same thing so after my training period is over my schedule and travel will most likely be similar to what its now but I figured it can't be any crazier than it is now and at least with this company I get to head toward my long term goal - heading back to Europe.

Well let me get some rest I am in NYC all week and forgot to check the weather. Its been nice and cozy down south but its still cold up here and I forgot to bring the right shoes/clothes :( guess I'll be cold.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another week bites the dust

Its hard to believe how fast his year has been going I mean April is right around the corner. I just checked out the prices for my favorite campground maybe we can hope down for a weekend in April. March has been nuts guess it could be called

Had to travel on weekends which I don't like but its not something I could avoid. Thankfully its almost over.

I had a fun dinner with Ms Jin and JDC in Florida at our favorite Restaurant Bowled in St. Petersburg, FL. If your in the neighborhood you have to go and check it out. The foods amazing.

For a change this weekend we have a full social calendar. Thursday night I got home in time to grab a movie - saw I am number four at the IMAX. Not bad a movie guess they are trying to take on Twilight without the Vampires. Last night hubby and went out to meet up with one of Hubby's fraternity brothers and his wife. We ended up having a great time no surprise to me :). We are even talking about going down to our favorite campground together.

Tonight I am heading out to celebrate Hen's night with my English friend who after almost having given up all hope for true love, found it and is getting married this Spring. I am so excited for her, i like her beau - and not its not because he shares Grumpy's given name - and am thrilled to see how happy she is planning the wedding and their future together.

I wont be able to party to much as I am heading out early tomorrow to Buffalo, NY for the week.

Well better make some food before i polish of the rest of the 2 cookies Ms Jin had given me for the trip home.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

busy busy bee

Things have been nuts so far this year lots of change lots of drama. After 8 years of working with the Au pair program as LCC I have resign. It was a pretty sad day for me especially since it really wasn't what I wanted to do but given what was asked of me it was the only option. Day job has been to nutty lately with lots of 60-80 hour weeks. More of that here. Lots of changes a lot of them good its just that they increase our already high workload. I like doing a good job and with all the things we are now required to do it is nearly impossible to do so even if you do work 80hs a week. Hell I have yet to finish my January contact reports and here its March. Well I better finish this post and get to it.

I am heading to Tampa tomorrow hopefully I'll get to catch up with Ms Jin and JDC while I am there.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I posted

I did write this week but over on the private blog

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring is in the air

We have wonderful weather guess Cupid made sure its nice and warm for his day of honor. We had a nice relaxing weekend that's all for now rest will have to wait till I have some time.


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gee January is not yet over and I broke the post at least once a week resolution already missing last weeks post. In my defense the week was nuts.

It started with a 3am wake up call on Monday to head to Wheeling WV from there it was off to Buffalo after i finished in Wheeling Tuesday afternoon. The drive was interesting started of with rain as I headed north switched to freezing rain, hit some heavy fog along I-90 by lake Erie and then snow toward Buffalo. I worked crazy hours all week in Buffalo - the weather was awesome freezing cold and snow. I had to dig out my car every day :) Yes I loved every second of it.

Since i had to be back in upstairs NY Monday I stayed the weekend instead of going home for less than a day. So Saturday I went up to Canada to hang with Julie and to give my charity contribution. Yep cut off all the hair its currently on its way to Locks for Love to hopefully make a nice wig for a child some day.

Sunday I hoped back on I-90 to Rochester where I had dinner with a friend before watching the Steelers beat NY at the hotel. While no football fan as a wife of a die hard Steeler fan it was my duty to watch and text comments to Grumpy during the game.

After working Mo-Tue in Rochester it was back to Buffalo for a day and then finllay heading home Wednesday night. One of these days I'll have to have Grumpy film the greeting ritual that goes on when i get back from these trips. The puppy fell all over herself trying to say hello.

Since i am driving to Florida next week the baby will get to come with me. I can't wait this way i got someone to fight over the blanket with :) I'll get to hang out with Ms Jin and JDC too and they'll get to meet Boo.

So now its past my bedtime. Grumpy and I went to see Green Hornet tonight in 3D but it wasn't much to write about.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Orleans and other travels

Its only the second week of the year but as you know if we are friends on facebook I have been out and about. I was in St Louis last week. Can't say I was impressed or would volunteer to return. The city reminded me of Detroit and not in a good way. Downtown shut down at 6pm including restaurant.

Right now I am coming from New Orleans heading to Columbus. I am almost done with my book so I figured I post via email (which will sent once landed) to keep up with my New Years resolution. New Orleans was different. This is one of the cities I loved going to before the storm I hadn't been back since so I knew I was in for a sad welcome back. The hotel was right of canal just of block of Bourbon street but you wouldn't know it. All around it buildings were empty boarded up. I headed into the French Quarter the first night and will there were lights and places open its was very different from before. Going down to Decatur you came across lots of places close and boarded up. There seemed to be more unsavory characters out and about too that before and I don't mean the drunk tourist kind. The second clinic I went to today was in such a sad state. Next to a house that had fire damage and was just left there and a boarded up grand palace hotel that was standing there like a ruin. I talked to one of the nurses a little bit about the aftermath and one thing she told me was that after the storm the rents skyrocket. Causing further hardship and forcing people out. Silly me I would have lowered them to get more people to return, that way more people could help with the rebuilt.

I hope they get a break and will be able to restore the city to its former glory and sooner rather than later. I always loved going to New Orleans and not just for the yummy hurricanes.


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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year - maybe some resolutions

Alright I guess for resolutions -lets all get along - just like the pups and kitties in my house.
Try to work less and spend more time home with the cats.
Be more active and have fun playing around

As for the rest well lets say I'll try to post more often - shall we say weekly? I know better than to say daily since my days often get away from me.

The holidays were fun due to weather and technical difficulties i wasn't able to do my visit this past week and got to stay home ALL WEEK. It was great we had snow, i went for winter wonderland walks with the pups, relaxed and enjoyed hanging with hubby and all the critters. Went and saw Tron, the Tourist and we are heading to see True Grit today.