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Sunday, September 30, 2007

So busy

So busy
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I know its been a week and i owe you a couple of posts. The week was full of stress and drama. Everything from me calling a teacher out over telling lies (wonder if I am going to pass that class) to lots of AP drama and the installation of fiber optic TV and internet that wont connect to my little laptop.

But as I still have 3 papers due by tomorrow and one that was due yesterday all I can leave you with is this picture of Misty sunning herself in the window.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dinner at Das Waldcafe

Dinner at Das Waldcafe
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They knew i was coming and made tomato soup. OMG I am loving it.

My Scottish friend and her Family where having dinner at the German Restaurant and both Grumpy and I were able to make it. It was nice to be able to hang with friends and have yummy food.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Waiting to enter Howl-o-scream

I gave up my shift last night to get some rest. I had worked Tuesday - Thursday night and hadn't gotten any home work done since its been late nights at the restaurant. Besides the there was a party of 60 coming and a show at the theater so it would have been a mad house and not in a good way because the food takes a while people would have been pissed off so I rather stayed home. My Scottish friend has visitors this week: two of her sisters (from Scotland), one of her nieces and a friend (from Toronto). They stopped by the restaurant Thursday night. Here are they with Ronnie the owner and Ms Dorothy (right) a long time customer and friend or Brenda and I.

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream stood on their schedule for Friday night. So okay I was going to relax Friday and maybe do some homework - but Howl-O-Scream can be relaxing right?

You know I am rarely on time (well more like never) but I try. So I said I was going to pick up my friends hubby on the way to the park so they wont have to drive all the way back down (30min past the park) and we'd meet them at 7pm. Well I was there ON TIME and they weren't we ended up waiting for 30min!!!!!

The park was awesome it was hot and humid but doable. First thing - WICKED WOODS. We get around the first corner and there was only 4 of us - shit we lost 3. Damn it were are in a haunted maze and 3 people short - did they get abducted? Eaten? ... We decided there was really no good reason to find out putting ourselves in danger and pressed on trying to get out.

We moved onto Ireland. Photos op in front of the talking tree.

We went on to see the Wicked Witch on Cork Screw Hill. This is an awesome 4-D ride into the old Ireland. See except for Doug, my friends husband, all the ladies get motions sick - so no roller coasters. But I did trick them into The Curse of DarKastle too- both so much fun and purrrfect Halloween rides. And trust me of the "Katy I am going to kill you" screams there was laughter and a few startled screams.
After the Cork Screw Hill we got out just in time for Jack is Back a fun show.

Check out the two Scottish visitors picking up guys along the way. Now wonder they had to wear the horns ...

Sadly we didn't get to do anymore Maze's, haunted houses or rides as the park closed at 10. We did get a chance to get some Ice scream on the way out. Their ice cream is theeeeeeeeee best. I can't wait for Grumpy and I to come back up and check out the rest of the Scarry stuff. (This way I can hide behind his back) Tonight I am joining Brenda and her visitors at the German Restaurant for an early dinner before Grumpy and I head to see some old friends of his.

Oh Shit I better hop to it and get my homework done so I can play.

Monday, September 17, 2007

now back to our scheduled program

Sorry I know it seemed like I was absent .... but I was just very tired and busy. My little buddy had to knock on the window of my office on a few days making sure I stay awake.

Last week was super busy. Monday I worked at the office from 8am until after 10pm trying to get caught up and in shape for the monitoring visit for two of my studies the next day. Grumpy even came by and brought me my dinner (M&M McFlurry) and stayed to help with some of the stuff.

Tuesday I had three Monitors in the office and the rest of the girls were taking bets on when I was going to blow. Normally just one comes and he is the new definition of Stupid. I can't stand him he is a total idiot but thinks he is "the cats meow". The other guy was even worse but at least the lady seemed to have some sense in her. All in all I was proud of myself as I did not snap even once.
After leaving the office I was off to work at the restaurant. We were super busy and I didn't get home till elevenish.

I can't remember what I did Wednesday besides that I didn't work at night and had to finish my paper that was due the Monday before.

Thursday I left the office early trying to get rid of my overtime and get a nap before I had to head to the restaurant. However, as you can see by the pictures the pups had other plans for me.
Here is Mac and of course Sassy had to butt in to be sure she didn't miss anything. So much for nap time.
I had worked 4 shifts this week and Saturday was the earliest that I got home (about 11pm!) We had been busy all week and I loved it since I made decent money. I did have a few quirky customers but nothing out right annoying so that was good.

Sunday was busy too I had the AP meeting at the police station where the girls had fun being in handcuffs. After that Grumpy and I met his mom and her husband at the German Restaurant for dinner. It was yummy especially the plum cake. Not as good as the one that the previous owners made but still good.

Today has been pretty uneventful. I only had one patient, lunch was Thai as it has been a lot lately. I just love the new place that opened around the corner they have the best Pad Kee Mow and their tofu is so yummy.

I did get a rather interesting phone call. One of the other ID specialists called wanting to talk to me about a patients lab and see if she qualifies for one of my studies. A doctor calling me is strange enough but okay so as we are reviewing the patients labs it turns out she wont work so then he asks me what medication to put her on! I told him my guesses but since I don't have her chart I don't know if those would work. It was pretty cool he agreed with me and thanked me for my time.

Well I better head home so I can finish homework and spend some quality time with Grumpy.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Second class citizen?

So what makes one a Second Class Citizen and who decides you are such???

I can not even describe how mad I am right now. Let me start ...

I tend to neglect my myspace and with that I neglect the blogs of my friends there - my freed reader wont pick them up so ... Anyhow I went on today to see if Maureen had put up some pictures from the Bears Game she went to yesterday. After that I went to check out her moms page and found out that Maureen's cousin has cancer. This was a shock as this girl (Kirstin) is only in her early 20s and just had a baby earlier this year. I was thinking how horrible. One of the posts mentioned a blog that the Kirstin's mom has for her. The title I thought was kind of odd "Bring Kirstin Home". Last I had heard Kirstin was living in IL where most of the family is so I did not quiet understand the bring home part until I started reading the blog. Turns out Kirstin fell in with a bad crowed and got herself in trouble for which she is paying society back right now.

Back to my question. How is it that this young lady was not allowed to see a doctor for the longest time -as in 9 months - despite the problems with her leg worsening!? And then after she was diagnosed with a very serious form of bone cancer and transfered to a medical facility she was not able to see the doctor for TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! Not given pain medication ....! Yet when someone like Miz H.ilton feels the slightest discomfort she is placed in a suite with Doctors at her back and call?? Now they are/were both inmates so should have been treated the same way right???? Kirstin is fighting for her life and there is now way of knowing if this procrastinating in her treatment will have ill effects in her recovery - it may since the tumor was growing rapidly. The family and friends have sent letters to everyone that came to mind to get her the treatment she needs.

They got some good news last week when the PET scan showed that the tumor had not metastasized but they still have a lot before them. So keep them in your thoughts. If you have a minute send her a card with well wishes or books if you wish. I have a hard time thinking of her suffering [in prison] with all this as I just remember this happy kid that I met when I was Maureen's Au pair and all the cousins would meet up at family functions.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pitiparty for one

Okay so when did things change. It used to be the tooth fairy would bring you money for teeth and the tooth that was taken out didn't hurt so much. They pulled my wisdom tooth today when I say pulled I mean pulling it out with a f***ing hammer and chisel. I was bleeding like a pig that was being slaughtered and nearly choked on the blood and then I had to pay $150!!! When did we start paying the tooth fairy so we can be in horrendous pain?????????????? The dentist said to get the Vicodin filled and take it before the Novocain wears off. Of course there was an hour wait at the pharmacy and then I had to go to the bank and then I realized I forgot my antibiotics at the office. So by the time I got home and could take the pain meds I was in pain since the Novocain was long history. But the damn stuff didn't work not even a bit. So then I took some Advil nothing wait a few hours .... took some Tylenol 3 I still had .... still f***ing nothing. I am miserable and in pain and Grumpy is pulling a 13h shift not coming home till 7am!! Damn it!

On other news we have a family addition. Remember my friend AJ that passed away earlier this year? Well before she passed away she wanted to know where Shawnna would go so I had asked one of my host families that used to foster dogs if she'd take her in. She did and Shawnna had a ball with the kids and another dog and horses. About a month ago the lady's sister asked her to take in her dog until April next year and that Shepard mix kept fighting Shawnna so I was asked if I could take her a while or if I knew someone that could. Here are some pictures of all the critters from the last few days.

Here are Mac and Sassy taking it easy on the deck before I went to get Shawnna

I met the lady and Shawnna at a parking lot and she was so happy to see me it made my heart jump she hopped in my car before I was even done getting stuff out. Shawnna was the first dog I ever had when I watched her for AJ after her inital diagnosis and treatment. She is the reason I got Mac because I missed having a dog after AJ was well enough and took Shawnna back.

Here are the three ladies. Shawnna is in the middle

Here is Grumpy with the Ladies. Once again he is outnumbered! From left to right Shawnna, Sassy and Mac

Best buds Shawnna and Sassy napping

Misty decided that Shawnnas bed was hers and Shawnna decided to let her.
One of the girls at the restaurant said she'd love to take Shawnna but she is still working on her boyfriend who's house they'd be at. I would love to keep her but our city code doesn't allow more than 4 animals without special permission and frankly our house is not that big. The other thing is having her here makes me terribly sad because I am reminded of the friend I lost. I will keep her until I have found the perfect home for her - until then she is my doggy. And I mean mine she follows me everywhere and insists on sleeping next to my bed to the dismay of the cats.

Alright I got homework to finish and then I'll see if I can get some sleep with this throbbing pain.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The nerve

Arg some people should not be allowed in public! When I walked in the restaurant today our daytime manager told me I had a table of 15 on the patio at 5:45 and if things didn't pick up - could go since - am still feeling like crap thanks to a n infected wisdom tooth that won't be pulled till tuesday. So first they argue about the way the party was set up. +hen two more people show up which they need to have at the table. All this is done loudly to the point that the 3 other tables walked out. The other girl that was working out there with me lost them because they were in her station. They continue to be loud and obnoxius. Initially they wanted seperate checks then halfway through dinner a guy said no put it all on one and split it in half, okay no problem after serving them the cake they brought I added the ticket just to be told but oh no we are not paying for their drinks! WTF anyway they were there for over 3 hours and chased every table from the patio and didn't even appologize! Horrible people and it was just 2 that were causing all that trouble. Well at least I am off for 2 days.