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Saturday, January 13, 2007

There is no "I" in team

Okay so I guess asking for an uneventful trip was a bit to much. We landed in Charlotte, NC 15 minutes early I went and got my Caribbean Passion Smoothie from Jamba Juice (love that place that why I fly through Charlotte and not Philly) and strolled over the C concourse to catch my plane when I glanced at the monitors there is was FLIGHT CANCELED WTF. So I went to the nearest counter to see whats up and sure enough my flight was canceled. The next one was in 3 hours - 3 friggen hours while I have yet to go to sleep and I am sooo tired. So I find my new gate (at least I was still in first class!!!) But there is no power outlet so I go across plug myself in and try to get online - NOTHING. WTF I couldn't get on. So I could have gone up the main part but I was to tired. So I popped in Bridget Jones Diary #2 and waited for the flight. Once on the plane things got a little better well it was first class after all. Of course by the time I get to LA there was no car for me since I was hours late. I finally got into my room which I had switched to a double since Rosa was coming. I have an awesome view from the 17th floor all the way to the ocean. I went to check my school work just to notice that the team was super behind so after a quick nap I went to work on it. I stopped to go down for dinner which was okay I met some of the coordinators I have known for years and then took some food up for Rosa. She came around 9 and brought me present s in the form of a cable car filled with Ghirardelli squares (yummy!!!) Well I am off to be d it s past midnight and my meeting starts at 8am.

Here is Rosa eating the dessert I brought along with her dinner.


Beth said...

Take lots of pictures while you're there!

first class, huh? Must be nice! did they give you hot towels?

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - I will try. This week is Australian week and supposedly Russel Crow and Nicole Kidman are here. I say supposedly because I haven't seen any paparazzi and you'd think they'd be here if there was stars here but hey I could be wrong.
Yeah I love first class I fly quite a bit so I get upgrades for free if its not sold out. It really pays of when I go on these cross continent flights

Nicole said...

Oooh, first class, I am soooo jealous. Glad to hear you made it. That's one of the few photos of LA that I have seen that actually looks pretty.

Bathroom Hippo said...

I too had a meeting today. How'd yours go? so great.

That Rosa...she's cute.

Dino aka Katy said...

Nicole - there are some nice spots in LA

Hippo - mine is pretty boring lots of scientific talk and stuff.

angel said...

napimwow, you must have been completely bushed after all that!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - "bushed"? mhh never heard that word before