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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's been awhile

It’s been a long few months, haven't had much time to read blogs never mind writing. Things have been super hectic at the day job too. Plus I got new management on the au pair job who are super hands on with monthly calls, touch bases and so forth. Which is a good thing to have people return emails and calls but on the flip side they also expect wonders in sales which is just not gonna happen unless there is a miracle.

The last couple of weeks were tough at home with Sassy sick and then leaving us. She got worse over night and we ended up having to put her to sleep. I have never put an animal to sleep and didn't know what to expect. We knew it was time she had trouble breathing, threw up everything she ate and couldn't get comfortable in the bed with me that last night. When we got to the vet he explained that she would get two injections; the first was to put her to sleep and the next to keep her there permanently. However that is not how it went. She didn't go to sleep, I don't know if it was because of all the fluid or why she was fighting it. They ended up having to give her another injection with ended up with her in convulsions. It was horrible we cried, felt guilty and just plain miserable. Then came the final needle and she went in a matter of 2 minutes. We said bye and left feeling empty like part of us was missing. Going back home was bad, Mac kept looking for her and got so sad she barely moved, even the cats went looking. We washed her things to get them ready for storage and I cried myself to sleep. I couldn't get that picture of her on the table with her tongue sticking out out of my mind and woke up still crying the next morning.

Grumpy was off the next day and we faced another sad day. Independently from one another we started to check the websites of our local SPCAs. After lunch we decided we'd look at dogs the coming weekend but would just do a quick visit to the one that's right around from our house (where we had Sassy from).
We looked around at all the barking puppies when i saw this sweet little lab puppy that just smiled and wagged her tail. Walking up to her cage to let her smell my hand she started licking it. She was too cute. I crouched down and when the guy opened her cage she literally jumped right in my lap. Grumpy just shook his head but as she cuddled up to him he too saw there was not way we were gonna leave her there. Her name is Boogie - but I refuse to call her that so we shortened it to Boo. She is a 6 month old stray that had been at the pound for over a month when we came. She is a sweet as can be - when she wants too - I jokingly call her my demon child when her wild side kicks in. She is all puppy and keeps us on our toes. Mac likes her (as much as an old lady likes a puppy and her antics) and is a lot more active because of Boo’s playfulness and never ending energy. She also makes sure to keep me occupied so i don't get to sad. I still miss Sassy terribly and still cry (even as I type this) but the little one has brought life back to our house which is so good for all involved.

We took a few days to go camping and to put Sassy's ashes to rest in her new eternal playground.Grumpy went up to Chimney Rock to find a nice place with her.Boo went along. Sadly the campground here considers Great Danes a aggressive breed and the waiver I had to sign stated she'd not be left alone so I stayed behind with Mac. Grumpy's niece is along too so Boo has a playmate. The two are to fun to watch together as Boo assumes she is just another Puppy for her to play with and refuses to consider her anything but a playmate.Tomorrow its back to the real world. Luckily I didn't have many trips this month so Boo and I got to hang out a lot. Even next week I just have one night where I am gone.