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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

just because

This week is going by so fast and I can't seemed to get anything done. I worked at the restaurant Monday and Tuedays night. It was dead so I didn't make much money.

I am still trying to find a home for my little house guest I may have succeeded. Today was a nightmare in the office understaffed and too many patients and we had a pre site visit for a upcoming study. The poor lady ended up waiting for hours on our Doc. I found out I got two trips coming up in January one to LA mid January and one to Orlando the last weekend of January (click on the city to see my fancy hotels). My mom is excited about the Orlando one since my sister (who I have successfully avoided for over 4 years) is coming to her a few days prior. I will get a rental car when the meeting is over and drive to Ft. Myers stay a couple of days and then fly back from there. At least I'll have a car so I can get away if she gets to much on my nerves. I am having nightmares just thinking about being in that tiny single wide house with my mother and sister.

I did finally go online today and bought my Trans Siberian Orchestra Tickets. I love them and see them every year hier in Hampton but this years show was on November 17 which is to early for Christmas music so Grumpy and I are going to the show on the 15th that's 90min away. Without Christkindle markets and other traditional stuff like snow that puts me in a holiday mood this usually does. If you have never seen it GOOOOOOO the light show alone is worth the ticket. Make sure to get the cheap seats they are the best to see the lasers. This year will be my 5th show and it still runs chills down my spine.

I hope someday soon I can add things like a trip here and or to NYC to my Christmas traditions.

Well I got to run but first what do you do every year to get in the spirit?


jin said...

Well, the hotels look nice but I am SO BUMMED you aren't coming HERE!!!!!!

The orchestra sounds AWESOME!

Dino aka Katy said...

I know I am bummed too. Maybe there is another one towards the summer. I think you'd love the orchestra

jin said...

Funny...just got an email from ticketmaster plugging the upcoming shows in Milwaukee...the orchestra is playing there on Dec. 28th! Tickets are pretty cheap, too...compared to usual prices. I never would have known who they were had you not posted this! I might talk to D, see if he wants to go. I really HATE driving in Milwaukee, tho. *shudders* I ALWAYS get lost, cos they always have closed exits & streets that are NEVER on emaps!

...course....ther's an AWESOME veggie restaurant there, too...hmmmm....

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - DO IT. Have a nice dinner then do the show get the cheap seats up hi because the light show is well worth it D. would love the light show and the music. Its Rock's answer to christmas music. While the first part of the show is a bit religous don't listen to the words but the beat and watch the lasers. Grumpy and I are going to have dinner (I found online this Greek/Italian restaurant that sounds good) before the show.