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Friday, December 28, 2007


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We are having fun playing tourists we are on a 6 h tour right now. Last night we did a ghost tour and tonight its a pub tour. Still haven't found a way to upload all our photos so far.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi from Prague - I miss my internet

So this is the first time I had a connection all trip. I will try to find a way to upload the pics we took while here so wish me luck.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy holidays

Happy holidays
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This is my chocolate covered apple. We are in Seifen in the Oremountain range. I haven't been able to get online mother sure if this goes through.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

On our way

On our way
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Well our plane just pulled up and we are on our way. Grumpy did get special attention from the security people. Wonder why. Here is Misty this morning trying to prevent us from leaving. I don't think she wants to stay with grandma. Not sure how much posting I'll be able to do but keep an eye on the flickr modules for new pictures.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have so much to do its not funny. See my countdown above - yes I really am leaving in one day. Only problem is that I haven't had a chance to pack - hell I haven't even made a list yet. And then i just got a call from Grumpy (who is packed BTW) that the bank called. Apparently my paycheck and the Xmas bonus check from the Italian restaurant weren't signed so they wont cash it.the little runt with Mac is my moms Chihuahua Missy

So with stealing the idea from Lesley (she loves her lists) I am going to post a list of all the things I need to do before I leave tomorrow.

  • work at the doctors office until 4 pm - try to get done all the prep work for patients coming in while I am out, finish the patients that I saw today, send out their bloodwork ect.
  • second phone interview with the recruiter from k-force. they are looking into hiring me to work for Pfizer (keep your fingers crossed for me) at 3pm
  • rush to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book Grumpy reserved for my Oma as Christmas gift
  • race to the German Restaurant for a Christmas party of 40 which hopefully wont last much past 9pm
  • run to the store for last minute Christmas gifts. I had ordered some though our receptionist kids school stuff. I had asked her will this get here before I leave and was assured yes it will. Here I am the day before my trip and they still don't have it. So now I get to pay twice for presents
  • get home - brew coffee and try not to collapse while making a list of things to take
  • pack those things
  • sleep if time allows it
  • run to the bank to see about my paychecks
  • go to lunch with Grumpy and my mom - so I have some yummy (Indian) food in my tummy for the long flight over
  • head to the airport by 1pm
So I better hop to it.

PS I was to meet some friends of mine at home at my favorite restaurant (sadly the link only works via internet explorer) in my hometown. But apparently they were full so my friend got us reservation at this Italian restaurant - kind of funny Italian wasn't what I was planning on eating while there since I get it here 3-4 times a week.

I'll probably post from my cell from the airports. Not sure how my posting capabilities will be while overseas.

Monday, December 17, 2007


You know I was in such a good mood after my fun weekend in Vegas with Jin. We had a ball, dressing up to go out, gambling, eating good food ect. I didn't even loose it when my mom dragged me shopping upon picking me up from the Airport and made me go to hellmart. But then...

Last night I called my friend that had given me $20 to "loose" in Vegas. Before leaving I had asked what if I win and she had said we'd split it 70/30. Well as you read in the previous post I did win - with Jin giving me the winning number. So I figured we'd split the money in 3. So when I mentioned to my friend that I had $13 for her from our winning she was pissed. I didn't think much about it until I walked into the Italian restaurant tonight. She was still mad and it turns out she was mad that I was only giving her $13 not the $20 + some of the winnings. And that did it, at that point all joy had gone. I knew then and there I didn't want anything to do with that cash. So I was going to give it all to her. Of course I was $14 short - $13 that I had given to Jin as her share and the $1 which chips I didn't cash since I liked it as a souvenir. But Karma must have been on my side as I made exactly $14 in cash tips so I stuffed it all in her purse.

She found it right before I left and got mad saying I didn't need to be a smartass. But honestly after her being mad at me all night for this I wasn't about to touch this again. There is no way in hell. She said she was going to play the lotto with it and split the money but honestly I do not want anything of it. Its caused to much grieve so there is no way in hell I'll touch it again.

I got home and told my mom about this. She said yet it is typical that if you win with someones money you are expected to give them the initial money and then the winnings. I don't know my question is what is proper? I mean I thought I was being generous splitting it even I never thought that the initial money would be given back I only thought about the winning. Oh well live and learn that was the last time I ever do that.

the rest of the week is busy too. I am working in the office Tuesday and then at the Italian at night and Wednesday its the office and then the German restaurant. And then its stay up all night so I can pack my stuff as we are leaving noonish Thursday. We'll stop at the Indian Restaurant for lunch on the way to the airport.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Waiting for yet another plane

Waiting for yet another plane
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Its some ungodly hour and i am waiting for my plane. I had a short nap so i am cranky too. Jin is still at the hotel lucky her she gets to stay until tonight. I did manage to get most of my Xmas shopping done this morning thak goddness for airport gift stores since we never did make it into any souvenir stores. In fact everytime i asked a cabbie about it they didn't even know what i meant. All in all a good time was had someday lets hope we can repeat it.

Beginners luck????????

Tonight was lots of fun. We went to the hofbrauhaus for dinner. Miss Jin tried Kaesespaetzle for the first time and was smitten. I made her drink some beer too. The place is pretty authentic down to the obnoxious drunk people - my food was good and yes it was German so go there and check it out. After that we decided to walk to the strip however halfway through we decided I didn't need presents that bad went to the hotel to drop of our left over food. We were planning to go check out the double down saloon on Bubs' recommendation and after checking their website I decided I'd be more comfy in my play clothes vs my dress up clothes. As instructed I drank some Ass juice and even bought a t-shirt. She stuck around a few hours - the music was awesome - well until the band started. They were to much bluegrass met rock for my taste but the chello player was very cute - we both agreed. Check out the video we took. Note the idiot dancing - he was also in an argument with some invisible person and then played with himself. Obviously drugs and alcohol were involved.

After a few songs we agreed we had enough (the bar music was much better than the band) and headed back to the hotel to do some more gambling. I decided to play roulette for the first time. I only had $10 and played those. Jin told me a number and low and behold that was it so we won $41!!!!!! The chick working the roulette was not happy that we just did it once and then left with our bounty. We went to play the BlackJack computers after that where Jin won $8. So all in all a great night. I have to be up in a few hours as my flight is leaving at 7:45am.


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Out to gamble

Out to gamble
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We made our way up the strip and decided to warm up at the Luxor. Jin won $10 on her first dollar. Beginners luck if you ask me. More later.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Waiting for my plane

Waiting for my plane
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As you can see on the right Jin and my weekend in Vegas starts today. I am waiting for my plane right now. So the next post should include clevage and cookies.

Monday, December 10, 2007

F.B.I. agents, hand.cuffs and a D.A.

You know the saying truth is stranger than fiction well it could be easily todays post title.

I have worked for 20+ days straight with having only had one off because I was to sick to go in. The weekend was hell. I worked Friday night at the German Restaurant. I decided to wear these shoes that I had bought some time ago with my outfit thinking it would look cute. They seemed comfy enough and it wasn't going to be THAT busy. Well I was wrong it was busy I made a lot of money and got nasty blisters. Saturday the Italian place was closed for a private party and I didn't get home till past midnight - my feet killing me - just to leave again a few hours later to work lunch at the German place.

My mom got here Sunday with her little dog - here is Grumpy with the little rat. So far the only blood lost was that of me when Cleo scratched my boob trying to get away from the little rat. Can't promise that will not change in a day or two with working so much my patients is running low and my mother is pushing the limits. I am to tired to deal with her. The past weekend drove a point home - I may not look like I am 30 (according to my customers) but I feel like I am 60. I had left a msg for my academic councilor asking why I hadn't heard if I graduated - and found out I did. So I applied for a bunch of jobs today.

It seems like not a minute to soon as the Italian place seems to become popular for arrests. Remember this post from a few weeks ago?
Well we were kind of busy and after most had left we all set down at a table to try some new wines. One of the girl's boyfriend is a wine seller and he had brought them in and there we were, Ronnie the girl and her boyfriend, my Scottish friend on my right. On my right one of the customers that comes in a lot and is friends with the owner sat down coming to eat and have some wine. All of a sudden 4 plain clothed guys walked in, grab the guy on my left make him get up cuff him on the way out and march onto the parking lot. We all sat there like WTH just happened??????????????? They didn't they who they were or why they took him. One of the tables left was 4 guys - 2 of them teens. The older (Dad) said we need to call the cops and when outside. He walked up to where they where with two cars and so are his "sons" at this point I go out too. The older son is on the phone calling the cops when one of the plain clothed guys gets in his face screaming he is FBI and he doesn't have to tell them Jack. Turns out the older customer is the District Attorney!!!!!!! Then he and his son start arguing with these Feds.
Eventually the Feds drove of with their prisoner and all of us went back inside guessing what the hell happened. Apparently the dude has been a Federal Fugitive for sometime. One of the waiters said one of the Feds came in minutes before all this asking for a take out menu so we are assuming he was scoping the place out. I work again tomorrow night so I'll see if I find out anything else - they forgot to grab his phones and left his car so maybe someone will be back and we get some more info.

But what are the odds that the guy sitting next to me on the table while I am waiting on my dinner is a federal fugitive and that the table next to us with being one of the few customers left - is a District Attorney - as I said Fiction is stranger than the truth

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday spirit???

I know I have been quiet but there is just so much to do these days. Besides all that I have been fighting a nasty cold. Grumpy and I also got some bad news about our chances to have children - not all is lost yet but it looks like I will have to get another job or two to pay for the next step. Its pretty depressing news to get before the holidays. I have wanted to have kids for as long as I can remember and yes I know there are lots of ways out there and I am not giving up yet its just makes me so mad when I see these people that get pregnant in a heart beat - not even trying and then they abort the baby and here we are we can't even get pregnant. Don't get me wrong I am all for pro choice a woman should have a right to decide I just couldn't imagine doing it.

Anyways onto happier notes, December the 13th is coming up fast which is when Grumpy and I go to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra again. And the next day I am leaving for Vegas to have a fabulous weekend with Ms Jin (well and work too). And 4 days after I get back its going to be time to board yet another flight but this one will get us to Germany. I am so excited I can't wait. So to get myself in the spirit of the holidays I am sharing with you a video someone emailed me today

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i'll miss her

i'll miss her
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I got an email from a good friend of AJ's (Shawnnas mom that passed away) saying she is moving this weekend and can take shawnna. I knew I had to let her go at somepoint but it is really hard. She is going to live 2h from me so I'll never see her again. Here she is with Misty on the couch watching TV.
On other notes I am housing an AP as of today hopefully the dogs wont bit her. I am also dealing with a nasty sore throat.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad Boys and all ...

So I have been totally taken by this new series I am reading - Dark-Hunters from Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have been going through her books in a matter of days since I can't seem to put them down. The fun part is there is even an interactive web site. Like I needed something else to occupy my mind. I of course had to take the quiz to see which one of the Hunters would be best for me (they all sound yummy)

Which Dark Hunter Character Do You Belong With?

You belong with Zarek of Moesia! You're all about the bad boy. You like your men rugged,tough and sarcastic. Sappy don't cut it for you. Sure you need affection at some point, but that gruff exterior isnt a problem for you.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Otherwise not much has been going on. I did get my little car fixed finally only to park it behind the truck and then as I was running late for my shift at the German restaurant to run over it with the truck as I had forgotten I had parked it there. Now I need a new bumper for the little one but I have been driving it and its been okay.

Friday, November 23, 2007

its Friday

I feel like its Sunday. Holidays in the middle of the week always confuse me. I was out an about for AP stuff all day. Tomorrow I need to find out whats going on with one of the girls that is leaving her family - hopefully she can go to the new one on Sunday otherwise we have to house her. Which means I have to clean that room which is also my office. I did spend the afternoon setting up the computer Grumpy brought back from the bar - for some reason it wouldn't accept the printer driver but it finally did.
I worked tonight at the German place. I did get my new dirndl and made good money considering it was slow. Hey check out the web site they are working on for the restaurant.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkeyday

Happy Turkeyday
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Dinner was yummy as was dessert here is my Blackforrest cake it tasted so much better than what it looked. So i need a nap to digest all this and then its back for seconds.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So much to do so little time

So much to do so little time
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I am working almost every night hoping to make some extra cash for our trip. I am also in charge of desserts for turkey day so when I get off tomorrow night I have to make a Blackforrest cake, apple cake I make Thursday morning. Grumpy sent me the picture isn't it cute

Friday, November 16, 2007

American gangster

American gangster
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Well this week did end up positive i got another job which eases my mind, I talked (threatened) Jin into coming with me to my meeting in Vegas next month. And I got home in time tonight to go with Grumpy to the movies to see American Gangster. Grumpy eve dressed the part.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

yeahhhh me

Finally some good news. I was starting to be really sad because I hadn't heard back from the German restaurant and started to think that they did not want me back. It really bothered and upset me since I love that place and the people and if they hadn't been in touch I would not have felt okay to ever go back there even just to eat.

Anyway tonight looked like it was going to be dead. There was four of us and no one wanted to go home since we all need money. It finally picked up and my section filled up really quick when I saw that J and M had come in. So I traded one of my tables with the waiter in their station so I could wait on them. It was killing me to just make small talk not knowing if they came by to tell me I can come back or I can't. Anyway at the end they did tell me that they talked to J's sister and her hubby and they all agreed that they'd love to have me back - anytime. So I will work at the italian restaurant tomorrow night and then instead of being off Saturday and Sunday I will go and work at the German restaurant. I hope this will give me some extra cash so I can relax about our bills. I did miss working there a lot too so I am very excited. To bad I do not fit into my dress anymore I will have to order a new one. So I am off to bed sweet dreams everone

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remember those ...

evenings with your friends where you listen to CD's, sing along and have a good time just hanging out????? Well I had one of those tonight and it was awesome.

I was off today and had to stops on my schedule. First there was craft club where I went a little early so I could talk to the hosts - who are one have of the owners of the German Restaurant were I worked for 6 years until 2005. I wanted to see if I could get my old job back well be able to pick up some shifts anyway. They both seemed to think it should be no problem but there is a good chance I'll be getting more shifts as cook than waitress/bar tend which kind of sucks on two levels. First I wont have money every night and second I am allergic to some of the meats and my hands break out terrible if they get in touch with it. I love to cook but its just hard. But hey it would be extra cash so thats cool we'll see what happens.

I did get some scrap booking done before I headed of to my friend Paula's - her birthday was yesterday and her wish was to cook for us and have a girls night. Oh man the food was good and I did make sure to take plenty of pictures so you could enjoy it too.

Paula slaved over the stove all day -she even handground the spices --- so here is our menu

Appetizer : you'd fill the pastry with the mash of potatoes and chickpeas, spicey spinach and then dip it into the chutney.
Maincourse: She even ironed the napkins. Vegetable curry for me. Shrimp for them
Samosa Bombay potatoes
Chicken curry
Chrispies for me (vegetable Pakora)
Home made dips
Our host Paula
Bren and Paula
Goofing off - ever wonder how an English, Scot and German get along??? Just splendid with plenty of food and alcohol.
We had a great time and way to much food. We didn't even realize how late it got. Well its off to bed for me now. Hope you all have a nice weekend

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dinner entertainment?!?!

What a day -

The day started good enough Grumpy had off last night so we actually woke up together - with his mind on recreational activities. To be rudely interrupted by me seeing yet another flea on Cleo. For some reason she got fleas and neither her monthly stuff nor the spray has been successful. Anyhow it took some apologizing to Grumpy for my unromantic behavior to get back on schedule.

So after breakfast I headed to work just to realize halfway down the road when I realized that I forgot my phone - crap it was to late to turn around. Once at work I had an email from one of my families - the AP wants to leave. After a call to the lady and trying to schedule the final meeting - I had patients and a monitor. We had a patient that was on a stretcher - poor lady she had two huge bedsores and dementia and was screaming - bone chilling screams as if we were trying to kill her. Tell you what I do not want to ever be that way someone please shoot me if I get to that point. It was 4pm before I knew it and off home to get changed here is Grumpy trying to hold off the puppies from slobbering all over my white tux shirt.

Tuesday night one of the waiters had asked me if he could have my Wednesday and I gave it to him after I said the pharma party that was scheduled for today would be mine - so I did work that party - a dinner talk by a doctor who I had (mistakenly) talked to earlier this week at my other job. While the dinner was winning down - they were out in the patio - a car was pulled over into the side street right infront of the patio - first there were 2 cop cars then there were 5 with bullet proof vests and all. (this was 6 feet away from the patio windows) Then the drug sniffing dogs come after the two people in the car were put in cuffs on the side walk. The party I was working was totally captivated. After throughly searching the car the two people were released and the cops left. So I am guessing they did not find what they were looking for. The drug reps told me in the end that they loved my service and will request me next time. Yay me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I hate this

I am so sick of being broke. I work three jobs and still there is never enough. So I told Grumpy last night that I am going to see if I can have a few shifts at the German Restaurant - where I worked for 6 years before the owners kids took it over. That is another story in its self and not for this blog. Anyway I know I can't get to many more shifts at the Italian restaurant so I figured if I can get a couple of shifts there I could get some extra money. I am seriously starting to panic with the Euro going up that we wont have enough money for our bills and our trip. House taxes are coming up in addition to our normal bills as are car taxes and so forth and I can't keep money in the savings account. I figured working a couple shifts at the German place will give us like $300+ a month that is if they take me back. I mean it would be in their best interest from what I can see since I used to do everything there - cooking, bar tending and waiting tables so they can utilize my skills where ever they need too. But then there is the IF factor I am supposed to go over the one of the kids houses Saturday for Craft Club so I figured I go by earlier and see what my chances are. To bad I got to fat for my Dirndl but I guess I cross that bridge when I get to it.

In the mean time I am still waiting to find out if I am officially done with school. I filled out the application for my degree 2 weeks ago but haven't heard anything back - nothing saying I need some other classes nor if I am done. I am kind of holding off on applying for jobs until I am sure I am done.
I did ask my doctor if he has heard anymore about the deal with the hospital. I can't remember if I blogged about this - Couple of weeks ago my doc approached me asking if I had accepted a position yet - I told him no - and he told me that one of the local hospitals is trying to go into research but hasn't had much luck so they approached him asking if he would oversee if - lending them his name. He told them he would consider it but they would need a coordinator that knows the business and he wants me to do it. He said he wants the deal to include me with a substantial pay raise and better benefits. So I hadn't heard anything which is way I asked him this week. He said he'd put pressure on them to come to a conclusion and mentioned again that the success of the deal would lie with me coming on board. At this point all of this will come down to the numbers I'd love to be a monitor but if the hospital deal is better I will do that. I mean I can always be a monitor later. Of course if they drag their feet - I can't afford to wait as soon as I have my diploma my resume goes out to all the research organizations I can think off.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My first time

My first time
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More later

Addendum: Yes I voted but not for either candidates on the ballot. I didn't like either so I did the write in option. I was going to vote for Mickey Mouse but then decided to vote for an actual person.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Blogfunk :(

I know I know I haven't posted much the last few weeks. I don't know why there are lots of things that I wanted to write about but somehow I never get around to it. Part of it is pure laziness since my little computer doesn't work on the new network I have to actually get of the couch and go into my office and write there (or get that laptop out here on the couch - which I did now) the other is I just haven't felt like doing much besides reading. It seems I developed a one a day book habit (on occasion its two days) I guess I am trying to make up for not having had much time to do so with school and all. Alright so lets see whats new.

1. Mhh we had a blast at Busch Gardens for their howl-o-scream celebration and I am seriously considering going back next year just to be a monster and scare people.

2. Haven't had to much AP trouble just a little.

3. Had a new waitress who is an idiot but is now of the schedule as everyone realized she is an idiot.

4. Grumpy has been working opposite to me and I rarely get to see him :-(

5. Argued with my mother about the fact that I do not want to meet my sister anywhere but for breakfast in town while we are in Germany

6. Still haven't been able to apply for a new job since I have yet to hear back from the school if I am done

7. Found out today that the weekend before we leave for Germany I have to go to Las Vegas for a meeting (leaving Grumpy home with my mother ;)

8. The Euro keeps getting stronger diminishing the money we saved for our trip

9. Oh and here is the photos Angel asked for - she got a new tattoo and asked her readers to show of theirs. I got this in Illinois when I was 19 - its my design. The snake (cobra with a skull) is from a necklace that I have. I lost it so many times and would always find it by stepping on it with my left foot. Since the necklace was 3D it kind of hurt - this happened in the ocean, on the beach all over the world so that gave me the idea.

check out the pretty flowers Grumpy gave me for finishing school.
See pure harmony we all love each other - here is me, Misty and Shawnna (please disregard the mess on the table)
Misty's latest hiding spot

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy howl-o-scream

Happy howl-o-scream
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Grumpy and I are at Busch Gardens where a werewolf just scared the crap out of me in total daylight maybe we should leave while its still light???

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A meme stolen from Jin

Saw this over at Jins and since I have nothing much to say I figured I'd do it.

Four things Meme about me that you may or may not have known in no particular order.

A) Four jobs I would do (honestly!) if given the opportunity:
1. own my own B&B with a restaurant

2. CRA (I hope to be one soon)
3. Paramedic
4. Flight attendant

B) Four movies I watch over and over and over and.....:
1. Road House
2. Overboard

3. Underworld I&II
4. Queen of the Damned

C) Four places I would consider living one day :
1. New Zealand
2. France

3. England
4. Ireland

D) Four shows that I never miss:
1. Ugly Betty
2. The Bold and the Beautiful (sue me watched since I was 12)
3. Damages
4. Blood Ties

E) Four places I have been:

1. Kenya
2. Russia
3. Europe (Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Denmark and obviously Germany)
4. Gran Canaria & Mallorca

F) Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
1. my mom
2. my German friends

3. Jin
4. lots of people related to the AP stuff

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! MMMMmmmmm!!!!! (I second Jin on that)
2. vegetarian Indian
3. vegetarian Thai

4. German and Italian

H) Four things I would rather be doing right now:
1. Having Sex

2. Eating Chocolate (again had to go with Jin on 1 and 2
3. Sitting on chimney rock with Grumpy (he's out camping with boys)
4. Reading a good book

I) Four Bloggers I think will play:

however would like to feel free

J) Things I am looking forward to this year:
1. Graduating (next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
2. Getting a new job (one that pays!)
3. Going to Germany for Christmas

4. cleaning my house (finally after 2 years working and school its in bad need of a deep cleaning)

here are some pics Grumpy sent from his trip today

Sunday, October 14, 2007

paging all computer geeks

So I had the fiber optic tech out again to see if they can get my travel laptop to connect to the verzion FIOS that we installed. Four hours and still nothing. They claim its my computer however I took it to work and it connected just fine to the WiFi there. I have taken this computer all over the world and never had issues to connect via LAN or WiFi.

The computer picks up the network and is able to connect to it but when you go to any browser or even messengers - nothing comes through. Yet when you ping a website it goes. You can also go to the router via the browser, the firewall was set to low -- still nothing. At this point they are out of solutions which is where you all come in.

Please help. All I can figure it that the fiber optic network/router requires some authorization that my little Win2000 professional laptop is not willing to give. I need to find out the what and where - is it a missing/broken file .... I am sure someone out there may know the solution so please help me find it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


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My new toy finally got here but i can't play with it because my TV and internet are both out freake fiberoptic had it for less than two weeks and nothing but trouble.


Originally uploaded by dino0477.
Today was to be such a good day but as always ... Well there was AP drama and then I get home and see my toys came just to find out that the fiber optic crap is broken - no TV no internet and no fucking way to play with my TIVO which was just delivered. After 3 agonizing house verzion decided there is no over the phone fix and they have to come out tomorrow. Fuck so i took my laptop (the one that didn't work on their system to the office to work and what do you know there it works.

Uploaded by dino0477 on 11 Oct 07, 7.28PM PDT.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend and Finger Licking Jin Treats

The weekend was fairly busy. I worked Friday night and Saturday night. But did get off early Saturday having a nasty Migraine. Sunday was time for the AP meeting. We were meeting with the self defense instructor that taught the girls to punch and kick (some of them took the chance to work out some frustration right there!) and then it was off to have our Birthday celebration.

Miss Jin baked us a fantastic cake which was demolished in record time. I barely had a chance to save a piece for Grumpy. Wonder if they liked it?!