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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Illinois trip

I am sure you can tell by the countdown above I am getting ready to head back home. I am excited and kind of bummed. Grumpy has to stay home which sucks.

Anyhow I know a little late but here is out Chicago trip recap.

We flew out Thursday night (17th) got into Midway. After getting the rental car we got to drive through the lovely area. Tell you what had I been alone I'd have been scared shitless. There were lots of those police cameras ....
Friday we went up for a fabulous lunch with Ms Jin. We got in a bit early and were left alone with scones and cookies - obviously we snacked to our hearts desire. The pizza served was amazing. Sadly the visit was short. Ms Jin was very busy as there are many people aware of her amazing talents and we head to go back to Illinois for a BBQ at my former host moms house (mother of the bride) We got there late pretty late thinking we missed it but it turned out they hadn't even started. We hung out and ate (again) and then went to crash at the motel from hell.
Saturday was busy too as I wanted to go to Renfair - rain or shine. I had tried to talk in Ms Jin and the Bubs clan but had no luck. It was drizzling when we got there but cleared up nicely. I love renfair if I still lived close enough I would probably be there every weekend. And while I know not all the people there are "normal", nice or sober - Bubs did point out some incidents - I still like it there. After the fair we headed to the rehearsal BBQ. Met up with the rest of my former host family.
Sunday was jam packed full too. We were to meet the Bub's at their house which of course was cut short since we had to run and go get changed to the wedding. It was fun meeting them in person and hopefully if paths cross again it can be a longer visit as we had lots of things to talk about.
The wedding was in a beautiful country club. Bride looked gorgeous and the groom very dashing in his Marine dress uniform. It was very sunny and hot so everyone was getting warm - to the point that one of the bridesmaids fainted during the ceremony. The buffet was great it was a German Mexican buffet as he is of Mexican decent and she is of German decent. Grumpy and I even danced :)
Monday we checked out dropped the car of at the airport (at 7am) and headed with our luggage in the city. The brides mom works next to Sears tower so we stashed our things in her office and went to do some sightseeing. We met up with my swiss friends who were in town for the wedding too and had lunch. The bride and groom tried to meet up with us before we left but got stuck in traffic so we hoped on the L and headed back to Midway. The flight was uneventful and we were happy to be home and get some rest after such a hectic weekend.

When I get a chance i will upload some pics and add some links to this too

Friday, July 25, 2008

Working hard

Working hard
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Sorry I still need to finish our midwest post. Working had cleo is helping

Monday, July 07, 2008

New toy

Grumpy got himself a new toy - we went car shopping on July 4th and he found a 2006 Trailblazer he liked. Since the car had been on the lot for 6 month we got it really cheap it only has 35000 miles on it.

I am in Charlottesville this week and then head to Vegas Sunday just to get back Wednesday midnight and turn around 19hours later to fly to Chicago .... I will post pics from the car later

Also I updated the other blog with what's been going on and some back story to the whole mess. I hope the guy goes to hell - Karma has got to kick his ass. Go here for the post - again I am sorry its a private blog.

On happier notes I lost 13lbs since starting to work out - its been slow going but at least its going. I almost fit back into my favorite jeans - almost

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I hate her

You know it's hard enough to deal with those people you like and they get pregnant while you have to slowly deal with the fact that you may never able to be. But to find out that someone you know, dislike and think should never be allowed to reproduce is pregnant is a blow below the belt. I just got an email from my mother with the sonogram pic of her first grandchild. She even wrote I know you don't want to know this ... THEN WHY THE FUCK IS SHE TELLING ME???????????