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Thursday, October 05, 2006

luv the mountains

Okay Blogger is being a pain I tried uploading pictures both in the URL option and with the upload picture option but I seem to be limited on how many I can upload. The post below has a link to the gallery for all the pictures we took.

We left at about quarter to five on Sunday morning.
By the time we got into the mountains the sun started to come out and the Fog looked like a Blanket. There was no traffic out and except for stopping for gas and breakfast we made excellent time and got to the cabin about 10am. The cabin is located on the West Virginia side of the Potomac River very isolated from everything. We took a nap and then set off to find a store to get some items we had forgotten. Of course in an area where there are no stop lights there are no grocery stores. We settled for a gas station/market type of thing. Monday we set out to explore the area, well after taking our time getting up and ready. We had to go to over the the only privately owned toll bridge in the US to get to Maryland. The bridge does not look like they use the tolls to keep it up. The ladies working there use a can attached to a stick to collect the toll.
We set out to explore Old Town and then decided to drive to Cumberland, MD. On our way there we passed through Spring Gap and here is there post office. I didn't realize they have post offices that small.

One of the cool looking churches in Cumberland, MD. That one reminded me of the ones you'll find in Europe.

On the way back from Cumberland we stopped at the C&O canal so the puppies could stretch their legs. Grumpy said the Canal took about 20 more years than planned so it was never used for its indented purpose.

From Cumberland we drove to Paw- Paw West Virginia and stopped at Grandmas Kitchen for a very late lunch. The food was nothing like Grandma makes unless she had instant mash potatoes and a microwave to heat the corn. The puppies liked the meatloaf.

Here is me walking the puppies (or they walking me depending on your view) on the way to the cabin. I had Grumpy let us out about half a mile away to get some exercise and help digest that icky food. Grumpy built a fire for us but he kept telling me how there are Black Bears around and the dogs kept looking in the woods and were nervous. I am not sure who freaked out who the dogs me or I am them but we ended up inside on the couch after about braving the outdoors for 30min. I know I know the bears don't come while there is a fire but has anyone told the bears that that's the rule????? Tuesday we went on a scenic drive to Deep Creek Lake. The leaves where turning and it was so gorgeous. We drove through a town with the name of Accident but didn't get a chance to find out how the town got the name. The dogs loved the trip as we took them with us everywhere we went. It was so relaxing to just get up when ever and do what ever.

On our way back we saw the sign above. Wonder what FEMA did(n't) do there to prompt this sign.

Wednesday we got our stuff together and headed back. We stopped to take a picture of the drive thru convenience store. Now I have seen drive thru bars in New Orleans and some drive thru Liquor stores in North Carolina but never a whole convenience store. Too cool. We took out time on the way home and took the scenic route stopping at a nice park for lunch.

Here are some things that had us giggling/shaking our heads.

City of Accident
Savage Mountain
Flying Circus Airport
Mexican Farms Airport
Negro Mountain
the local landfill charged us $8,- for 2 trash bags
We also noted a lack of imagination in town names, there were a lot of Top of the Hill, Top of the Mountain

Our hosts have compiled a list of local catch phrases.

Local Language
Local custom says that when you're out traveling around, if you're going "up" to Smalltown, that means you're going up in altitude (as in "up the creek"), regardless of which way it appears on a map. From Keyser, you go "down" to Cumberland, although Cumberland is 25 miles straight north of Keyser, you should just know that it's "downstream" on the Potomac River. Conversely, from Cumberland, you go "up" to Keyser. In the city, up usually means north, which is "up" on a typical map. Who knows whether it's actually up or down in altitude (get out your GPS thingy)? You'll need to be more knowledgeable in the country. Probably a carry-over from not too long ago when you really knew whether it was up or down because you did it by horse or on foot. By the way, if your trip takes you up then down, or down then up, that would be "over", as in goin' "over" to Mathias from Moorefield. (Borrowed from http://www.mtnhome4u.cominthecountry.html)

FLY MAD - Get angry suddenly. "I didn't expect her to fly mad over that." Maybe this expression is related to "madder than a wet hen." A mad hen tends to fly around and flap her wings.

SPLITTING THE MUD - Running fast.

CUTTING A RUSTY -- Getting angry and throwing a fit.

LICK YOUR CALF OVER - It is commonly used by small businessmen to mean having to go back on a job again. A warranty. Usually it is just said "I'll have to lick my calf on this one". It is assumed that it meant a disagreeable task required by honor or duty – e.g. a cow licking its calf
after giving birth.

NEVER SAID DOG - If someone leaves without saying goodbye or doesn't have anything to say on a subject, the expressions are: "He left and never said dog." or "She got back from her trip and never said dog."

Here are a couple videos I had taken with my cell - I have one on the camera too but still have to upload it to

That was all we heard, just nature.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. I went through the Cumberland gap when I was young. Pretty place.

Katy said...

Phos - I loved it there. So peaceful and calm. Hey I added the phrases so go back and read it!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Pulled the wool over your eyes - you think I can read!

Just joshing you, I wll have to check it out.

Sarah said...

My favorite is "I had to boof my goat". Those crazy Rebs!! Well, gotta go salt the bird!!

the_phosgene_kid said...

Silly Blogger!! I went to comment and it renamed me Sarah. The Sarah comment regarding goat boofage is mine. Frikkin' Beta. Well, gotta go tune my frog!

jin said...

Oh! GREAT pics!!!
Love the one with the puppies running! LOL.
Funny phrases, too!
Am so glad you had a nice time!

Katy said...

Phos - you seem to pick up on the country accent pretty well.

Jin - yeah they tend to drag me behind.

Bubs said...

Man, that looks like a great trip! I love going out in the country. Nice job on the pictures, too, I might have to steal one or two and use em as desktop backgrounds at work.

Katy said...

bubs - you are welcome to steal as many as you like. You can get them a bigger size if you go to the 10/4 post and follow the link to the kodakgallery. There are lots more on there.