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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I added some new and old photos of me to my myspace account incase anyone is curious.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Too boring

Well I hoped for more interesting stories to tell from this weekend but there really was nothing special to report. I went to work at Busch Gardens, the park was packed but most people were nice and had fun. After getting off I rushed home to finish cleaning the house on case anyone showed for the BBQ. Well noone did, well my friend Paula and her sister came by but headed on to another party. So Grumpy and I decided to go and see the Da Vinci Code. It was a great movie. Grumpy did try to distract me which my outfit made easy but I still got to see most of it. Today was great I did absolutely NOTHING. I just hung out at home with the kitties and doggies. It is very rare for me not to have to work one of my 4 jobs so I savor it when ever I can. Unfortunately Grumpy had to work so we could not go and take the doggies to the beach but we will one of these days.

I did get to chat with my friend from Switzerland today, she is coming over in July. She is going to visit the family whose au pair we both where.
*(I was the families au pair and Evelyn was in my group but with another family. We became realy good friends and hung out together all the time. When my year was finished my family decided that they do not need an aupair anymore. After my year was finished I went to travel for a bit and when I got back I found out that Evelyn had been kicked out by her family. She had only a few months left and her chances to find another family were slim to none. So I mentioned it to my Host Family and they decided to take her in. So Evelyn became their au pair. We both have kept in touch with one another and with the family.)*
I happen to have a meeting in Chicago while she is there. So I am planning to fly up a couple of days early and we have been talking about visiting Jin's store. I am so excited coffee, cake and good friends it will be awsome.

As you can see, things very pretty low key this weekend. How was yours?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

6 hours are not enough

I am half asleep as I am writing this. Nothing to crazy or freakish occurred the last couple of days that was blog worthy. I waitressed last night, but did not end up with great tips or tables but didn't end up with crappy ones either. My friend came by the restaurant and after I got off, we had a couple of drinks there before we left for a bar close by. The band was decent and it was not too crowded.
We had not been out together in a while and I had a great time so did not even think about checking in with Grumpy
*(When I first met my hubby he was the bouncer in a bar I went to a lot with above mentioned friend. He was always there and had this facial expression as if he was going to break every bone in your body. I never knew his name so I nicknamed him Grumpy and the name sort of stuck). *
By the time my friend dropped me back at my car it was after 2am and I had a few missed calls. Grumpy was not thrilled when I got home. He said he drove past the restaurant and saw my car and got worried. He had called a few times unsuccessful since I had left my phone in my purse in my car. When I told him that my friend and I had decided to do this more often he said okay just keep your phone with you. Isn't it cute how he was worried?
So I got to bed somewhere around 3ish and got up at 9 to make sure Grumpy got up in time for work. After some cleaning and prepping for tomorrows BBQ I went to work at the restaurant. It turned out to be busier than anticipated which was good. I saw a few people that I knew and had 3 tables with really good tips.
Now I am so tired as 6 hours of sleep were not enough and once the meatballs are done I will pass out I am sure. Tomorrow should be busy, I have to work 10-4 at Busch Gardens (I get to wear my German outfit - joy) and then people should start coming over. Hopefully I'll have something blogworthy to report about that.
So what did you end up doing this weekend?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

You are kidding right?!?!?!?

So having 4 jobs has its advantages, for one I meet tons of nutty people that I can write on here about.

So I was at my day job (I work for a doctor doing clinical research) today when our receptionist called overhead saying she has a letter for me. This is not unusually as I get a lot of stuff all day long so I just ignored her and went on with what I was doing.
Not to much later she came to my desk with the letter. I did not recognize where it was from but the last name was the same as that of one of my former study patients. It was addressed to me but my first and last name was hopelessly misspelled. So I open it up and find a Money order made out to me (misspelled of course) / clinical research and a note to please use it towards any outstanding bills for the above mentioned patient.
Now I am totally confused. I never deal with money, one perks of being on a study is your treatment is free. So I hand it to our receptionist and tell her just to give it to the office manager as she handles the billing.

A little later I call the patient in question and tell him about the letter. He goes like "Oh yeah I meant to talk to you about that." I remind him that I do not handle money. He says "no its not for that. I owe money on a credit card bill and my parents would not give me the money so I had them made it out to you. I need you to cash it and keep whatever and give the rest to me." I was like WHAT????? Then the phone was cut off.

I am like WTF. I go and tell the office manager and she says to check with the Doc. He says lets just send the letter back to the guys parents in PA. Which I did with a nice note stating there where no outstanding bill that the money could be used for.

I still can't get over the fact this guy wanted me to help him to commit fraud!!!!! Dude next time make sure the person is willing to help you and spell the name right, I mean I could not have cashed the thing had I wanted too with the way it was misspelled.

So my question to you is what would you have done?


So I have been thinking a while about switching my personal blog from myspace to here, and then Cherry asked so politely. So here it is.

Anyhow so since I am on the road a lot I thought this mob blogging would be cool but I can't figure it out. Anyone some help please. I sent a pic to but I don't get the claim key and it never asked to register my number so how can it be added to my blog. I am so lost someone please help.