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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Awww so cute

So I came across this article about these "friends" and I had to show you the pictures for those of you that wont follow the link to original story. I like those type of stories you know the ones that make it look like the world is okay and there maybe a happy ending after all. I mean if tiger and Apes can be friends then surely humanity can find a way to coexist peacefully right? And hopefully that teaches us how precious mother nature is and that we need to take care of ourselves and the earth to be sure there is one to give to our children and grandchildren.

On other news that person giving me headaches was removed from my families account and the girl that they are now matched with looks promising and hopefully is a final. I just got an email and the family liked her as did I so they are going to contact her and I hope she works out. One of my new families recieved bad news today their AP from Malawi did not get her visa. They are crushed and are actually reevaluating the program all together and may not stay with it after all. I have a girl that is here in mind she wanted to come to my area and is really unhappy where she is now. I'll find out tomorrow if she really wants to go through with the changing of families and then I'll see if I can convince the family. I think she'd be perfect for them.

I just came from the AP meeting at the Barnes and Noble. I love the fact that while none of the girls really had to attend the meeting most of them still did. I think they like this one because they can chat, I get them a piece of cheese cake factory Godiva Chocolate Cheese cake and everone gets coffee. One of the girls mom was visiting from Germany so she tagged along and seemed to enjoy meeting the group. I also had one girl from another group that had missed her meeting so she asked permission to come to mine. She kept saying how nice my group is and how much more fun the meeting is than in hers. Mhh not sure what she meant but that just shows you a piece of Chocolate Cheese cake goes a long way. Actually I kind of have an idea what she means. See I keep a pretty tight reign on my girls and don't let them break into cliques that don't talk to one another ect. My philosophy is they are all in the same boat so while you don't have to become best friends you do have to be civil and supportive. Since I have always had that rule my older au pairs (having been here longer) pass it on to the new ones and I have no problems and always great girls. They always come to the meetings and not just to sign the paper and leave but they actually participate and hang out even if they don't have too.

Alrighty, I need to get some homework done. I'll be in DC this weekend and have a lot less time between meetings and a bunch of people to see.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I made a decision

So I REALLY enjoyed my 3 day weekend and I think I need to schedule one of these once a month during the upcoming months were I am going back to work 7 days a week. I have plenty of vacation days from my day job so its no problem to take of Fridays. And since we have a ton of staff at the restaurant it shouldn't be hard to find someone to take my weekend shift if I am scheduled for one. That just leaves the Au pairs and Busch Gardens. Well I can always tell Busch I can't work that day and as for the Au pairs that is mainly just phone or internet anyway.

hey I found this today - This is my highschool. I just wanted to be sure you see it.

Speaking of au pairs I need your input on something. So the main office has hired these placement managers that are supposed to help new au pairs for my families. Aside from it being really annoying that each family has a different one I its hard to keep them all straight other problems have surfaced. See I used to look for the au pairs myself since I know my families so it is much easier to do it instead of someone in Boston - right now my system wont allow me to see what au pairs are available. They said it'd be revamped and up by January well guess what its almost March and still nothing.

So I have had horrible miss matches and frustrated families calling me so forth. I worked with 2 of the managers and together we got the families straight. However there is a 3rd one. She has sent my family 4 obvious miss matches so far each time after I saw the application I'd point out the problems to her and sure enough those would be why the family rejects them. I have said in each email please work with me send me the applications first I look them over and make sure they are no obvious miss matches - no reply.

Last night I emailed my manager to help me with this person but I think she is still out sick anyhow so I get 2 emails this morning. One from that person she copied me on a new match and one from the family saying the AP looked good but wont arrive until the summer but they need one in May what should they do? So I emailed that lady in Boston trying to see why she matched the family with a summer AP. She said she wanted to see if the AP can come earlier and had just heard she can't. Again I ask please do not match until you know the AP can come early and again ask me for help. Nothing. Later this afternoon my family emails her noticing the AP is out of their account which they find interesting since they didn't provide her with any feedback yet. So she replies she received feedback from me!!!!!!

I am soo mad I can't even tell you - this bitch! So I can't reach anyone I'd like to talk to about this I think she needs to be reassigned since she is incapable of working together to ensure the family is happy.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

lazy sunday

So the gray clouds that greeted me this morning told me to go back to bed and I actually slept until 10:30. After that I kind of goofed of checked my email and some blogs did some homework and so fourth. I have to say the rain didn't do much for my motivation. I did get through 4 loads of laundry and did some cooking for the week including a pot of sauerkraut which turned out delicious if I may say so. I found a mix for those Czech dumplings that I had bought when I went to the Czech republic last time so I made those too but I need to go get some gravy to make it really good. Anyhow I did accomplish quite a bit this weekend so I guess I did good. Here is the latest bunny picture. I saw it the other day when I went to work.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Progress note

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
So I finished the downstairs bathroom, sort of finished my office and kind finished the dining room. Well I did most of the dining room yesterday but the floor is all messy this morning because Sassy raided the trash can - so now there are egg shells all over the floor. I still got the upstairs to do and the kitchen and of course laundry. I am a little less motivated today as you can see by the picture above Misty is trying to keep me on the couch.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring cleaning

Okay so going to school and having 4 jobs doesn't exactly give me much time to do stuff around the house. Actually my house has been a mess lately and while it annoys me to no end there just doesn't seem enough time. Grumpy has been trying to help out but he works too and then lets face it he is a guy. It was cute he was helping me clean today and said he'd done the bathroom upstairs. Well when I went to take a shower and noticed that besides the tub and sink nothing was clean.

Anyhow this is my last weekend off until November so I took off today and I am attemting some spring cleaning. I figured in order to be sure that I do it. I better post some before and after pictures. I know its messy so please forgive me for posting them. We got pretty far today and I am going to do the bed room and then kitchen and bathrooms tomorrow - got a ton of laundry too. I figured by Sunday all I should have left is some dusting, mopping and window washing. Wish me luck - I need a to find a cleaning lady one thats not afraid of the dogs (thats why the last one quit). Here is my messy living room. One of these days I want to buy furniture all we have was given/sold to us by friends and family. Not that you can see it under all this mess but thats my dining room table and in the corner you can see the china cabinet. This is the other side of the dining room where Mac' s crate is and Sassy's blanky . This is my office which doubles as guest room or au pair room if we have to house them. Sassy's crate is in here since she bit Grumpy. The vet said to make it unavailable. See the dress on the right thats my Dirndle for Busch Gardens. Last but not least my kitchen. I didn't take any pictures of the upstairs bedrooms but believe me they aren't pretty either.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

random post

nothing much to say. The office was busy the fact that my boss is out with her new grandbaby made the week tougher but then today the nurse got a call from her kids school and had to leave leaving me to do everything. Luckily there were 4 people scheduled at the restaurant tonight so I got to go home at like 6pm and spend the rest of the evening on the couch cuddled up to Grumpy watching Babel and Greys Anatomy. I am off until Monday and plan on spring cleaning the house. I think I may have to take before and after pictures and post them that way I am forced to actually clean.

Grumpy is back on 3rd shift so I usually let the pups sleep where ever they want (that way if anyone unauthorized wants to get in the house has to get past them first) this is what Grumpy saw when he came home the other day ... who says cats and dogs can get along? Here are the kitties checking out whats up.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

High school meme

I got this MEME from Real and since I have not much else to say today ... Check out the photo from my senior class - can you find me??????

1. Who was your best friend?
Daniela and Sylvia but I didn't met Sylvia until Dani and I got to our High school (the german school system is a bit different and not everyone goes to high school) Dani and I were together in Grammar school and then went on to the same gymnasium while some of our classmates went to realschools and vocational schools ...)

2. What sports did you play?
Sports teams in Germany are not tied to schools - but I was in a swim team and was part of a life guard association

3. What kind of car did you drive?
well I had 2 simson bikes my first was a red S51 and I loved it but it was old and kept breaking so I bought this really cool metalic blue one which kept breaking too.

o when my mom drove me to the repair shop she saw this brand new red scooter and bought it right then and there and I had that one until I was 18 and got my car divers license and for my birthday I got my blue Trabant.
The trabant used to be built in my hometown before the wall came down and it was out off all the once I have driven since my favorite. Who cares that it only goes 60 miles an hour. You could fix everything on it with duck tape!

4. It's Friday night, where were you?
since the age of 13 I went out every weekend so the chances were I was at the "Erle"

5. Were you a party animal?
ahmmm yeah I was famous for my parties everyone loved coming since there was allways enough booze and food

6. Were you considered a flirt? I don't know I never knew when guys were interested. I guess

7. Ever skip school?
Who me? ahmm gee

9. Were you in any clubs?
none but my own but then again there were no clubs in our schools

10. Suspended?
never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as my teachers knew I was a grey mouse that didn't do anything bad

11. Can you sing the fight song?
whats a fight song?

12. Who was your favorite teacher?
I don't remember honestly it wasn't like I paid THAT much attention. I was to busy catching up on sleep so I'd be fit for practice and dancing.

13. What was your favorite class?
Swim class in 11 & 12 grade we had to choose 4 different PE semesters I picked swimming, volleyball, judo and tennis. In swim class all I did was goof off since i already knew everything so unless the teacher had me demonstrate stuff I got to just play in my own lane. loved it!

14. What was your school's full name?

15. School mascot?
no such thing

16. Did you go to dances?
what? like school dances now I told you we didn't have those school is there to be learned in nothing more - and yes I may have attended a few back in grammar school when it was still east germany.

17. If you could go back and do it over again, would you?
I mean it was great no responsibilities and stuff but no i don't think I would

18. What do you remember most about graduation?
skipping it to go camping with my friends, my social life was never in school or with school people i had my friends outside school and thats who I hung with (except for Dani and Sylvia but they didn't hang out with me to much since I was kind of wild but they'd come to my parties)

19. Favorite memory of your Senior Year?
field trip to Paris I guess oh and last day of school were we TP's the principals car and spraypainted it.

20. Were you ever posted up on the senior wall?
i doubt I would have if we had one - well maybe next to a condom wrapper since I was the one person everyone would hit up for condoms thanks to me having an unlimited supply at the AIDS foundation.

22. Where did you go most often for lunch?
Grahams Bakery they had the best french baguettes with lettuce and eggsalad. To this day I will not be in my hometown without stopping by there. (my school was in the city so we could walk everywhere in town in no time)

23. Have you gained weight since high school?
oh hell yeah liked doubled

24. What did you do after graduation?
i didn't go to gratuation remember I was camping and that night drinking with some lifeguards I had met until midnight and then drove 6h to get to my life guard duty station.

Oh you mean like after in general - ahm got married (twice) moved across the world ...

25. When did you graduate?
July 1996 don't know the exact date since I wasn't there

26. Where are most of your classmates?

27. Did you have a high school sweetheart?
no I don't believe in dating people from your school or work. I did see someone be he was part of the clique I hung out with. I loved when he came to pick me up from school in the winter and we rode the bus (public transportation there are no school busses) home together.

28. Have you changed since?
mhh yeah my hair is back to its natural color I work on the weekends instead of going out and so forth. Being a grown up sucks!

29. Have you been to your high school since you graduated?
yes last year for the first time it was my 10th high school reunion. oh but wait it was somewhere else and my school is not a school anymore so I guess the answer is no. (I did walk past it a few times)

So did you find me in the picture above??? No well here lets take a look again click on the photo to enlarge it.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


So the weekend was pretty busy. Friday night I worked at the restaurant. Thank god it wasn't busy because besides Vinnie and me there were two new people and 2 busboys turned waiters that are not yet old enought to make drinks. So essentially I spend the night answering questions and making drinks.

Saturday I had to go up to Busch Gardens for the Alumni Orientation. We got to see the video for our new rollercoaster. I can't wait to ride it. They told us that they'd need people to ride it for photo ops and training I am hoping its on a day that I can make it. Otherwise I am sure I'd have to wait a few years to get on it because I am not waiting forever.
After the training I went to interview an new family and then went home. I went over to a friends house that night for "Craft club" and managed to scrap book 5 pages - sadly I am still working on the wedding book. I haven't started on the honeymoon or anything since then. I seem to only work on with when I make it to "Craft club".

Sunday it was back to Busch for more training the cool thing was I got my ID. This means that when I am in San Diego in a few weeks I can go to Sea world - for FREE!!!!!!!!! So I maped the hotel and its only 7 miles away from sea world. I am soooo excite I have never been andcant wait. I am even getting a new camera. Thanks to Mr. Jin for helping me pick one out. The only bad thing is the park is only open till 5pm so I will have to rush - even if I get to go on both days. But be sure I'll have plenty of good pictures

Friday, February 16, 2007

Best friends

I have been thinking a lot about my friends at home and that I am really lucky in that department. Grumpy and I were talking about how I'd love to get them all together for new years and celebrate. I don't see my friends nearly enough and sadly I don't write or call as often as I'd like. Most of this is due to the fact that I work a lot and they tend to be deep asleep when I get home and all of us are just to busy. But that is the great thing about REAL friends; you don't have to be together every waking moment or call each other all the time - but if you need them or just want to talk to them and see them they are there for you now questions asked. I admit I have the best friends a girl can ask for and I have to thank my mom for part of that. She raised me well and raised me to be a best friend to my friends. Growing up I didn't have a big family so my friends were always that - my family.

I have friends that I made when I was 3 and I have some I made as recent as last year that are here in my new home and around the world. My philosphy for friends is simple - if you are my friend I will do everything in my power to be there for you - I would walk thru fire for my friends and I know they'd do the same for me. Often you wont know if someone is a real friend until they are tested and sometimes that one's you thought were such turn out not to be. I am not sure why I am thinking about this now maybe its the belated Christmas present filled with all my favorites from my friend that I don't talk to that often and besides Christmas cards we never send stuff to one another or the fact that we are going to Germany and I am trying to plan out our trip. I hope all of you are blessed with friends as I am.

Schutzengel - Guardian Angel

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
Fahre bitte, denk daran, nie schneller, als ich fliegen kann! (Remember never to drive faster than I can fly!)
This little guy was in the box too and is going to be taped to my dash board from now on. He was handcrafted in the Ore mountains where I am from (my hometown is Zwickau).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I got a box

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
Belated xmas present from germany was sitting on my steps when I got home. My best friend (the one that has my hangovers for me) sent all my favs. A Christmas figurine, Nougat, 5 min ready meal - mash potatoes with coutons, powder for chocolate milk, conditioner, my fav mustard, treats for the pups and cats and yummy soups. I ate the mash potatoes and one bar of the Nougat right away. SOOOOOOOO good. I had no clue she sent this so this was a total cool surpise. I am hoping to see her in December when we go home. I have been playing wiht the thought to see if I could get most of my friends together for New Years eve and party like old times. That would be soooooo cool.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
So I had been debating on what to get Grumpy for Valentines day. I mean a card and chocolate would have been okay but its not very romantic or orginally so I decided to write him an old fashioned love letter. I have this cute computer stationary paper which is a sunset over the ocean so I used that to write. After finishing I sprayed it with perfume (not realizing the ink would run duh!) and after folding it I set it into the red roses I had brought from the restaurant. See on Valentines day we give a rose to the ladies while we give the check to the men.

Well the best part of the present wasn't the letter - even so I am not one of the people that says "I love you" all the time so I am sure Grumpy loved the letter just for that

(I just think the words are being over used especially by people that you don't "love" that way. See in german you only say "I love you - Ich liebe dich" to that one special person the phrase you use for others is different.)

but I know he was kind of bumned that he was off all day today while I had to go in the office and then to the restaurant. Anyhow while working last night one of the greedy little bitches complained that she wasn't working today and how lucky I was that I got scheduled WTF??? Why would I rather work on a day where we are so busy that you can one not give great service and two everything will be so busy that people are bound to be upset where I could be spending the evening with Grumpy???? I am sorry there is not enough money in the world for me to wanna do that so I gave her my shift and made a reservation in my favorite Czech restaurant.

And that was the P.S. in the letter. So I am excited. The restaurant is on the other side of the water so we don't get to go often. I will try to remember to take some pictures for you - its called THE MONASTERY. They serve you a basket of home made bread and cheese and their Cesky Knedliky (dumplings) and sauerkraut are to die for. And for dessert they have these dumplings. OMG I am going to be in heaven.

Yeah I get to have a date!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pen Pal?

So I was goofing of at the office (the Doc is skiing) when I came across this article. Of course I had to check out the site mentioned just to be nosy. While I understand that these guys are lonely and want a pen pal (well in this case more like the x-rated version) my question is would you really want them to have your address????? I mean what if they get out - you can write the most beautiful poem and still be some psychopath. Na I think I stick to sending funny cards to our troops overseas. They tend not to write back but at least the chance of some lunatic showing up at my door are slimmer.
The other odd thing is the article is from Bangkok but the guys are in prison here???????

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Happy Sunday everyone. Today was going to be a fun day. I had planned on sleeping in then meet my English Friend to go ride our bikes, meet the au pairs for the firesafety meeting and then hang out with Grumpy. Simple right? SO I get up and get ready and meet my friend at her house. From there I follow her to the Yorktown battle fields where we were going to ride. We had to pull into a a road on the left because her bike was getting loose. After fastening it we went on our way turning left onto the main highway. I had to wait and let 2 cars pass before I could turn so P. was ahead of me. I noticed the car behind her was getting up close to her and then driving to the left as if passing here. When we got near the intersection where we had to turn left that car pulls up next to her (2 turn lanes) and then the passenger gets out of the car. At that point the light turns I keep following her until she pulls over with her cell in the hand. Turns out the girl that was driving had flipped her off when she pulled alongside her which promted my friend to ask her if she could get any closer. After that things went south and the guy (passenger) started to curse her out and call her names. She tells him he is a rassist after he calls her a f*****n white bitch and he gets out. Walking towards her threatening to beat her up. She shows him the phone and tells him she is calling 911.

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
So as we turn she gets behind the car to get the license and call it in to the 911 operator. I didn't really know what happend until after we stopped - I mean I saw but I didn't hear the exchange. So we wait for the cop to show up at a 7/11 to take her report. The thing was scary because at one time it looked like he was going for a gun. The cop takes our report and information and put the word out for the car. The interesting thing was that when they pulled up the license plate came up for a different car. See this car was a blue expedition and when they ran it it came back belonging to a red chevy???? The cop was super nice and after that we went on our way.

By the time we finally parked it was after noon but it was still only 34 degrees. We started pedaling and did about 2.2 miles in about 30 min. I have to admit so that the part where it went up the hill I had to push the bike. Even in the lowest gear it was to much for my knees. But hey walking is exersise too right? It was cold, I am still in no shape and it was not worth me blowing out my knee for it.

After we got back to the car I left to meet the Au pairs for the fire fighting meeting. I wont bore you with pictures but if you want to see them follow this link. It was a lot of fun and all the guys tried to participate. The poor rookie had to go up on the ladder in full gear just so he could waive at us.

So now I am planning on hanging out with Grumpy and the kitties and pups and relax.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

so sleepy

I am totally holding on by a thread. For whatever reason I woke up at 5:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. I think Grumpys alarm woke me up but I am not sure because he had slept on the couch downstairs and usually I don't hear him. So after trying to get back to sleep I got comfy in bed with my laptop and the cats and did my banking stuff that was overdue and school stuff it was noon when I finally got up to make something to eat. Of course I got tired in the afternoon but couldn't nap because I had to finish laundry and cooking stuff for next week. Here is Cleo trying to nap on top of me. Work was great tonight. I only had like 7 tables but I made great money of 4 (3 x $30,- and 1 x $20,-) of them so it totally made up for me leaving early yesterday. I have to say the people I had were really nice too and didn't run me to death. Now I just got to finish homework and then its time for bed (well I am in bed already). Oh speaking of the restaurant we have a new website and it gives you like a virtual tour. Check it out here.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pain in the ass

so with adding the library thing that displays random books i read it became apparent that I needed 3 columns so I just spend 3 hours trying to do that. I tried to change my template but I couldn't get the 3rd colum to be on the left it kept being above the main column so I finally just downloaded on that had been adjusted already. Of course then I had to redo my links and everything else. Pain in the butt I tell you.

Work tonight was slow so I left after like and hour and half. I went shopping and got take out from my favorite indian restaurant - Nawab. It was sooooo yummy. When I got home I was surprised to see Grumpy up. Turned out his clock was wrong so when he woke up he thought he'd overslept and got dressed and in the car. It wasn't until he was down the road when he checked his watch and saw it was 6:30pm not 10:30pm so he turned around and came back to the house. But it was nice to hang out a bit since the weekends tend to be a stressful time for us. Grumpy works 6-2pm at 7/11 and then 9pm-2am at the bar so I tend not so see him for more than 5 minutes until Sunday afternoon.

Well I am going to get some sleep now. Hope you enjoy the new template

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blood and Chocolate

When Grumpy stopped by my office earlier today I asked him if he wanted to go to the German restaurant for dinner but he said he'd rather go to the movies. So after looking at whats playing we settled on Blood and Chocolate. It was a pretty good movie from the makers of Underworld. The End kind of sucked there was a lot of potential there that had not been explored but otherwise there are a lot worse movies one can spend 90 min watching especially if you enjoy reading authors like Charlaine Harris or Laurell Hamilton. Now there were no sex scenes but then there were not that many in Underworld either. I liked it because the wolves where shapechangers much like in Harris's stories with Sookie rather than half human creatures that Hamilton introduced us to in her Anita Blake series. BTW if you like the Sookie stories from Harris HBO is coming up with a show (True Blood) based on the series. I can't wait to see it. I hope they stay true to the books.

When we went into the movies I saw this photobooth. Since when I was in the age where most American girls go to these and take pictures with their friends I was in East Germany and there were none of these. I have never done it with a boyfriend either - I saw it in American movies and TV shows. Anyhow after the movie I told Grumpy I wanted to go do it. Since I rarely volunteer for photos he said yes. We opted for the one picture with background and this one was the least stupid one we could fine. Enlarge it and check out my dolphin with sunglasses scrubs :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

beautiful sunset

Now I could bore you with yet more AP drama but then I am sure I'd lose more and more readers over the time. So I thought I share these pictures instead. This is what I saw on the way to the family where I had to do an mediation. Not sure they'll work things out but at least the pictures are awesome right?

And here is little miss Cleo. She is watching me do homework since I kicked her off the computer.

So still no snow but at least the day was pretty, blue sky, sun and an awesome sunset.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I need your help

Okay so you all know I have been begging for snow. Well its 14 degrees F (-8C) and there is an 81% chance of snow tonight. Just 1-3 inches but hey I am not asking for much. So in order to ensure our chances I need you all do the snow dance with me.

I know its silly but I promise

I wont tell anyone.

Pleaseeeeee pretty pleassseeeee

I want snow.

You will. Oh goodie here is what to do (I looked it up on yahoo to be sure I get it right !)

  1. turn your pagamas inside out and put them on.
  2. then gather white beads and a couple pieces of white paper.
  3. when that is done, rip up the paper into small pieces.
  4. then turn your music on real loud and dance until you get tired.
  5. While you dance, throw the paper and beads around your room. it symbolizes snow.
  6. when you are so tired that you can't dance or throw the paper and beads around any longer. pick up the beads and pieces of paper put them in the under side of your pillow case and go to sleep.

I will be sure to send pictures to show you it worked. But remember it only works if we all do it. Here are some photos of Mac playing in the snow. This was 2 years ago I think, it was her first snow.

Speaking of baby Mac check this one out wasn't she adorable?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

fun weekend?!?!?!?

Oh man I feel like I need another weekend. I know you all are tired of my posts consisting of bitching and complaining but since I am German which means no sense of humor and I have no talent for poetry or arts to dazzle you with ... so thats what you get.

So Saturday night pretty much sucked I had a $100 tap that left me $10 - but everything was awesome and they LOVED me. NEWSFLASH - IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY DO NOT GET THE SECOND BOTTLE OF WINE. And the rest of the tables were pretty annoying too. I went outside after my last table paid to check my messages. I had two from one of my HF. Their previous AP was going to leave today and had been a diva the past few months. Well Diva is an understatement she has been argumentative, sassy actually a total bitch. I told the family a few times they can still change but the HM is a dear and said it be fine. WRONG. The first message said the AP had taken the car without permission to meet with the exhusband of the HM and sideswiped a car. The HM was furious not only did she take the car without asking or permission but she met the ex with it and then recks it. The cops couldn't do anything about it because the car was in the Ex's name to. So the HM told her to get lost now. When I went out there today for the two week interview I heard getting rid of her was even harder. ALso turns out she pretty much extorted money from the new AP and the HM!!!!! Then my phone rings in the afternoon the HM totally upset. The AP is terroizining her per phone and text messages WTH? Psycho! The good news is the new AP it awesome, sweet, quiet the kids love her so the HM can look forward to some nice quiet time.

On other news I haven't seen Grumpy in like 3 days - stupid superbowl usually we get Sunday afternoons to hang out but he had to go into the bar. So I spend the afternoon goofing off doing some cooking and trying on the bandanas my mom made for the pups.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday night

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Work tonight was alright. I hadn't worked at the restaurant in over a week so it was nice to get back. My section was filled up real early which upset some of the greedy bitches (to my delight). We weren't super busy so I didn't make much money (i think about $60 but I'll find out tonight) I got a yummy dinner out of it. I missed our bread. At home I let the pups out since it finally stopped raining. While they played I caught up on my reading and homework. As you can see Cleo was pretty insistent on participating. She is curled up next to me now too (we are still in bed). I did take the bike out after the pups came back in. It was good it was late (around midnight) so noone was out. It turned out that when Grumpy adjusted the handlebar he didn't put it back on tight enough so the thing kept turning around. It made it pretty hard to get back but I did it and did not walk it back. Tonight should be better. I had put a scarf around my mouth and nose and it worked no wheezing and I wasn't as out of breath. Yeahhh who knows I may be in shape one of these days.

I am so excited

Yeah I can COMMENT more importantly YOU can comment. I love getting up and see I have comments. Okay since it works all of you have some catching up to do you need to comment here, here and here (unless you have already then you may post another comment but you do not have to!)

Okay I have a mini update on the AP drama got a call from the AP and she said after talking to her parents in Moldova she decided to give it another try. I reminded her that things have become alot easier since she first started and that would continue. She agrees. Mhh now its keeping your fingers crossed for me time.

I did take my new toy out last night just for a block to get acclimated to it since my English friend and I are supposed to go ride on Sunday. So I get back in the house and I had the hardest time catching my breath. Everytime I exhaled there was this ratteling, wheezing sound. WTF it was one block, I mean I know I am out of shape but one block ?!??!?!?! So I think it had more to do with the fact that it was rainy and about 33 degrees outside and I was breathing through my mouth. At least I hope that was it I'd hate to get my Asthma back this late in the game. Anyhow I will brave the elements again tonight and just take it one block at a time. I figured in Spring I should be good enough to start training Sassy to come with me.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


So when I try to go and visit certain blogs I read every day THIS is what I get

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:
* Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
* Provide the following error code and additional information.

Additional information
uri: /2007/01/she-died-from-masturbation.html
This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

So I figured okay let me post about this in the help forum there was one post to the same regard and no answer yet. So now I just got an email

Your message could not be posted to the Something Is Broken group because there have been too many messages posted to the group recently.
In order to protect the Google Groups service, and the mailboxes of the members of the Something Is Broken group, we limit the number of messages that can be posted per hour to the group.
Please try posting your message later.

SO NOW NOT ONLY CAN'T I COMMENT OR HAVE PEOPLE COMMENT ON MY BLOG BUT I CAN'T EVEN READY MY FAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AP drama, new toy and no comments

I know many of you can't comment - NEITHER CAN I. I changed the template the comments options and frankly now I don't know what else to change. If anyone has a clue please email me (dino 0477 @ gmail com)

I didn't get home until after 10pm last night. After the office I had to go meet a new family to do their interview and then meet the APs (A u P a i r's) for the monthly meeting. They all showed up so our little starbucks table at the Barnes and Noble was pretty full. I ended up having to talk to a few of them one to one so I held an audience in one of the compfy reading chairs. One found out that she can't go home after she gets married this summer but has to wait until they get her paperwork. She is bumped because she has been here for 2 years now. But if she did the immigration would not grant her a greencard and if you read Jin's entry about her hubby's struggle thats not something to repeat.

Then I spend 2 hours talking with another AP. This has been ongoing for a while and it boils down to that the AP feels she can not handle the kids (2yr old triplets and a 4 yr old). She has talked to the HM (h o s t m o m) and the HM has tried to do whatever she wanted but the AP feels like the things she needs changed can't be helped by the HM. The AP is terrified that one of the kids will get hurt because its 4 of them and so forth. I am going over to the house this weekend I told the AP I want this to be a mediation and asked her to write 2 lists one for the things she can't handle and one that would list what would have to change to make the situation better, give it 2 weeks and then meet for the exit (or if it worked just go on) The AP is pretty insistent that she made her decision but will do the lists and talk to the HM tonight about setting the weekend meeting. So wish me luck and wisdom because its going to be hard to find another AP for that family as the father is deployed until October. I will try to convince the AP to stay a bit longer until we can get a candidate for the family. She should be easy to place as she is IQ and aside from being overwhelmed with the girls (as most AP would be I am sure) has had no issues. So I wont have to worry about finding her a place to go.

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As you can see I got myself a new toy. After meeting with the girls I hoped over to target to check out the bikes and they had this one on clearance for $59.99. I know I know its a guys bike but so what I don't care. The girls bikes where $20 more so I got this one. I really had forgotten how much I like to ride a bike until I was at my moms and did it there. Grumpy had a helmet for me so I just went and got a light for the bike since more often than not I will be out in the dark. I tried taking it for a spin last night despite the hour and the below freezing temperature but the lack of air in the tires stopped me. So Grumpy is to fix it today so I can ride after work. Eventually I want the doggies to come with me but it will take some training. So if you have trained your dog to run with you while your on a bike please share the best way to do it. (I am hopefull the comment situation will resolve soon