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Monday, May 25, 2009

time flies when your having fun ...

... well wouldn't say i had much fun the past two weeks (except the night at Disney of course) but time sure has been flying- work has been killing me with deadlines and people wanting stuff done without giving time to complete things.

I spend this weekend cooking at Das Waldcafe. While I loved doing it and have fun doing it - those were long days and not easy work since all is made fresh. That means beating all the veal cutlets and making the dough for the Spaetzle (german noddles) by hand. The dough has the consistency of bread dough so its hard to beat it all till is smooth and since the dough is so thick you can't do it with a mixer nevermind that i am not used to stand for 9-10hs at a time anymore - I must be getting old ;)

My friends from Germany are going to be here in 5 weeks and i am way behind in getting the house ready for visitors (6 of them)

I haven't blogged much either. I stopped the import to facebook since there are two many people that can see it now and that was one of the reasons i haven't said much. I am debating on using on the private blogs more since the address on this one is out. We'll see.

I am looking forward to the weekend Grumpy and I are taking the camper down to Rodanthe NC for a weekend trip with pups. Since i have been gone so much we haven't seen much of eachother so it will be good to get to hang out - have nice walks on the beach with the pups.

We just did another p-test and of course it was negative as always. I am so frustrated we have spend thousands of dollars on these medications/tests the last 10 months and have NOTHING to show for it and noone seems to be able to tell me why its not working. So I guess I get to call them tomorrow and find out when to start the injections again (in the belly no less :(). There goes more money - the injections at the last dose they had me on run at about $130 a day and last month I was on them for 24 days! Yes you read right that is a day for one medication - the medication is not covered by my insurance. Luckily with the program I got some of it for free and friends of ours that went thru the same treatment donated what they had left to us so we only had to pay for some of it.

Well enough wining I need to go crab some dinner and get to bed my flight out to NYC is at 5:45 am so the alarm will go off at 3am. But its just a day trip to Norwalk, CT - I fly back tomorrow night so I get to sleep in my own bed.

I hope everyone had a nice day off and remembered those that the day is meant for.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Going home

Going home
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Its been a long and super stressfull two weeks. I am sitting at the vegas airport waiting for my flight home. Hubby is sending me picture messages of the kitties wanting to know where I am. I was home 19hs in the last two weeks so she didn't believe hubby when he told her that I am on my way home. At least next the weeks should be a little calmer and I only have one overnight stay next weeks :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Too cute

We used to have a family of them living in our vacation house. I grew up feeding them every day. They are just the cutest thing ever.

Nothing much happening here. Made it in the study but meds aren't working - not yet any way we got 2 more cycles so keep your fingers crossed. Work is busy - so busy that for the 3 rd time in the 4 years of marriage I manage to be alone on Grumpy and I's anniversary. I did sent him an embarrassingly cute flower arrangement with teddy bear and all to work ;). I will be home tomorrow night and we are planning to head to the Monastery for a celebaretory dinner Friday. Can't wait I luv me some yummy czech food.