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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So busy

OMG its been forever since my last post. These days I just can't seem to get my butt to sit down and type. So lets see whats been going on. Well sadly I lost another friend to cancer last week. This one to lung cancer - her funeral is tomorrow. That was the sad part of my week.

As for the weekend it was okay. Had to deal with a little AP drama but nothing unexpected. Friday I was at the restaurant till late but made a ton of cash so that was good. Saturday I left the restaurant in time to go by the German Restaurant where I used to work to visit. I had called to the if the cook was still there - the son now one of the owners answered and while the cook was gone he said to come on over. So I stopped by there had some Kartoffelkloesse, Spaetzle and gravy and also go my favorite soup which the cook had saved for me. Sunday after the AP stuff I finally got my computers back. Turns out my router was bad which was one of the problems. One of the guys that used to work with me at the German place came over to set everything up so I could function again. He took my other laptop with him to see if there is anything he can do to save it as my two older ones will not last forever and their operating systems are over the hill (ME and 2000). Monday I spend in my PJ's goofing off oh what fun. Yesterday it was back in the office and then work last night.

I found out today that I am going to Boston for a meeting next week so that should be interesting. The hotel looks comfy. Well its off to do AP stuff. I will try to take some puppy pics later.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thankful Friday

Thankful friday
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(sent from my T-Mobile dash)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am in love

So after I got of work last night I had an email saying I had enough incentive points to cash in for a new phone. I had been waiting for that email for almost a week. Initially I was going to get the new Blackberry but while waiting to find out how many points I had to cash in and so forth I did some research and came across the T-mobile dash. This is a windows based smart phone cute, does the same and more and it was cheaper than the Blackberry (still over $300). Anyhow so I finished up my patients in record speed so I could run out around lunch time and get my new toy. l from corporate stating that I had enough. Here it is. Isn't it cute? So little but oh so versatile. Video, pictures, calendar, internet and even TV how cool. I am so in love. I like that its not fat or chunky. The only thing I don't like about it is that there is no place to attach a lanyard and the case it came with its kind of ugly. But its the inside that counts right? Well I am still learning how to use it. Grumpy inherited my razr and my mom will get Grumpy's phone. She is exited because now she gets a camera phone. Of course you know what that means - I will get a lot pf pictures of my dear little sister. I know she says she just wants it for safety reason - i.e. if she is in an accident but Grumpy and I are not fooled we know whats coming. Well let me get back to my homework.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Still here

Hi everyone,

I am still here. Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts.

The last week/end has been pretty quiet. I didn't work all weekend with the wake and funeral. It was kind of nice not to rush around and I decided to hand in my resignation to Busch Gardens. I haven't worked much this season and am not looking forward to work as things have changed and were we used to have all sorts of fun this year that wasn't the case. Besides with the gas prices going up I really don't feel like driving 45min to a minimum wage job. This way I have one day of a week and get to spend my days doing things like having lunch with Grumpy at Nawab (which we did Sunday) and taking the doggies to the beach and so forth.

Most of my weekend was spent trying to fix my computer. My Dell Inspiron had crashed last week and the geek squad said its the hard drive - I told them not to fix it since I had already payed $300 for them to tell me the hard drive is broken. I didn't like this labtop from the getgo to big, only runs like 30min on battery ... I had tried to return it just to find out Dell has a 28 day return policy - and I called day 29! So now I am trying to figure out what to do. I hooked up my moms old laptop to be the base computer (hooked up to the wireless router and my printer) but it doesn't work so a former coworker of mine is coming out to help me. If it doesn't work we'll have to go get a CPU I saw some for $289 at comp USA which should do. We don't need it for things like video games and so forth.

I am hoping not to have to get one right now because then I can go and buy the new Blackberry I want. See I have been holding out for a Blackberry because they didn't have the camera and video camera and they looked kind of funky but I really like this one. I am just not liking the idea that I have to pay $549 (-$200 instant discount). Granted I use my points for it and would probably pay much less than that but still. That means I can't use the points for something else. Oh I am such a gadget nerd. Once I set my eyes on a new one I can barely contain myself. I have to give my self some kuddos because this one has been out for a month and I have not yet ran to a store. I have however checked it out online repeatedly. I even called customer service for T-mobile trying to find out a way to get it cheaper - like adding a new line and so forth. But there is nothing out there. The thing is it wont get cheaper for some time. I mean all the other Blackberries are still like $3-400 and they have been around for years. Mhh I don't know how long I can stand to wait. I just luv new toys and I have been waiting for that one for several years now.

Almost forgot to show you all pictures of my new "sister" - Missy. My mom calls her, her child so that makes her my sister right? Here she is modeling the leather raincoat my mom bought here. To my question about her head and butt getting wet my mom just answered "what you want me to get her an umbrella?" And here she is in her new car. To me she is to small kind of looks like a overgrown rat but hey that may just be sibling rivalry.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rest In Peace

My friend AJ with our friend Danielle on AJ's birthday May4,2007.

A little after 1 am my friend passed away. The past few days were really rough and her strength was dwindling rapidly. I got to see her every day for the past few days which was great. We hung out chatted and watched movies. When I called her yesterday afternoon I didn't get an answer and when I checked my phone later at the restaurant I had a message that she had a stroke. I went to see her after work but she was not awake. I talked to her, told her its okay to go see her parents and we will be fine here without her. I hung out a little bit then bid her goodnight and goodbye and went home. The call came about an hour later. I know she is better off now but it still sucks. I will miss her terribly. Times like this is when I wish I believed in something beyond all this so I'd know for sure she is in a better place.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blogger Award

So after twisting REAL'S arm I was nominated for a

he actually wrote some really nice things about me. Well I really haven't done much posting with that not requiring you all to think lately.

There are a couple reasons for that.

  1. I am busy.
    1. there is more and new AP drama and I am up to 20 families now
    2. i had to go out of town for work the last two weekends
    3. my current class is a bit more labor intensive then the last
    4. got new studies/patients at work that limit my goof off time
    5. try to spend time with my friend AJ
    6. work 2-4 nights at the restaurant (this week Wed-Saturday / was scheduled for Sunday but have to be at Busch Gardens at noon so gave my shift away
  2. I am tired
    1. well I'd say refer to point one and you know why
    2. haven't been sleeping good lately - can't fall asleep so forth
    3. my last day off was weeks ago and I haven't slept past 7am in a while
    4. just plain worn out
  3. I feel like I have no right to complain
    1. honestly most of my posts are ranting and raving about stuff going on in one of my jobs or private life. But ever since my friend found out she was dying I feel like I have no right to do so. I am relatively healthy - aside the PCOS thing that keeps me from getting pregnant, I have a loving husband and 4 furry little monsters that make me smile, I have jobs I love (well most of the time but you know how that is) and most of all I am not dying!
  4. I am not sure how to put down what I feel
    1. I had given my friend my blog URL so I felt like I shouldn't post about how hard it is on me to watch her die because I didn't want her to feel sorry for me.
    2. I was so scared that she would no make it through the weekend last week while I was in Houston - and then I hear when I call her that she was in the ER with a blood clot. Yesterday I called her and found out one of her lungs collapsed and they took fluid from her lungs and abdomen. When I asked her if I could come over she said NO! I didn't know how to feel about that. She never said no to be coming over before. I don't know if she was just exhausted or if she is mad at me.
    3. I am being selfish for wanting her to be here on earth while I know she'd be better off moving on.
so anyway I will try to be better and go back to my normal postings. Which reminds me the restaurant has this "dine with Miss Virginia" tonight so I am sure there is a story or two in that.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tagged - best food in the world

Alrighty so Jin insists I do this tag or she will no longer take sweetbox orders from me. Since I am addicted to her goodies I have no choice but to oblige. This tag was started by Nicole Tan. Once you do it be sure to email her so she can add you to the final list

So, here's the rules:
1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you.
Include the city/state and country you’re in.

(Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
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Olivia (London, England)
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jintrinsique (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)
Dino aka Katy (Newport News, Virginia, USA)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.

#1: Its Al Fresco Italian Restaurant and not only because I work there. Their food is amazing and there are lots of dished for me to eat that are not in a marinara or alfredo sauce. They make everything to order so dishes can be adapted to whatever your heart desires.

#2: The Monastery is a czech restaurant that is to die for. The food is a little pricey but well worth it. They make everything from scratch just the way you'd get it in the old world.

#3: Nawab Indian Restaurant. OMG their lunch buffet is simply divine. I don't like going for dinner because I get to only eat one thing.

#4: Das Waldcafe. This is the German Restaurant I used to work in and their food is really good. Its the Bavarian/southern German cuisine but still really really good.

#5: Thai Erwan - while I don't get to eat there as often as I'd like to (mainly because Grumpy is not big on Thai food) they still offer amazing veggie dishes. I just saw there is a Thai place opening near my office and I am planning on testing them throughly for lunch every day well maybe every other day.

3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Okay so if I have to do this so do you: Nicole, Angel, Gareth, Jonathan (do it on your current location) and Real.

*Updated link on those who have done the meme.* courtesy of Velverse
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Killer rants

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Sorry I have no pictures to show for my Houston trip - or interesting stories. I got to the hotel on Friday - I love the St. Regis Hotels they are like the old fashion luxury hotels not like the new ones that cut corners. When the driver dropped me off I was greeted at the door walked to the reception. After checking in they asked all my preferences and even looked up my member number for me. Then they walked me to the elevator. My room was gorgeous - big bed, desk, couch, coffee table, big bathroom with nice big tub ... The view sucked but thats not the hotels fault Houston is just not the best view city. They had the old fashion turn down service at night with mints on the pillow, music and all.

Dinner Friday night was boring all there was to eat for me was a sweet potato risotto (which was good) and caprese salad. The meeting was not as gross as anticipated the drug sounds like it will be great so I am a little excited - I'd be more excited if it wasn't for the fact that we will have to collect stool samples.

Since the meeting was on May 5 they had a cinco de mayo party planned for us. I did capture my sub investigator as she was trying out for the salsa lessons.

I do think there would have been more people trying to dance had the guy been cuter - I mean I am just saying. The food wasn't much to write home about - well not for me since I am no big fan of Tex-mex (I like Spanish but not Mexican weird ha?) They did have a Tequila tasting that was fun - Don Juan. Now I still prefer my Tequila in OJ and Grenadine and Vodka will still by my fav but it was fun to try the different ones.

Right now I am waiting for my flight.

I think part of the reason that I wasn't all that excited about the meeting was me being bummed for being out of town for our anniversary. Grumpy gave me my present prior to leaving. Isn't it preeeeetttyyyyyy. I am a bad wife I didn't get him anything - well I ordered the sweet box from Jin. Anyhow the plan for today is getting back around 3pm go check on my friend AJ and then have dinner with Grumpy.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

It came

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
scuse me while I am munching - my sweetbox came today will post more later have to eat now

thanks Jin - awesome surprise can't wait for Sunday to try it

Tuesday, May 01, 2007