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Thursday, January 04, 2007

to tired to post

I had the good intentions to post last night but I was just to beat.

I had to work upfront yesterday - play nurse. I hate doing that it sucks if I wanted to be a nurse I would have done so. GRRRR Not only do I dislike playing nurse it also puts me more behind than normal and I never get to eat my food.

Then when I finally got to eat my breakfast at 2pm my cell rings and my Scottish friend (the one that worked new years eve for me) asked if I could take her shift tonight because she was sick. Mhhh I didn't have any plans (which I was kind of looking forward to) but then she did take my new years eve shift and we are best friends - so okay I'll do it. So after I got out of the office - late as usual - I ran home got changed and left for the restaurant.

It looked like it was going to be dead. 3 reservations - 2 of them for Vinnie - and there were 2 other waiters besides me. But I am happy to announce that it got steady and my people had nice big checks so I am pretty sure I hit the 3 digits.

After a nice dinner - Bruschetta with our garlic bread, and Penne with Parmesan cream sauce, carrots and peas - sorry forgot my phone so no pictures (my last dinner since that's not on the south beach) I went and put my paychecks in the bank and dropped of some medication at one of my patients apartments.

It was 10ish when I got home and I just fell on the couch. I had been on my feet from 8am on everything was hurting. Grumpy kept trying to nudge me to take a bath so I'd be good to go to do homework but I opted of a massage on our presentI tell you this sziatzu massage cushion is worth every penny of the $99 it costs at Walgreen's. I felt so much better after 15 min I hoped upstairs to do homework and to check my emails. I was to pooped to post so sorry.

Today is shaping up nicely. I got an email from one of the AP's that stayed with me for a while and is now in San Fransisco. I had told her I had a meeting in LA next week and to see if we could catch up. So she emailed me last night that she'd love to come hang out for the weekend. I love staying in touch with the girls - since you tend to become friends over the time that they are here. I have so far successfully avoided being sucked into the nurses game and I am to be off tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed. I may make Palak Paneer for dinner since I am back on my diet and that I can eat just without the rice. I found a recipe for it some time ago it tells you how to make the Paneer too - its so easy. I will post the recipe and picture of the dinner if it turns out well.


angel said...

wow- that is spectacular! i'd love one of those!

Dino aka Katy said...

mhh I am sure they sell them in SA too

Real said...

The Paneer sounds good, you should make enough for everyone.

The massager sounds great also.

Library Mama said...

The Paneer does sound delicious. My Main Man and I went out for lunch this afternoon to a famous Indian buffet place in our town. It was incredible! Like you, I'm trying to watch my eating habits, so it took every ounce of my being to hold myself back from going up for seconds. I managed it, though, I'm proud to say.

Justmee said...

wow, Im exhausted just reading all of that. lol Hope your day was better and the Paneer turn out great.

Pss..Playing nurse isn't always a bad thing. ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I have one of those chairs, I don't like getting out of it.

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - yeah I am usually tempted to use it for more than the 30min that its recommended for.

Nicole said...

All this talk of food is making me so so hungry. Good times!

jin said...

Hey! Where'd my comment go!?
Damn blogger!
It said,
"I think I'll have to check out our Walgreens. That chair looks SOOOO nice!"

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - you should its so worth it.