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Saturday, January 27, 2007

some people ....

Alright so after my meeting was over this morning I hoped in the shuttle to the airport to get my car. I was still starving since breakfast was horrible. Once I got my rental (a cute dodge caliber) I headed on to Fort Myers. I was trying to decide where to stop when I saw a sign for Olive Garden. Yes I know its not the best but after 3 days of yucky food it sounded good. I do like their Bruschetta ( not as good as ours of course) and I love their Mushroom Ravioli. So I enjoyed my lunch, took my time had some cappuchino while reading my book (not that I was procrastinating getting to my mothers ...). the drive was uneventful and she picked me up from the airport after I dropped of the rental. I always drive her when I am here so she gave me the keys and off we went. It was about 5ish and I had suggested to hit a restaurant since my dinner would be paid for by the company. Well she wanted to go to her friends to play Domino. So we drove to the Island and then she gave me a bicycle to ride (Now mind you I had now time to change, eat or drink) in my flip flops!!! So we get to this "house" and everyone introduces themselves to me. This younger lady (about 40ish I'd say) introduces this kid to me. "THIS IS ... WE ADOPTED HER FROM RUSSIA" now mind you the girl is about 8 or nine. Cute as a button and I was kind of like okay??? I figured maybe she just got here and that's why they introduced her like that. So they teach me to play domino which was kind of fun. The kid was helping me which was cool I liked her but her mother kept telling her to leave and watch TV?!??!?!??!!? WTF why would you bring a kid to an adult game and not let her be there. We didn't mind. It was about 9pmish when I finally asked my mother if she planned on feeding me. There was no drinks or food at this game (1pm was the last time I had drank and ate something) and I just couldn't stand it any longer. I got some disgusting tea from that wired adoption lady and a piece of soso cake. So as we were done that lady kept talking about the kid and the adoption and stuff like that - with the kid right there! Now I just met this person and she keeps talking about the girl like a prized piece of jewelry. I just wanted to slam my hand on the table and ask her if she loved her daughter or just considered her an ornament. I mean you should have heard the way she talked ... and her husband just sat there. Turns out they had her since she was a baby and then she went on telling us that the interpreter said her mother was young and couldn't handle her, and they didn't know who the father was and in this derogatory tone I just wanted to smack her. The kid was there - listened to all of this and apparently not the first time. On the way home my mom asked me my impression and I told her - she agreed with my observation and noted that our host has the suspicion that while the kid is taken care of in the financial view she is not getting the love she deserves. It is obvious that her parents don't play with her she must have asked me ten times if I was going to be here tomorrow and if she could see me. Argggg I am going to have to bite my tounge around that lady big time tomorrow. (I made the pic blurry and B/W on purpose as I do not think they'd like her picture on here but you can still make out that she is a cutie and she was so well behaved.


Molecular Turtle said...

That's really unfortunate for the child. I really hate when people have children that they don't deserve. I hope you're able to hold your tongue.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The woman probably just wanted the latest fashion accessory - a third world child. I think there are folks that view adoption as a business - I understand they get money from the state for each child they take in. Sad how low some people will stoop!

jin said...

Oh, that must have been hard for you NOT to say anything!

Hope the rest of your stay goes better!

Keep us posted!

Dino aka Katy said...

Turtle - I was good and kept quiet (well I bitched to my mom)

Phos - yeah that's it. I am not sure if they where popular in 89 which is when she said they got her but still.

Jin - yeah my tongue had some bite marks