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Friday, July 28, 2006

Exotic Bombe

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If you peaked at the comments you saw that I have had two of these so far. They are soo good. This is one of the new desserts we had at the restaurant. It is Mango, Passion fruit and Rasberry sorbet enclosed by white chocolate. I got one on Friday and it was so good that when I left Saturday I had to ask for another one. I did share a little bit of the second one with Grumpy. Well he got most of the chocolate anyway.
The weekend was utterly uneventful. I worked at the restaurant and at Busch Gardens. Checked in with my English friend on the way home last night to get her some ginger ale as she was out of commission with food poisoning from icky chinese food. Speaking of chinese - I read in my German newspaper that they killed 50 000 dogs in China because of rabies. People were told to kill their dogs or have the police kill them. They were reimbursed 60 cents. Now there is no way that all these dogs had rabies, why did no one do anything about this????????????

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sooo exhausted

I could literally fall asleep right here and now, but I still got home work to do. This week has been hell. I had to work up front as a nurse yesterday and today so I did not get much of my stuff done. Yesterday I didn't even get to grab lunch. But at least my monitor (someone sent out by the pharma concern to check that the data we send of is what we collected) took Grumpy and I out for an early dinner to the German Restaurant. The food was yummy even when we were served by Doris who refuses to talk to me ever since I left there. at least she was courteous to my monitor and Grumpy. I had to rush out to go and do a exit interview with one of my families. I hate those I try to mediate but often things get said where there is no going back. I was crunching my teeth when the Au pair went on saying one of the reasons she had to leave was because she can not stand how the host mom was treating the kids. Needless to say there was no going back from there. So after that interview I had to run to the Barnes and Noble to meet with other au pairs for the second meeting of the month. Not to many of the girls showed so I actually made it home before dark. Grumpy was off so we got some R&R. Well I got some, I plopped down on the couch and enjoyed a nice foot/leg rub before I stumbled into bed. Since Grumpy was off he went to bed with me which really pissed the cats off who in turn decided to keep me up. So not much sleep. Today was another nightmare. Besides playing nurse I went on and had to try to find a family for the Au pair from the Exit interview and find someone to take her place in the family. I thought I got lucky and found someone for the AP but it fell through. So back to square one. I had to wait tables tonight and wouldn't you know it no busser. I figured this week was crap so I had to bus and water my own tables. I know its not a big deal but it was just annoying. I had hoped to get out early but that didn't happen either. I just got to get though tomorrow so I can sleep in and get some rest on Saturday since I just have to waitress then no office day and hopefully no au pair crisis’s. Sorry no pics today, maybe if the weekend brings some fun.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Visiting on base

Visiting on base
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I know I know the picture has been up for a while and I have not had a chance to do the post.

I went to the Little Creek school of Music last week to see my friends Maureen and Austin (pic above). When I was in Chicago earlier this month I had crashed at Maureens dads (my former host family). I had take some stuff with me from there to drop off on base. Since I am a civilian I have to wait for Maureen to meet me at the gate to get in. We had to head back to her quarters as they had to line up for cleaning duties. I was just going to head back home (I had given her her things) but they both pleaded for me to stay as they wanted to hang out. How could I resist. It is a great feeling to have them want to sepnd time with me. So I read my book while I waited - yes I always have a book in my purse. After they got done we stopped at the commisary (grocery store) to get some German stuff I have a hard time finding off base and then we had dinner at McDonalds. Maureen was still in the first Phase and was not allowed to leave the base so our choices for a restauarnt were severely limited. They were both pretty beat so I dropped them off near their rooms (Maureen is also not allowed to ride in a car while in phase 1) and headed home. I can't wait for her to be allowed off base so we can go and do stuff. Its so funny how life works - I was her au pair 9 years ago, who would have thought fate would drop her off in my back yard.

Monday, July 24, 2006

This weekend

This weekend
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So there hasn't been any food porn from me in a while so here it is.

The weekend was a nightmare. By Monday morning I had one au pair that wants to go home, one that I have to send home because she works on the side and one that wants to switch families. Gee when it rains it pours. Saturday I had to do a touch base interview with one of the families and ended up watching the host mom artificially inseminate one of their horses while she chatted with me ?!?!?!?!?
The night was pretty quiet at the restaurant I did not make much money but didn't have to work for it either. I was trying to leave early as I finally got in touch with “my” Marines and they wanted me to come down. However my tables sat until after ten so it was to late. I didn't get out till past midnight as I was chatting with the girls.

Sunday sucked. I was dead tired and had to be at Busch Gardens early. It was so slow I was so bored that I started cleaning behind the registers and organized the snowman ornaments by names. I did get a fresh Funnel cake with strawberries and whip cream. I had gone up to Busch Saturday to buy 2 discount tickets for one of my au pairs who had friends coming in. Well I took a survey while I was up there and got 2 comp tickets - which since I get in for free I gave them those tickets. So in return I told them jokingly I expected a funnel cake when they come up on Sunday. I had to share it with everyone in the shop as it was way too much for me. But it was good!!!!!.

After work I headed home and was so tired I could not concentrate on my homework. I asked Grumpy to get some Chinese (he had to go to 3 places as the first two where closed) and then decided to take the 20% grade deduction for not turning in my paper by midnight - but go on to bed. I figured the paper would have been no good had I written it last night so I rather do it tonight when I am a bit more awake. The Chinese was good we hadn’t tired that place – my bean curd was awesome. I had the rest for lunch. But breakfast was even better. Grumpy worked until 6 am so he stopped at Panera and got me a chocolate chip bagel. I love those but the bagel places here will only make it for February.

Friday, July 21, 2006

mhh now what

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Here is a picture of Cleo and I. This is how she likes to be cuddled up on the couch with me while I do homework.
Today started very abruptly. When I came downstairs I saw my laptop was on and displayed the post I wrote last night (I had shut it down before going to bed). I could see there were two comments one from Jin and the other from Very Grumpy. I did not take a lot of guessing to figure how who that was - the comment said we need to talk. So I figured I may as well deal with it now and went back upstairs to talk to Grumpy. He was pretty upset and said he had not slept all night on account of it. I do have to say I knew he would not be thrilled about the post but then I did not think he'd read the blog. I tried to explain that I use that blog as a diary and that post was about stuff from years ago. We talked for a while and I pointed out some things he misunderstood. He was also worried about people he knows reading it so I went ahead and took down the link so now only the people I give the link too can see the site. I did ask him why he cared what other people thought about it, as I usually don't do things based on what people would think. Its funny I have no problems talking about my past but Grumpy wont talk about his. I brought that up this morning - he said I knew about the major aspects of his life - but to me its the little things that you experienced that shape the person you are. I am still surprised he acted so insecure. I asked him about that too. Well I guess with the phone call last night he got a bid worried (Someone called the house and them my cell at 1:30am, the number showed up blocked and they hung up on him. I have no idea who if could have been as there are not many people that have both numbers and none I could think about that will call that late and then hang up on him).
Anyhow he called me later and was in a much better mood and when he came home tonight he said he could have handled it better. I think I'll wait on posting the next chapter for a while until I figure things out. I did tell Grumpy that I would write about our conversation this morning and he had no problem with that. I guess he doesn't mind me writing as long as it is about him :).

So I took a quick break from writing this post to grab dinner when my cell rang. It was one of my hostfamilies letting me know that their au pair is working on the side. I was like WTF? Now that au pair asked me if she could work on the side and I told her no. The family told her no she could not work and she is still doing it. The cooperate office is closed for the weekend so I wont be able to talk to them until Monday but her chances to stay are slim to none. I can't believe she was that stupid and to work in a restaurant where she can be seen. So next week should be fun as I will have to send her home (most likely) and then find a replacement.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Misty and Mac

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Here is an old picture of Mac and Misty. Notice who is in charge!!!
Today was a pretty laid back. It was our nurses last day - yeah. I went out for lunch with my Monitor and after work it was back home. I did chat with Jin a bit as I got an email from the Mom of a Marine who's birthday is next week and she wanted to send him a cake. So hopefully Jin can hook her up and make his day. I spend most part of the night writing the next post on my other blog. So now I have to finish some homework and then its bed time.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Katy's Inbox

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Well as you can tell by the picture, I had to implement a Inbox at work. I am extremely overworked as we are short staffed and I am the only full time coordinator in our office. Needless to say my desk is usually a mess so are the other 2 that I spread out on. Well if I put stuff on my desk I have looked at it and know it is there, however other people insist on putting stuff on it as well. Well those things tend to get lost and since I did not see them I don't know to look for them until I find them by accident. Hence the INBOX. This way everyone can put the crap they think is for me (unfortunately usually it is) in that box and I only have to dig through one place versus 3 desks!. We'll see how it works today is the first day that I am using this system.
The rest of the day was utterly uneventful. Grumpy and I were supposed to go to the Marine Base to see my favorite Marines but that got moved to the weekend. So after dinner we just hung out and watched TV. It was nice we actually got to be in the same room for more than an hour. One of my host families said they were having something delivered to the house and I had to be there for it so we didn't go out, but there was no delivery either. Oh today (by now its Thursday) is stupid nurses last day. I am totally psyched. Well not true I am pissed that her good by lunch which was supposed to be coming from the Panera Bread Company is now from Chick filet. I am pissed not because I do not eat at that place but no one told me it changed so I did not bring breakfast or lunch thinking I'd have a big lunch from Panerea (they have the best Forrest Mushroom soup in a bread bowl). So now I am stuck - I think I have a frozen Bagel in the freezer somewhere.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I want a pool

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So I think I will fill my bathtub with cold water and pretend it is a pool. Damn it is hot.
The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Grumpy got me in trouble at my meeting. He was feeling frisky and sent me a text message that was meant to make me squirm but made me laugh. I got back yesterday afternoon and after picking up some german food (dumplings, spaetzle, brussel sprouts and gravy) I went home. Grumpy greeted me very happily (I had been gone since Wednesday morning). The pups and kitties were just as excited. After some "extra curricula activities" I started on my homework. I had to do a simulation about health care operation management and then write a paper about it. It was getting late and I just wanted to be done so I just typed away. I was finished about 1am and started to close some of the word docs I did not need anymore when I inadvertently closed my paper without saving it. I could have screamed, I was so mad at myself. The paper was due at midnight, so I had to do it all over again. By the time I got to bed it was after 3pm. Grumpy woke me a little after 7 am but had a hard time to get me and Cleo out of bed. You can imagine I am just a bit sleepy, I just got back from Starbucks with my Venti Double Chocolate Chip frappuchino with 3 shots of esspresso. The picture showes my car thermometer today. It was 150F when I got in. The car was parked in the shade with the windows open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous we should be given off due to the heat. I remember growing up (no A/C anywhere in Germany) We'd get to go home at 9 or10 am when it got into the 90's. We'd go home grab our pool bag and head to the big pool (there was only one outdoor pool for my town). We'd hang all day in the pool and and then walk home after closing. Those where the good times, I miss being a kid but more than that I miss being home.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here it is ...

Okay so I lied, it took me until today to post about my visit to the Midwest. What you guys did not know is that I have been sick since Tuesday and with that I have been very fatigued. I also just spend an hour trying to upload photos but the blogger wont let me, so I will link them. I even downloaded 3 other browsers but they would not even connect to the wireless network of the hotel. So please excuse the delay. I know you all are waiting anxiously for this post, and because there are more people than usually reading my blog I will tell you about my whole trip. So this is going to be a long post and I know you will read all of it and not just scroll to the part about Jin :-).

I flew out to Chicago on Wednesday morning catching an 5:45am flight (damn that was early). I had not slept much the night before and was feeling pretty icky. I tried to sleep on the plane but a young boy behind me decided to use my seat for Karate practice and his baby sister insisted on high pitch screams as form of communication. My former Host father, Jeff, came and picked me up from the airport. He had said to drop him of at the office and then I could use the car.
I headed out to Crystal Lake and met up with my former Host mom Joanne and my friends from Switzerland for brunch. Well they ate I picked on mine. It was great to see Evelyn and Michel. Erin the youngest of Jeff and Joanne’s children joined us as well. Erin and I always had a special bond since it was her I spend most of my time with when I was the families Au pair. I taught her to ice skate, roller blade and swimming and we did lots of other fun stuff like playing dress up, games and watch Free Willy about a hundred times.
After brunch we headed to Joanne’s house getting a package ready to mail to Evelyn’s dad in Brazil. We took it to the post office and it took forever!!!!!! Afterwards we could not decide on what to do as they had to be back at the house by 5 to go to the baseball game (this was the reason the BBQ was canceled - to see a minor league). We settled on going to Coldstone Creamery. While I was paying for our ice cream the guy was asking me what language we spoke. I told him technically we needed three languages to order. Michel only speaks French so him and Evelyn speak that to one another, Evelyn and I would speak German to one another and we would speak English to Erin. Can you guess the guys response? While we were sitting outside enjoying our ice cream some guy walked up and asked if we had just graduate high school and were going to college ??!?!??!?!? We laughed and Erin told him she just graduated middle school while I was in college and Evelyn and Michel were not. He went on asking if we could do his survey as he thought we were under 24. We told him our data would not be good as were are older (three of us) than 24 and we were from outside the US. To bad he was totally cute.
After I dropped these guys off at Joanne’s house I headed to Jeff’s place where I was going to crash (in my old room) and I was greeted happily by Bailey and Baby the two border collies the would not leave my site. (They even managed to squeeze in the twin bed with me). After a bit of rest we headed out for dinner. Originally we were going to have a BBQ at Jeff’s parents with Evelyn, Michel, Erin and her brother Mitch and Jeff. However when Erin asked her mom if she could go she found out about the plans for the baseball game. So the rest of us just went to get some pizza at Nicks. We had a nice dinner here is a photo of Jeff and his dad. During dinner I got a call from Evelyn, I had asked her to let me know if she was going with us to Jin or if I was going to drop them off at Six Flags. I was surprised to hear that they were back already - it turned out they never made it to the game, they had been unable to find the field.

The next morning Mitch drove me to the rental station to get my car as I did not want to put the 400+ miles on Jeff’s van. I went to get Evelyn, Michel and Erin and off we were. I had printed out instructions to Jin’s shop and I knew I had to pass Six flags on the way up there. So we hit the road following the instruction (instead of me going the way I knew to go to six flags). So its been like an hour and we are in Wisconsin and no sign of Six Flags or Gurnee. So I pull over to get directions and it turns out we had taken a 50 mile detour and instead of getting to Six flags by noon it was after 1pm.
I called Jin to let her know we'd be late and she said that was fine as she was late getting the quiche in the oven. It seemed to take forever to get to Jin’s and we ended up having to stop to get something to eat before we got there. It was a little after 3pm that we finally got of the interstate in Manitowoc from there it is just a few more miles.
We pulled up in front of the shop, which I was surprised o find in a house within a residential area. Somehow I'd imagine it being in downtown between stores somewhere. Upon entering we were greeted by Jin (with a hug) and David. Brioche hear us coming in so we asked to meet her too. After meeting Jin’s mom and later her dad we got right to the important part of the visit - FOOD. Jin told us we could start with whatever we wanted but being a good role model to Erin - I said lets start with the quiche and then we had dessert. We all took our seats and Brioche did as well and enjoyed lunch. Brioche had her quiche cut up and ate it as a proper lady would do. She was so cute, Erin took pics and even made a video but I have not been able to get these. Anyhow after quiche we moved on to dessert - now remember I wasn't feeling well so I could not try as many as I wanted but I did my best. I LOVED them all (you saw the photos on Jin’s post) but my absolute (I will fight you till death for it) favorite was the White Chocolate Strawberry Mouse Cake. I could not help myself I just kept picking away on it.
Since we had gotten there so late and had to be back at Six Flags at 8pm our time was to leave was quickly coming. Of course not before me licking the spatchula and posing for a few more pictures so you can see this was REAL. (Did I mention I hate having my pic taken - so you better be greatfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) For those of you not trusting the pictures- no they have not been airbrushed. Jin is truly that beautiful, David truly that handsome and Brioche soooo cute. She is very well trained to and knows the price of Mommys pastries as she went over and took it out of my purse. She wasn’t about to let us have any freebees. She is very clever for example she was chewing on the cloth wrapped around this tree. Jin gave her a chew toy to play with instead - and what does the pup do? She wrapped the toy in the cloth and continues to chew on it until Jin goes and put some peppermint oil on it. After saying goodbye to what felt like old friends we headed back to Illinois.
No Traffic and no detours so we ended up getting to Six Flags 30 min early. We called Evelyn and Michel as they were standing inline for the Superman ride. We ended up waiting for an hour and Erin was being tortured as she really wanted to go on that ride and we parked right in front of it. By the time we got home all of us were ready for bed. Erin had hoped to go to a late show for Superman returns but even she was to tired.

Friday Erin and I went to an early show of Superman. I tell you what I'll step on his toes for a flight any day, man he is HOTTTTTTTTTT. I caught the train in the city in the afternoon to go my meeting. Dinner last night was awesome, I could not believe all the vegetarian choices - and I do not mean salad. I did not take pics as I am sure my colleagues would have found that strange.

Today is all day meetings (actually wrote this in the meeting - please don't tell anyone) I am still debating about what I am doing tonight- besides typing up these 15 pages and homework. I guess since I am here alone I'll get room service and watch some TV. Today is the first day that I am feeling better so maybe I'll venture out of my room and roam the streets of Chicago.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Visiting Jin

Visiting Jin
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Lady Macbeth

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Sorry for the dark pic, this is my baby Lady Macbeth (Mac). She is a fawn colored Great Dane that stands a head taller than me when her paws are on my shoulder - I am 5"7' (1,72m). She is the coolest dog ever, very laid back and loving. Here she is watching TV with Grumpy and I last night. She loves just to put her head on your shoulders and lean on you. We have a beach not far from us and took her there last year for July 4. She was the beach attraction every kid, adult and beach police officer came over to play with her. Much to my dismay because I was trying to read my book. She is a lot like Scooby Doo and we often laugh so hard when she does goofy stuff.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I want one

A jetski that is. I love those well I love motorcycles and these are motorcycles for the water. The ones today even sort of looked like motorcyles with speedometer and even a GPS how cool was that.

So as I mentioned before I went to the beach today. I had to hold one of those safety meetings and to make it more fun we went Jetskiing. I had a blast, I went out driving the jetski, played beach volleyball and then got on the back with the guy that onws the jetski. He tried really hard to throw me off but I held on for dear life and did not get wet. Yey me!!!

Above are the girls before I had to do my boring speech. They were ready for the water.

Sorry crappy picture. The girls are supposed to send me their pics which I hope turned out better.

Grumpy was able to come and join us after he got of work. Here is one of the rare pics of us together.
And this is me after the beach. I was pooped. Cleo decided to join me on the couch for a nap. Even with all the sunscreen, a hat and my tshirt on I still got sunburned. So I am going to go and put tons of Aloe on me. Just in case anyone wondered, no I have not heard from anyone in regards to my trip next week. So right I am just going to do what I want which will include cake!!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Road rage

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Pictured above is my scotish friend and her husband. We were to meet to go to our favorite Indian restaurant for lunch. When they turned into the shopping center they noticed a car following very close and then that car ended up cutting them off while they were in the parking lot. The guy ended up getting out of the car trying to provoke my friends husband. She called the cops while this was going on. They guy ended up leaving and it took the cops 45 minutes to show up. Its a good thing they weren't in any danger!!!!!!!! The cop said they had the guy at the station and he did not want to press charges. I was like ha??? why would he press charges. Anyhow they said they'd have a long discussion with him and let him go unless they wanted to press charges. We still couldn't figure out how he got to the station. My friend had given the dispatcher his license plate number, so he may have been brought in the station. He told the cops he was from out of town so I find it hard to believe that he knew where there was a police station.

Well sorry for the boring pics and post. I scarfed down my food at the indian restaurant so no food porn today. I do love their lunch buffet. I haven't been there in a while so it was even better. Tomorrows post should be better. The au pairs and I go jetskiing and kayaking.

Friday, July 07, 2006

So annoyed

So I have a meeting in Chicago next week and it just so happens that my friend Evelyn (we met as au pairs and when things did not work out with her family my family took her in after I left) from Switzerland is there too. So I am super excited about seeing her and meeting her new beau. Evelyn is staying with our former host mom and I am supposed to crash at our former host dads place. So the dads parents where planing this BBQ for us with the kids on Wednesday. That way we'd get to see everyone and have a good time. The hostmom wasn't going to be there because the divorce was nasty and they don't get along. Today I get an email from the grandparents saying Evelyn canceled because the host mom had other plans. Of course I had no clue and I have been calling all the numbers in the book to find Evelyn so I can find out what the deal is. I mean we could do the BBQ on Thursday but then I need to change my rental car reservation and my trip to see Jin. I mean thats not biggy it would just be nice to find out what the hell is going on!!!! And then I find out that the host mom wasn't sending the youngest kid to summer camp but instead told her she could spend a week with me. Now mind you I had never heard of any of this, I'd love to have her here but it would be nice to know about it. So this should be a fun few days. I better get a hold of someone soon or they can just KMA and I will do as I damn well please (that would be sampling all of Jins baking).


Okay so today is the first day that it is not raining. I have to say I have been very lazy the last few days. I was off Wednesday and Thursday night from the Restaurant and with not having school this week I just hung out at home, tormenting the pups and kitties. I didn't even do much cooking. Grumpy had to work both nights (go figure, why would we want to be off at the same time right?) so I enjoyed peace and quiet. My moms greencard came Monday, that was pretty quick I guess they could not deny that we were related (hihi). For those of you that checked out myspace and saw the picture of my favorite twins here is the newest. The little lady has been saying Mama for 2 weeks now much to the dismay of daddy. Now you have to admit they are just too cute. They will be one year old next month.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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I am so depressed. 2 minutes to go until Penalty shots and Italy scored. To make matters worse they scored twice within as many minutes. We were so close we could have beat Italy in Penalty shots. This just sucks.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Housewarming, school and work

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Saturday Grumpy and I both took off work so we could attend the housewarming party of one of my associates. She inherited this old house from her grandma and had it completely renovated. It looks amazing inside. Grumpy and I were supposed to have lunch with friends that day but they never called (turned out later the plane was 6h delayed) so when we got to the party I was starving. The only thing there for me to eat however was chocolate covered strawberries. So we stayed a respectable amount of time and then headed to the Restaurant where I got to eat my favorite Pasta and I got to rub in Brazils loss to the cook (hihi I know I am evil). We were going to go and catch a movie but ended up being to tired so we just went home.

It looked like I was going to be off from the park on Sunday. I had not been scheduled and I had not been called in as of Saturday. When I stumbled out of bed Sunday at around one a clock I went to check my cell and found a call from the park asking me to come in. The call was from 9 o'clock and I was hoping they did not need me anymore so I called them back. Well needless to say I ended up working in that heat. I have to say I do not like working on holiday weekends especially when it is hot. Most of the guests are really crabby and tend to take it out on us cast members.

Monday was my last day of school for my current class. I am glad this one is over and now I have a mini break till next week. The teacher in this class was not one of my favorites. Hopefully the next one will be better. Last night at the restaurant was great. I guess aside from the chains we were the only ones open because we were busy. I had no great tips but all good ones and my tables were all nice. The cooks had made bruschetta as appetizer mhh yummy it was so good.

Well let me go and fix something to eat and then I got to get ready for the Germany vs Italy game. I hope the Germans are prepared especially since one of their guys is not allowed to play. I may even start working on the other blog.