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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new years eve pic

just a quick post a lady at the bar emailed me the picture she took of us new years eve. I am not crazy about it and my mom wasn't very nice in her comments in regard to the photo. Anyhow I am working on my list for the memorable events of 2006 should be done sometime this week. Since the rest of the month is going to be hectic with 2 trips.

Grumpy and I went to the melting pot today for happy hour/dinner. I love their dark chocolate fondue and get it with a fruit plate vs the brownies and cheescake. Then we headed to Costco to get all the rest of the stuff we need to restart our diet. So wish us luck.

I spent the rest of the night checking out places to spend xmas in Germany next year in the Oremountains to be exact. It turns out its cheaper than we thougth yeahhhh now we just got to save for the plane ticket, rental car and other stuff. We just need the hotel for 3 nights while in the mountains the rest of the 2 weeks we'll be at my moms. I can't wait.


jin said...

You look HAPPY Katy! What could your Mother have said about it!?

Good luck w/ your diets again!

Lesley said...

I think that is a great picture! How fun!!! Real and I talked about getting a good picture of ourselves this weekend but of course we both forgot, so I'm jealous that you and Grumpy have such a nice one! :)

I restarted my diet today, too. So far, so good, but it's only been breakfast so far. Lunch will be the real challenge!

Nicole said...

You look fabulous! Pay no attention to your mother, they're useless for stuff like this.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - thanks but I do not like it either. Mhh diet just screwed it up. Now its back to restart.

Lesley - thanks. Good luck with the diet.

Nicole - thanks but I do agree with her

Beth said...

I love that picture! you look like you're having a great time!

And don't even SPeak about diets...ugh. I hate that word.

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - we did have a great time. I am no fan of diets either but I have noticed that the south beach helps me with my poly cystic ovary syndrome. I am going to monitor my sugars this month while on the diet to see if it shows there too.

Dan said...

What's wrong with the picture? Gosh, moms can be real pains in the asses sometimes can't they? :)

Dino aka Katy said...

dan - where to start. I am pretty critical of photos of me and I don't like it either