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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cute as a button

So I went into this box that is labeled "loose photos" looking for my a picture for the Pageant and I found so many pictures I had forgotten about. I can't believe how cute I was. So here are the ones I liked the best.

Trying to evade the camera!

look at me helping out in the yard. My mom was convinced I was a boy so she never even had a name for me!!!!! She never considered the option of me being a girl. You'd think as a OBGYN she'd known there were no guarantees back then, its not like they had DNA tests.
As you can see she still dressed me as a boy and I always had short hair and was mistaken as a boy quiet often which pissed me off. Mhh looking at these pictures now I can see how they could have thought that.

I miss snow. There is no snow in Virgina
Okay so in this one I actually look like a girl. You have to admit cute as a button!

Yes that's me inside the bear cage. My mom was well known in the community and i grew up playing and feeding the bear cubs at the local zoo. They didn't used to have the enclose until after my "attack" See one day I went where the bear cubs where. It was warm and I was wearing my lederhosen. One of the cubs came up behind me wanting to play and put his paws on my butt. Well he slipped and his claws left marks on my naked legs. For the rest of the day people were talking about how a bear attacked a kid. Which wasn't true and he did not get me bad just enough to draw blood but no scars. Anyhow since then all the cubs had to be in the enclose and I had to feed them through the fence.

My mom and I. I have to give her credit she was awesome. She worked hard but when she was home she was home no matter what. She made sure we got out, read books (BTW her punishment for me when I was older, was to take my books away and make me go outside) and had a full childhood. We have our differences nowadays but she gave me the best thing a parent can give a child, a warm, safe and fun filled place to learn and play and the chance to develop into a confident, independent women.

hey look I am wearing a skirt.

well I am a wild child and this must have been where I developed my liking for sour apple snaps and apfel korn.The twins!!! They were there when I got drunk for the first time. It was actually their fault. They switched the adult punch out with the kids punch. We watched Planet of the Apes and I had hallucinations for the rest of the night. My mom thought it was funny. The picture above may actually be from that night since I was 6 at the time.

here are my Mom and I goofing off outside. We would go out to the lake every weekend I loved it there.

check it out we always had some type of small pet.
my 16th birthday. God I can't believe how skinny I was.

My first time in the US. This was taken a month after my 16th birthday. My mom, sister and best friend came along with some German athletes to NYC for the marathon. My mom and sister went on to Florida and my friend and I stayed in NYC for a couple of days before heading back to Germany since it was in the middle of the semester.

I was 20 in this picture. This is at the hotel in Austria where I worked after my year here as an au pair. Can you believe that I thought I was fat????


jin said...

My 2 faves:
the one with the bird on your head
the one with the bottle o' booze!!!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Makes me miss Germany. I only visited for a couple of years and I miss it. Those pictures are priceless, thanks for sharing...

Coaster Punchman said...

These are great, Katy. I'm not sure I remember correctly - were you from East Germany?

lulu said...

no fair being so damn cute!

Tanya Espanya said...

So sweet. I like that one of you IN the cage, and I love that striped sweater in the last picture.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The lederhosen, determined look and military drum - you like you are ready to storm across the border and kick some French ass...

Cherrie said...

Everyone likes baby/little kid pictures. But the one with the sled is my favorite! We don't have sleds like that here.

And, believe me, it DOES snow in Virginia . . . not often, but when it comes it can be a LOT of snow. Just watch . . .

Cherry! said...

Are you wearing lederhosen?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Everyone should wear lederhosen!! Happy late Oktoberfest!!

Katy said...

Jin - my favorite is the one with the head and coat and bell button jeans

Phos - I miss it everyday

CP - I am from Zwickau a small town on the foot of the ore mountains near the Czech border in the state of Saxony.

Lulu - *blush* ahmm thanks

Tanya - The girl in the striped sweater worked with me in the Hotel. Its been to long I can remember her name

Phos - the french are a bit of a walk for me so I settled for the Bavarians.

Cherrie - I loved that sled. My mom would bundle me up and off we went. I have not seen real snow down here. I am sure there are some parts in VA where it does snow just not down here.

Cherry - Yes I am. And I looked fabulous in them too!!!!!

Phos - I agree and same back to you. (I have never actually been to one. Its a Baverian thing. We dont need a reason for a beer tent where I am from)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I spent time in Oberammergau, beautiful area, I just loved it!! I was station in the Rhineland-Pfaltz and I hate to say this but my German comerades all told Bavarian jokes...

Katy said...

Phos - Most of Germany hates Bavaria and visa versa. Everyone outside of Germany thinks of Bavaria when they think of Germany but the rest of the country doesn't look anything like it. I guess its the same as most europeans thinking that all americans chew tobacco and wear cowboy hats, boots and jeans

The Phosgene Kid said...

The rhine is pretty and I loved the hundsruck. I never made it to Bremen, though I passed through COlogne on my way to Maastricht.

angel said...

you were absolutely adorable! it seems to me only the cutest babies have an identity crisis... as a baby damien was always mistaken for a girl no matter what i dressed him in!
what a cool post- i hope one day damien will be able to speak of me the same way you do about your mother!

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - you need to check out my side of Germany!!!!!

Angel - thanks and I am sure Daiman will say the same about you and better