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Friday, July 28, 2006

Exotic Bombe

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If you peaked at the comments you saw that I have had two of these so far. They are soo good. This is one of the new desserts we had at the restaurant. It is Mango, Passion fruit and Rasberry sorbet enclosed by white chocolate. I got one on Friday and it was so good that when I left Saturday I had to ask for another one. I did share a little bit of the second one with Grumpy. Well he got most of the chocolate anyway.
The weekend was utterly uneventful. I worked at the restaurant and at Busch Gardens. Checked in with my English friend on the way home last night to get her some ginger ale as she was out of commission with food poisoning from icky chinese food. Speaking of chinese - I read in my German newspaper that they killed 50 000 dogs in China because of rabies. People were told to kill their dogs or have the police kill them. They were reimbursed 60 cents. Now there is no way that all these dogs had rabies, why did no one do anything about this????????????


jin said...

So, I HAD to come back & look at this pic again.
This is TOTALLY my kind of dessert!

Ok, you have managed to make ME drool. :-P

Katy said...

I actually had another one today. We were slow and I had the patio section. Well noone sat there so I got to go home at 7pm. Well the kitchen was busy so I asked the owner if I could just take one of those instead of getting dinner. I gave Grumpy a taste and most of the chocolate.

jin said...

You TEASE!!!!!


Ok, so I know how it feels! LOL!!!

jin said...

That's awful about the dogs!??! I hadn't read that.
:-( :-( :-(

DAMN glad I don't live in China!!!

Cherry! said...

Because they are fucked in the head is why no one did anything about it. Fucking losers! I swear.

Anyway, that food porn had me stumped there for a minute. I didn't know if it was like a flower, an egg dish or WTF it was. I saw what it was when I read the description. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

Katy said...

Jin - I am glad too. I could not imagine having to kill my babies

Cherry - well said! Sorry to confuse you with the dessert. I can not tell you how yummy it was. Oh man