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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Housewarming, school and work

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Saturday Grumpy and I both took off work so we could attend the housewarming party of one of my associates. She inherited this old house from her grandma and had it completely renovated. It looks amazing inside. Grumpy and I were supposed to have lunch with friends that day but they never called (turned out later the plane was 6h delayed) so when we got to the party I was starving. The only thing there for me to eat however was chocolate covered strawberries. So we stayed a respectable amount of time and then headed to the Restaurant where I got to eat my favorite Pasta and I got to rub in Brazils loss to the cook (hihi I know I am evil). We were going to go and catch a movie but ended up being to tired so we just went home.

It looked like I was going to be off from the park on Sunday. I had not been scheduled and I had not been called in as of Saturday. When I stumbled out of bed Sunday at around one a clock I went to check my cell and found a call from the park asking me to come in. The call was from 9 o'clock and I was hoping they did not need me anymore so I called them back. Well needless to say I ended up working in that heat. I have to say I do not like working on holiday weekends especially when it is hot. Most of the guests are really crabby and tend to take it out on us cast members.

Monday was my last day of school for my current class. I am glad this one is over and now I have a mini break till next week. The teacher in this class was not one of my favorites. Hopefully the next one will be better. Last night at the restaurant was great. I guess aside from the chains we were the only ones open because we were busy. I had no great tips but all good ones and my tables were all nice. The cooks had made bruschetta as appetizer mhh yummy it was so good.

Well let me go and fix something to eat and then I got to get ready for the Germany vs Italy game. I hope the Germans are prepared especially since one of their guys is not allowed to play. I may even start working on the other blog.


Cherry! said...

What is this a pic of Katy?

jin said...

katy, where are you????

Katy said...

Cherry - this is the house of my friend that we went to for the housewarming

Jin - sorry I was busy working. I worked last night too and was to tired to post

Cherry! said...

When I put that comment there, there was no writing!! hahaha.

Go Italia!!!
We're going to watch it on the big screen in the piazza. Soak up the atmosphere and run for cover if the Italians lose!! hahaha!!

Katy said...

Cherry - I know I just edited it and put the text there. I am so jealous. I would love to be in europe/germany and party somewhere while watching the game.

Polyman2 said...

cool house.

Katy said...

Poly - yeah the inside was cool too. I am supposed to go back when the pool is done so I'll make sure to get some pics of that.