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Friday, July 21, 2006

mhh now what

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Here is a picture of Cleo and I. This is how she likes to be cuddled up on the couch with me while I do homework.
Today started very abruptly. When I came downstairs I saw my laptop was on and displayed the post I wrote last night (I had shut it down before going to bed). I could see there were two comments one from Jin and the other from Very Grumpy. I did not take a lot of guessing to figure how who that was - the comment said we need to talk. So I figured I may as well deal with it now and went back upstairs to talk to Grumpy. He was pretty upset and said he had not slept all night on account of it. I do have to say I knew he would not be thrilled about the post but then I did not think he'd read the blog. I tried to explain that I use that blog as a diary and that post was about stuff from years ago. We talked for a while and I pointed out some things he misunderstood. He was also worried about people he knows reading it so I went ahead and took down the link so now only the people I give the link too can see the site. I did ask him why he cared what other people thought about it, as I usually don't do things based on what people would think. Its funny I have no problems talking about my past but Grumpy wont talk about his. I brought that up this morning - he said I knew about the major aspects of his life - but to me its the little things that you experienced that shape the person you are. I am still surprised he acted so insecure. I asked him about that too. Well I guess with the phone call last night he got a bid worried (Someone called the house and them my cell at 1:30am, the number showed up blocked and they hung up on him. I have no idea who if could have been as there are not many people that have both numbers and none I could think about that will call that late and then hang up on him).
Anyhow he called me later and was in a much better mood and when he came home tonight he said he could have handled it better. I think I'll wait on posting the next chapter for a while until I figure things out. I did tell Grumpy that I would write about our conversation this morning and he had no problem with that. I guess he doesn't mind me writing as long as it is about him :).

So I took a quick break from writing this post to grab dinner when my cell rang. It was one of my hostfamilies letting me know that their au pair is working on the side. I was like WTF? Now that au pair asked me if she could work on the side and I told her no. The family told her no she could not work and she is still doing it. The cooperate office is closed for the weekend so I wont be able to talk to them until Monday but her chances to stay are slim to none. I can't believe she was that stupid and to work in a restaurant where she can be seen. So next week should be fun as I will have to send her home (most likely) and then find a replacement.


jin said...

Cute Cleo! :-)

Tell Grumpy us girls feel better after typing lots of stupid stuff that's still rattling around in the back of our heads.
Makes us let go of the past I think, to get rid of it on paper/blogs/diary/etc.
(For me anyway!) lol.

Do you normally have so many problems with the au pairs? First there was the 'leaving the scene of the crime' this!??!

Katy said...

I did tell him that - it helps me deal with stuff. The daily stiff as well as older things. I told him that with me writing it down he does not have to listen to it - I pointed out to him that he doesn't like to listen to it but he'll read it - he said he skipps those parts :).

The issues with the AP's vary, some months there are none and others well there are more.