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Friday, July 07, 2006

So annoyed

So I have a meeting in Chicago next week and it just so happens that my friend Evelyn (we met as au pairs and when things did not work out with her family my family took her in after I left) from Switzerland is there too. So I am super excited about seeing her and meeting her new beau. Evelyn is staying with our former host mom and I am supposed to crash at our former host dads place. So the dads parents where planing this BBQ for us with the kids on Wednesday. That way we'd get to see everyone and have a good time. The hostmom wasn't going to be there because the divorce was nasty and they don't get along. Today I get an email from the grandparents saying Evelyn canceled because the host mom had other plans. Of course I had no clue and I have been calling all the numbers in the book to find Evelyn so I can find out what the deal is. I mean we could do the BBQ on Thursday but then I need to change my rental car reservation and my trip to see Jin. I mean thats not biggy it would just be nice to find out what the hell is going on!!!! And then I find out that the host mom wasn't sending the youngest kid to summer camp but instead told her she could spend a week with me. Now mind you I had never heard of any of this, I'd love to have her here but it would be nice to know about it. So this should be a fun few days. I better get a hold of someone soon or they can just KMA and I will do as I damn well please (that would be sampling all of Jins baking).


jin said...

Oh, no! What a mess! Looks like you've been caught up in it too!
Well, I couldn't help but giggle at how you told the story...especially the last line! :-)
Good luck sorting it out, & don't worry, I'm here any day that week.

Cherry! said...

Oh I cannot stand not knowing what's going on.

And I also cannot stand the fact that you're going to meet EWD British Delegate & Food Porn Goddess.

I may move to the USA just to be able to meet you all!!! hahahaha. Actually I don't know why I'm laughing. I might.....I'm getting sick of Italy.

Jewels said...

Don't you just love when Peeps take your life over?!? So not fair! Hopefuly it'll all get figured out soon.
Oh, and ve sure to take TONS if pictires on your visit to Jin's!

Jewels said...

K! This is what I get for typing w/one hand, LOL!
BE sure to take lots OF PICTURES (not pictires)

Katy said...

Jin - it is just agravating I am pretty sure the host mom is doing it because of the BBQ so that we can't go, now she wont let the youngest one go to it.

Cherry - uh it be so fun to meet you. If you do move here we should have a weekend somewhere for all of us

Jewels - I don't like when people decide stuff for me. It was the same thing last year. She had told the oldest kid that if I went to OZZ fest with her she could go, only no one ever told me. But since she is stationed near me this year we are going to OZZ fest!!!. Hope your hand gets better soon. Yes I plan on taking pics at Jins especially of all the yummy things I get to sample

Cherry! said...

OMG!! That would be fabulous!!!! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!


Katy said...

yeah we have enough beaches or we could always do Vegas

Cherry! said...

Ooooh! Vegas!!

Katy said...

Just tell me when and where!!!!!