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Monday, July 24, 2006

This weekend

This weekend
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So there hasn't been any food porn from me in a while so here it is.

The weekend was a nightmare. By Monday morning I had one au pair that wants to go home, one that I have to send home because she works on the side and one that wants to switch families. Gee when it rains it pours. Saturday I had to do a touch base interview with one of the families and ended up watching the host mom artificially inseminate one of their horses while she chatted with me ?!?!?!?!?
The night was pretty quiet at the restaurant I did not make much money but didn't have to work for it either. I was trying to leave early as I finally got in touch with “my” Marines and they wanted me to come down. However my tables sat until after ten so it was to late. I didn't get out till past midnight as I was chatting with the girls.

Sunday sucked. I was dead tired and had to be at Busch Gardens early. It was so slow I was so bored that I started cleaning behind the registers and organized the snowman ornaments by names. I did get a fresh Funnel cake with strawberries and whip cream. I had gone up to Busch Saturday to buy 2 discount tickets for one of my au pairs who had friends coming in. Well I took a survey while I was up there and got 2 comp tickets - which since I get in for free I gave them those tickets. So in return I told them jokingly I expected a funnel cake when they come up on Sunday. I had to share it with everyone in the shop as it was way too much for me. But it was good!!!!!.

After work I headed home and was so tired I could not concentrate on my homework. I asked Grumpy to get some Chinese (he had to go to 3 places as the first two where closed) and then decided to take the 20% grade deduction for not turning in my paper by midnight - but go on to bed. I figured the paper would have been no good had I written it last night so I rather do it tonight when I am a bit more awake. The Chinese was good we hadn’t tired that place – my bean curd was awesome. I had the rest for lunch. But breakfast was even better. Grumpy worked until 6 am so he stopped at Panera and got me a chocolate chip bagel. I love those but the bagel places here will only make it for February.


jin said...

Oooo...yummy food post! Choc chip bagels & funnel cakes & bean curd, oh my!

Hope you got the paper done, BTW...I meant to ask you when you visited, then when you phoned, but I keep forgetting!!!
'What are you going to school for/studying?'

Katy said...

Jin - I am getting my Bachelor in Health Care Administration. Still working on the paper - lets hope I get it done soon or I will have 40% vs 20 deducted for being late.

Cherry! said...

Sometimes I think handing papers in late is better than on time because if you rush it, it ends up being crap.

Love the food porn.

Katy said...

Cherry - I agree the paper would not have been good. so made any desicions yet?