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Friday, September 08, 2006


So its been a while that I have posted some food porn and since Ms Jin keeps teasing me with my favorite - Raspberries I thought I tease back with some deliciouse Italian food. Above is my dinner Penne pasta with Broccoli, red peppers, onions, capers in a cream sauce. With a vodka/cranberry/OJ drink.

I went to one of my favorite stores yesterday - The Worldmarket. They have lots of goodies from Germany and plenty organic and vegetarian stuff. Yummy. I got candy and german pickles and stuff. I stopped by Harris Teeter and got some groceries including some Godiva Chocolate Truffels with Raspberries and Raspberry sorbet (which I am eating right now)

The restaurant was crazy today. The art center close by and had an event so we were busy as hell with people bitching that the food is taking to long. I got lucky and at least none of my tables took it out on my tip. After my second to last table (4 people) left I went over to check my tip. Imagine my shock when there was the pad and the pen but no credit card slip. Fuck that means no tip. So I am thinking they took both copies but I checked with one of the busboys. He asks the other dude and then tells me that guy cleaned of a table and threw it out thinking it was trash. So now I am pissed as hell. When I tell the owner later he goes and comes back saying no that wasn't it WTF!?!!?! I told him that thats not what that dude told the other busser and walked away. So while I was eating my dinner our boss was doing the register and amazingly there was another waitress that was missing a credit card slip!!!!!!! Now in a year and a half that I worked there I have never lost a credit card slip nor have I heard of anyone else doing it and then there are 2 in the same night. Kinda odd right???????


jin said...

Thank you Katy!!!

LOL...guess what I made for dinner tonight??? Pasta with lots of parmesan! LOL! (olive oil & fresh tomatoes)

That's weird about losing 2 credit slips. What happens then? You only get for the food?

Katy said...

Mhh sounds delicious.

Well if the cc slip is gone then the waitress does not get the tip. Which sucks because it means I just worked of my ass for nothing!!!!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

The pasta looks great, sign me up.

I have gotten to the point where I actually hate eating at restaurants, been burned one too many times with crap food.

I am lucky, as a military retiree I can shop at the commissary on base and they have some goodies from the Fatherland, including Knodel mix, Leibniz, and the meat department has round steak sliced thin enough for Rouladens.

Coaster Punchman said...


I was a waiter in the late 80s. We had this annoying rule at the time where you were supposed to take the credit card, give them the slip to sign with the space for the tip etc. and only THEN were you supposed to run it through the machine.

One time I waited on this obnoxious table of 15 people. This loud windbad of a guy told me to bring the check to him, so I did. He gave me his card. Then, he took absolutely forever to sign it, and then he waited until everyone was leaving and then signed it before hurrying out of the restaurant. Then I ran the number through the machine - and BING0 - declined.

I learned my lesson after that - I refused to give people their cards back until I had the signed copy and had a chance to run it through the machine.

Katy said...

Phos - shopping in the commisary is the one thing I miss about my ex husband. I loved going there and getting stuff from home. I have friends that are military but I just don't want to bug them all the time to go shopping.

CP - we run the card first that way we know when its declined. I had that a few times and I am always so embarresd when I have to go to the table and tell them their card was declined.