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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jin's Sweetbox :)

Okay most of you know from reading comments in Jins and my blog that my b-day is coming up and that Miss Jin promised me a goodie box. Well IT CAME TODAY!!!!!!!

Knowing that not all my readers are as fortunate as me to have such a good friend I went ahead and picture chronicled the arrival. So this way you can open the box with me.

I had asked Jin last minute to ship it to my work knowing there would be someone to sign for it and it would not sit on the steps outside the house - where the bunny may have thought it got lucky (or Grumpy for that matter). Look at the cool label it has the Shops name and address in the top part and mine in the bottom part. To cool.
I didn't realize the box would come today or as early as it did (our mail has been coming later in the day) so I was eating breakfast (Garlic bread and dressing for dipping) when the mail man came. Darn now I have to go and buy a toothbrush so I can try the goodies. Darn Garlic bread!!!!
Thoughtful as always Miss Jin placed a b-day card in with all the sweets. It had a kitty and a bunny sticker on it :). And Mr. Jin signed it too I am so touched! *yes I am glad we met too:)* .
She also labeled all the goodies with what's in it so I am going to take some close ups for you all.

Caramel Apple Crowns

Vanilla Sugar Bliss

Nutty Chocolate Chunks

Peanut Butter Chunks

(I think these are meant for Grumpy but they are not labeled "Grumpy" so they are fair game right?)

... and the infamous Mint Brownies

Now If you are wondering why there no actual picture of the sweets - well I am afraid I will eat it all if I unpack it. See I was planning on taking these with me when Grumpy and I go out of town. I am starting to think that having them delivered to the office was a bad idea. I can hear them calling out from next to my desk *Katy - eat us, just try us, just one bite* But I am trying to be strong because I know once I have given in than I will be over taken by the yummyness and wont be able to stop. See when I went to see Miss Jin she served me this cake (among many other yummy goodies)

and I was full and told her just a small piece as I can not eat anymore. But then I tasted it and all of a sudden I had eaten it all (check out Jins July 13 archive for more pictures of the visit). Its like an addiction once you try it you can't stop. Ask Real and Leslie or Jewels they'll confirm this.

Thank you Miss Jin


Real said...

It is all true.


Now I am in withdrawels, having once tasted the treats of jin I am forever addicted.


Happy early Birthday!

Katy said...

Real - yeah I figured you may have to experience some withdrawl symptoms in this post. Sorry. And thanks for the b-day wishes.

Lesley said...

Ohhhhh... mint brownies...

I hope you enjoy those wonderful treats, and I hope you enjoy your birthday too!

I'm also in withdrawal. I think I'm going to get some mailorder treats from Jin before my Real comes to visit me.

jin said...

Hey! COOL POST!!!!!
I bet by now you've tasted something!!!!
Have you? LOL!!!
I printed this post out so my Mom & Dad could read it. D read it, too. He laughed where you called him 'mr. jin' LOL! That was FUNNY!!! :-)

I KNEW you'd appreciate the bunny & kitty stickers! (I tried to find one like Cleo but I couldn't.)

MMmm...even that garlic bread looked good!

Katy said...

Lesley - yeah I'd say you have to order something for when he comes. Its around thankgiving right? I pet Jin makes awsome thanksgiving theme stuff.

Jin - I figured D. would like the Mr. Jin I didn't want people to get confused since Grumpy is a D too. glad you liked the post.

Jewels said...

Aren't those brownies to die for? Man, I made mine last as long as I could! I've got just a few biscotti left now... Wahhh!!!! sniff!

Katy said...

Jewels - I am sure they are but I had Grumpy hide everything until our trip so I wouldn't eat it all so I have not tried anything *sniff*

Fuff said...

Wow! Try not to eat them all at once!

Polyman2 said...

Jin is the best! I think I'm ready to place an order, but only if she'll hand deliver it so I can kiss those sugar coated fingers.

Katy said...

Fluff - welcome to my blog. I can't wait to eat it all. See I wont see Grumpy all day because he will be at work when i get home, so the plan is to find where he hid it and eat it all then blame the dogs/cats for it.

Poly - yes she is!!!!!

Coaster Punchman said...

Wow, congratulations! I'm starving now.

jin said...

Did you taste any yet?
Did Grumpy?
Can you both really hold out until the weekend?!!?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Dan said...

Katy, I'm responding to an old post, I know -- but I just got the dope on the Cookie Princess's mail order sweet box and I wanted to see what her customers are saying.

Peanut Butter!!! Yippee!!!!

That's all I had to say. ;)

Dino aka Katy said...

Dan - you should order!!!!