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Monday, September 18, 2006


Oh man where to start. The weekend was pretty crazy. Friday night my friend Danielle came but the Restaurant and after eating we headed out to Phillys. Well its actually called the Sandbar now (stupid name since there is no Sand anywhere!). Grumpy used to work there and that's how we met, Danielle and I would go there almost every night. I like it, its one of those hole in the wall places where locals hang vs the meat markets. Here I can go in my work cloths and don't need to get all dressed up and no one hits on me which is something I can not stand. Flirt with me fine but get your damn hands off me. Anyhow that's why I like Phillys. We played a little bit of pool and then just hung out. As we are getting older we need more sleep so we left a little after midnight to go on home. I stayed up a bit longer reading my latest Sookie Stackhouse book (thanks Phos I needed another series!!!!!) and then hopped in the sack. Sleeping in wasn't an option as I had to do an orientation with a new au pair arrival at 10am. After that it was of the office so I could try to get squared away for Monday. After making lunch at home I finished my book and got ready for work. I worked 4 shifts last night and made less money than the week before it was soooooo slow. I didn't have any really nice or really strange people to serve and the only drama Saturday night came from the waitstaff. We have this new girl that is making her self a lot of enemies with her gossiping and lies. She even lies about her lies!!!! She walked up to B. and tells her they need to work out their problems?!!??!? B. is Scottish and has a temper but is nice. She wont tolerate lies though and this waitress has told quit a few involving B. SO I decided I better get out of dodge since that wasn't gonna be pretty. See B. is the type of person that laughs with you if you call her a Bitch to her face but if you do it behind her back your dead meat. That is one of the reasons we are best friends we both do not like bullshit. Anyhow I left to go to get my next book just to find out that the latest one is not out in paperback yet. The hardcover is to hard to move around with so I shopped around for another and found "Every which way but dead" by Kim Harrison. Its funny with weres, pixies, witches and of course vampires. Oh I just wanted to point out I read the Sookie books (all except the last one) within 2 weeks that's how good they are. I am not sure where with 4 jobs and school I found the time but I did read all 5 of them!!!!!
Sunday was pretty low key. Cleaned a bit, watched the soap I tape, did homework and I had to work at Busch at night where I was bored out of my mind. Called security twice, once for a lot valet someone gave me and then for a 12 yr old boy that lost his friends. We couldn't reach his friends so called his dad. After seeing how the parents were with him I can see why he'd wanted to get lost. Some people should not have kids!!!! The night eventually ended and I fell into bed knowing I wanted to get to work early.
Monday sucked. I wasn't out of the bathroom yet when my cell started to ring. It was one of the au pairs and I called her on the way to the office to tell her to email me since I didn't have time to be on the phone all morning. When I got in 1 of my patient was already waiting. I needed some more results but couldn't get through to the lab, the 2 more show up to be seen by me. I am already spinning my wheels.

This is the office parking lot at about 8:45am on Monday. One of the patients tripped outside and most likely broke his leg - the one we were treating for infection - trying to prevent it from being amputated.

Of course all that puts us behind on the schedule. I also had a monitor from one of the Pharmaceutical Company here not being able to do much she needed as I get two more patients and then my doc calls me in a room to screen a patient for my naive study. That was about 1pm and I had not had breakfast or even a cup of water. So I take the patient back, who just found out that he is HIV+ so he is understandably upset. I do my "the world is not over speech" try to calm him to the point where he can read and understand the consent form. Get him signed up to get his blood drawn. After I give him his return appointment I go see what I can do for the monitor. She was nice enough to get me a bagel with egg salad which I devour while doing the corrections she needs. By now it is after 3pm and I need to process the labs from the 5 people I saw which came for 5 different studies which translates into 4 different labs that I am going to have to send the blood to after I process it. I didn't finish the processing part until after 4pm (which is my normal time to leave even thou that rarely happens). I still had not sat down to catch my breath and still calls kept coming. The jail needed some stuff on one of my patients because they were getting audited and needed paperwork showing he was on the study when he went in and had to stay on it because he needed the meds which were not commercially available. I clocked out at 5:20pm with a migraine in process. I got home hoping for a nap and got comfy on grumpys lap. As you can see Cleo demanded attention from a tired me. Misty came by later but Grumpy was cooking dinner so he couldn't take pictures of her laying on my legs trying to make me feel better. and then that damn cell phone rang again. Grumpy got up to make dinner while I took a cat nap. I tried to do the case study but just gave up at midnight and went to bed. I am hoping to get out of the restaurant Early tonight so I can finish it then. Well today has been really low key with the doc out of town and me just catching up on stuff.


Katy said...

Sorry for the leack of posts and comments. The weekend was busy and so was today right now I am fighting a mirgane and still have to get out of work (40 min late so far and no end in sight) and write a paper by midnight. The pictures were taken at the office this AM. You know the day is gonna suck if you have to call 911 before 9am!

Cherry! said...

You had to call 911 before 9am? If so, I would count that as a damn lucky day to be able to perv on all the firefighters!!! I'd call them the next day too!

jin said...

OH! :-( Hope the headache gets better!

Look forward to hearing the explanation behind this one!!!

P.S. I am only allowing myself 3-4 of those tropical gummis/day so they last!!! They are soooo good!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

With all the fire engines, I though you were cookcin again!! Just kidding!! Hope your migrane is gone.

Katy said...

Cherry - if they had been cute I'd agree but out of the 6 that came only one was even worth a closer look. Otherwise I would have taken pics just for you :)

Jin - it took a few hours but eventually it got better. Hey I can always sent more of the gummies since you like them so much

Phos - I haven't burned down or set the smoke alarm of in a while. Well I did set a paper towel on fire last week trying to clean up something I had spilled on the stove.

Cherry! said...

Call them again but at a diff time of day and see if you get a better looking crew! Well it's just a suggestion....

Coaster Punchman said...

Cleo = very cute, despite all the aggravations you deal with.

eros in wonderland said...

I am jealous of Cleo,
she looks to be on a place
I could be cozy on.

Katy said...

Cherry - well we have no patients this and next week so we can't call them back till later. I'll keep in mind the different time :).

CP - yes cleo is a cutie, but she was the ugliest kitten I have ever seen. She finaly grew into her body.

Eros - yeah thats one of my hubby's favorite spots too when cleo lets him have it.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you liked the Harrison books. They are habit forming.

Katy said...

Phos - Liked isn't a strong enough word. I loved them. Can't wait for the next one to be out as paperback!!!!