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Saturday, September 09, 2006

wanted: good busboy that can multitask!!!

We had 3 bussers on Friday and still we needed to water our own tables and clean of plates and stuff. Tonight we had two out of those three and they were worthless. One dude is an older man that knows the owner and he is good but soooo slow. The other is newer maybe 3 weeks he is young but has major issues. I heard he was addicted to major drugs and my guess is he fried his brain. He one of those people that just sets of all my internal alarm bells (incidentally he is the dude that through out the cc slip last night costing me a tip)

Anyhow we had a wedding early on today. Saturdays we don't have lunch so Ronnie told the people they can have the party there as long as they are out by 5pm. I got it 4:45 and they were still eating their dinners. We started to fill up and we couldn't use the best sections of the house because of them. Their cake was gorgeous!
A friend of the owner was there and since I had forgotten my phone I had him take a pic with the phone from one of the other waiters and then send it to me so I can show it to you. The photo does not do the cake justice. It had bridges, a waterfall and more. They left us some and I ended up taking it home so I can bring it to Busch Gardens tomorrow when I go work. I haven't tried it and those that have said it wasn't that good which makes me not want to try it at all. The bride was Caucasian but the groom was a Latino so most of the guests were Latino and you can imagine the noise. A lot of our own guests who are older couldn't hold conversations because of it and try taking an order. They finally left after 6:30pm then it was time to put the tables back. I still don't know where the bussers where. The owner and the two waiters that served the party were doing all the work and I know they weren't in my section because I had to do my stuff myself. My section was super busy and I had to water my tables and do a lot of the stuff the bussers are supposed to do. Having weak bussers on any night is not ideal but on busy nights its just not okay. The owner had to do a lot of bussing and we all had to do a lot of stuff ourselves which impacts our tips as we can't do a good job as we might like since we have to pick up other things. Two of the bussers turned waiters ended up bussing vs taking tables because it just got to bad. I tried to tip them but these guys didn't want to hear it - they are such good kids. I hope we get some good people soon or these guys get better. We have gotten a lot busier that last few weeks so we really need to be able to count on the bus boys.


jin said...

That would be a wedding cake...can't wait for the story behind this one! :-)

Katy said...

yes your are right it was a very pretty wedding cake - just didn't taste good from what I heard

The Phosgene Kid said...

Arnold The Governator of Cali says Latinos are feisty, so it has to be true. When I was a dishwasher I hated buss people, I think they live under muddy rocks when they aren’t at the restaurant. Talk about a failure to commit – do they want to work with the dishes or the customers?? Why do you water the tables, does it make them grow??

Coaster Punchman said...

You probably tip the bussers, right? Maybe the quality of their service should be reflected in the tip? Although that could get uncomfortable.

jin said...

Parties never leave on time around here. businesses will make exceptions for them & give them a time limit but it doesn' t generally work. LOL!

Looks like I may not to get to go for dinner on my b-day. (Too many things going on at the shoppe) May have to do it tomorrow instead.

Katy said...

Phos - yes we want the tables to grow!

CP - yes we tip them out 10% if its one 15% if its two. I would love to adjust it according to their service but the owner takes it out of you CC- tips and I don't make enough cash for it to make a difference there.

Jin - sorry to hear you'll be busy on your day. Maybe you'll get something in the mail to cheer you up!!!

Polyman2 said...

Hey Katy, thx for the Beta tip on commenting. It's been so fustrating that it has seriously
detered my blogging activities (and you know how important that is)
I didn't know you worked in catering. I DJ'd private parties in NY catering halls for 20 years. So I know how crazy and overworked
you guys get.
-also, I am so happy to sign in under blogger and not other or anon.

Katy said...

hey Poly - no problem it took me a while to figure it out too and there are still some blogs (those that wont do anonymous) that I read but can't comment on. And yes it is anoying as shit. I am in the restaurant business we cater on occation but mainly we are a nice (a little more upper class) italian restaurant.