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Monday, September 04, 2006

crazy and lazy weekend

Wow what a weekend! Storm, tree limb, no power, restaurant a total madhouse, Busch Gardens super busy and then I get told at Watercountry USA to cover up!!!!!

Curious yet? Yep all this in one loooooonnnnnng weekend.

You read about the power outage and tree limbs so here is the rest of the weekend. Saturday night turned out to be just as busy as Friday night. My section was inside and my tables turned over very fast which allowed me to make over $160. Everyone was nice and I had no terrible tips to report on (no generous ones either) The night was over real fast and I was sooooo exhausted after it was all done. I stayed to eat (we had gotten power back when I left but I was to tired to have to cook) and then off to bed it was. After spending all morning cleaning up the front yard and then running my butt off I just wanted to sleep.

I woke up earlier than I had hoped, made lunch and got ready to go to work to Busch Gardens. I was in kiddie land again which I enjoy. Its my own little store and its generally busy and when not then I keep my book in a drawer to read. I didn't get to read at all. I was so busy with the park being full. Finally 2 hours before I was supposed to go off another cast member came by looking for a supervisor. I told him to let them know I NEEDED A BREAK!! I went to the outdoor break area because it was the closest and finally got to read my book - Phos pointed it out in his blog and I am totally hooked on the series. I had bought that one last Wednesday and finished it in the bathtub Sunday night. Anyhow the nice part about getting a break late is that when you get back its time to leave.

Monday Grumpy and I got to sleep in. I started with homework (still in bed nice thing about laptops) and he went out to clean up the yard further. We decided we would go to Watercountry USA as it was their last day open and we had not been all season despite him having a free comp pass since I work there. On the way we stopped at Barnes and Noble to get 2 more books from the series mentioned above. We had picked the perfect day for it a visit to a water park. It wasn't to hot and there where less than 1000 people in the park which translates into no lines at the rides. It was awesome we got to ride everything and then went into the surfers bay. The last ride we had gone on the Meltdown was one of those where you sit in a boat type of thingy. Grumpy has to sit in the back with those and I sit up front the middle part was free. When we hit the end of the slide I somehow flew up and back and then into the water. Grumpy said I hit his feet and my lower back, my left shoulder and my right shoulder blade agree I hit something. So after 2 wave sessions at the bay we decided to leave the park when a cast member approached me coming out of it. She told me a guest had complained that they could see through my one piece (cut extremely conservative!!!) swimsuit and I need to put something over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF hell half of the people in their wore swimsuits that did not deserve the name and my beige swimsuit with lavender squares was inappropriate!!! Well we were leaving anyhow but that was just to funny I thought my days on indecent exposures where over!!!
I more or less crashed on the couch with my back still feeling bad and Grumpy started our dinner. All in all the weekend was fun.

I do have one sad part to report. Grumpy mentioned that he had no seen the Bunny since the storm and that there was an unpleasant smell in the front yard. He suspects that it didn't survive the storm. I hope that is not true but I haven't seen it either so please hope for me that Bunny is okay.

On other news I can NOT comment on anyones non beta blog anymore except if the anonymous function is enabled (hint hint!!!) I hope this will be fixed soon as it drives me nuts.


Cherry! said...

i had a very lazy day yesterday. Watched the entire nip / tuck series 3. HAWT!!

Katy said...

I used to watch that in the beginning but when the lifecoach that slept with her own son as well as the kid she was teaching is when I got out of it.

Coaster Punchman said...

Ewww. Nip/Tuck sounds gross then - I'd seen a few episodes but missed the incest part.

I love water parks! I went to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin on our "vacation" and had a great time. I didn't notice any indecent exposures through swimsuits, though I generally try to avoid looking at people too closely in their swimming gear.

jin said...

*fingers crossed for the bunny*
They are TOUGH creatures! You may be surprised! Keep an eye out for her!

LMAO @ the swimsuit issue! If it would have been me I think I would have pulled the top down to my waist & asked the lady if that was better! :-P HAHAHAHA!!!

I've not seen nip/tuck. However, I watch the discovery health channel on occasion much to D's dimay. It grosses him out! LOL! Did you know when they perform a tummytuck they cut off your belly button & have to cut out a 'new belly button' hole?!!? That's SO gross! EWWWWW!
Hahahahaha!!! Sorry, just had to share! LMAO!

Katy said...

CP - yeah I kind of got grossed out when nip tuck went in that directions.
See I tend to avoid looking at other people is swim suit as most of them (including me) don't have the body to be in a swim suit calendar.

Jin- we are keeping our eyes open but have not seen it. I hear the thing about the belly button.