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Monday, September 25, 2006

nothin much

puppy love

Been kinda busy but I really have nothing cool/fun to report. With the doc out of town things are pretty laid back around here. Friday I went to my favorite Indian restaurant to get lunch to go and was told by Mamta (waitress/manager) I could only have a to go box if I promised to come back this weekend to eat there. So here is my lunch - preview just for Jin who does not have an Indian restaurant nearby. All these dishes are strictly vegetarian. I love the peas and cheese in the milder curry sauce (right) and the veggies with potatoes in spicy curry. Yuummmm!!!! Friday night was uneventfull, we were not to busy but all my tables were nice. We had a rehearsal dinner out on the patio and they had orders Sangria. Since there was lots of it left we sat around and had a few glasses. I think I got home around midnight. Saturday I had to do a repeat family interview. The family picked that day so I would have to take the au pair with me to the meeting. They picked 11:30am as the time which would have been fine since the meeting was not until 1pm. So I am driving up the road near their house when my cell rang. The Host mom is like "where are you?" (it's 11:20am) I said right down the street from you. And she is like oh boy I forgot J. had his camp today we will be about 10 min late. I am thinking great now lets hope that is true. So there happens to be a Target right there and yours truly decides to go and get a magazine or something. Well to get to the magazines I had to walk past the shelves with the purses and since my b-day is almost here I decided to get myself a little present. Isn't it cute? It looks more adult like than my other one and I can still fit my book in it which is very important.

Anyhow I pulled up in front of the house and they came about 11:45am. Of course the kid is hungry and this and that so it is 12:30pm when I finally try to get out. Since the meeting was a good 30miles away I called ahead letting them know we'd be late. I flew down the interstate (thankfully no cops in sight) with 80 - 90 mph and got there only 5 min late. Most of the girls where there. The police officer told the girls about do's and don'ts and then went to let them pose in his car. I am pretty sure he had more fun in this than the girls. One of the host moms was there and she noticed several squad cars circling the area. She was sure that the dispatch alerted all the units to the presence of the au pairs. Most of the girls want to do the ride along where you accompany a officer for their shift. I have a feeling there will be no shortage of volunteers.
After the meeting I had just enough time to fix a quick lunch before heading to the restaurant. It was quiet and we finished early so we ended up once again on the patio trying to finish the Sangria. I am glad we don't have it all the time or I would be in serious trouble. Sunday morning was a bit more relaxed. I slept in (Grumpy had to be at work at 6am) watched my soaps, did some home work. When Grumpy called saying he was off it was noon and I asked if he wanted to do Nawab for lunch. It took us a good 2 h to get ready but off we went. It was sooo yummy.

Here is my lunch, vegetable Pakora - I call them crispies. Some cabbage dish with peas and curry and then mixed veggies with potatoes and cheese. I can actually make a meal out of the crispies. I miss the spinach I hope all that gets sorted out soon.

After lunch it was off home for some exercise :) (got to work of those crispies) and then Busch Gardens called. There I was bored out of my mind for 6hours.

Monday started on a sad note. One of my former patients died Sunday. So my first call of the day was to his partner to tell him how sorry I was for his loss. They both where quiet the pair with his partner being what you can only describe as a character. I told him I'd stop by the celebration of life on Wednesday. He was telling me that his partner inadvertently ended up catering his own funeral. They had a AIDS benefit a few days ago that he had made the spaghetti sauce for and there where left overs which will now be served at the celebration. His partner thought at least that way he knew it was prepared right.


stroker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jin said...

Ok...where to start?

*O! M! G!
jin giggles like crazy in the comment section, first...where the hell do they all come from? How do they find you? Methinks they should be over at Cherry's blog!!! HAHAHAHA!!!*

Now I have to try to remember all that I wanted to say:
-That food looks SO GOOD!!! Ahhh...brings back memories when I was in Virginia...we ate at Indian, Korean & Afghan restaurants ALL the TIME!!! Haandi was the Indian place, I LOVED their onion flatbraed with all the dips. I don't think we have one Indian place in all of WI!!! Well, maybe Madison, but I've never been.
-Sangria....OH...when I drank I drank a LOT of that!!! It is addictive!
-Sorry about your patient & your Monday! :-(
-That is the CUTEST photo of your pups I've ever seen!
-SWEETBOX is on it's way!!! (Tell Grumpy there's something in there for him, too! :-)

Katy said...

Stroker - sorry but your profile pic is a bit to descriptive for my PG13 blog. But thanks for the complement I dont feel 249 years old either.

Jin - yeah I think they all hoped over from when I commented on Cherries blog. Anyhow food was yummy and it just shows that you need to come for a vacation to good ole virgina. Yeah I love Sangria too. The patient thing sucks but at least I have something to look forward to this week

Cherrie said...

Yep, I've ruined another neighborhood . . .

So you drove 80-90 mph to go meet with the cops? Good thing they weren't looking for you at the time!

Real said...

Ummmmmmm, food.

I think your dog would like to be friends with Jin's dog.

Katy said...

Cherrie - it sure seems you have.
yeah I was happy to not see the cops on the road at that point.

Real - new profile pic? Yeah I think Brioche and my pups would get along fabulously. I keep telling her she needs to visit!!