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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine Sunday

Okay I am sorry I couldn't decide which one was worse. The top I was about 9 the bottom 14. Both are bad. So I had to do the post below which features many of my cute photos. I think one of these days I may have to do a photo blog.

P.S. I am going AWOL until Thursday so I wont find out who wins until then.


jin said...

Ok, well, I'll blame your mom as you said she dressed you like a boy because she wanted one!

Yeah...for sure blame your mom for the haircut!

I still haven't found any pics. I may try one more time...

Have a SUPER-FANTASTIC vacation!!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

What s a coincidence, I have been thinking a lot about the "good old days' myself. Even went on a trip down memory lane with my brother on the phone last night. Do you miss home? I think about going back to Wisconsin a lot.

Beth said...

I'm blaming your mom, too. Why did they mess up our hair so horribly?

Dale said...

You did exactly what I did Katy, wound up not knowing which would be worse and so I posted two photos.

Noting your earlier post, I also spent some time marvelling at the photos from the early years. Funny to see the progression.

Barbara said...

I had most of my hair cut off at about the same age. What a shock! I couldn't wait for it to grow back.

Dan said...

Nice do! I had to do a double-take to make sure what I was looking at. Wow.

BTW, love the family photos and provided captions! I thought you might have gone over-board with Cup of Coffey's theme. Silly me.

lulu said...

God you look German in that top photo. I think it's cute.

PinkFluffySlippers said...

Oh my dear. That haircut made you a dead ringer for Plushenko. I didn't realize you were a girl til I looked at your other photos. You're so pretty now without the cruel haircut.

Jacob's Mom said...

So serious. Love the haircuts.

Mother of Invention said...

Very neat pics. You have personality! I had that pixie cut..that's why I hate short hair now!

justacoolcat said...

I love how you went for it with two takes.

Great job!

Cherrie said...

You really do look like a boy in the first one. But I don't think the second one is all that bad.

The current photos show you in a much more attractive light!

Cherry! said...

My fave is the top one! hahaha!

Katy said...

Jin - I think the short hair was easier for her to deal with. No knots no tears type of thing

Phos - yes i miss it. I get homesick a lot.

beth - mh maybe because it was easier while i was in the swim team

dale - wasn't it fun looking at those old pictures?

Barbara - yeah I don't get it cut that short anymore.

Dan - glad you like it.

Lulu - well I am German!!!

Pink - thanks, like I wrote in the post below I was mistaken for a boy quite a bit

Jacobs mom - I rarely smile in pictures. I have a hard time doing it on comand.

mother - thanks I do just ask my hubby I think sometimes he feels I have to much of it.

cat - thanks, like I said I didn't know which one was worse

cherrie - yeah i agree

cherry - mhh wonder why????