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Friday, September 29, 2006

my list for the next 48 hours

After getting of work yesterday I had to drive to Virginia Beach and then from there to Williamsburg. The pictures above are from my drive. I drove over 130 miles and after grabbing dinner and a drink with my friend from England I finally got home after 10pm. I was exhausted and did not get a chance to find the hidden goodies. (However I will look for them tonight after working at the restaurant.!!!!!!!)

So I was trying to make sure I finish everything I have to by tomorrow and made a list.

1. finish charts
2. send out lab work
3. get pt chart ready for Monday
4. get pt charts ready for Thursday
5. check emails
6. respond and do what emails request
7. clean desks
8. file (at least organize paper by study
9. get to be signed stuff ready
10. empty fridge

1. Find Jin's sweetbox
2. go pet store get long leashes/chains/toys/snacks for pups
3. do laundary & doggie blankies
4. clean downstairs
5. make potato salad
6. make meatballs
7. make bruschetta
8. get french bread from Panera
9. pack foods and soda in coolers
10. pack waffle iron and mixer
11. pack clothes
12. pack doggie stuff
13. pack entertainment stuff
14. watch taped shows
15. clean up front porch
16. pack up truck
17. set vacation response on email
18. find grade school picture, scan and post for contest
19. call host families for monthly contact
20. fax au pair reports


Jewels said...

Hey, check this out: FIRST COMMENT!!! LOL!

Um, #1 was "finding Jin's sweetbox"... That sounds dirtyyyyy!!! LOLOL!!! No but really, what do you mean by that? Have you lost it? OMG! Don't tell me you lost it! You poor, poor girl! You went and lost Jin's sweetbox didn't you (that STILL sounds dirty! LMAO!) ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ok, talking on a cell phone while driving is bad, but snapping pictures is insane!! Nice shots,though.

Katy said...

mhhhhhhhhhh yummy found number one and snacking on the brownies while i am writing this *OMG this is soooo good*. Okay once I got to unwrapping it I could smell the chocolate and the mint. Oh I think it should be declared a federal offense not to try these. Mint Brownies for everyone!!!!

Oh Hi Jewels and phos. Just noted you comment sorry was on a mint chocolate cloud.
Jewels - get your mind out of the gutter. and no I didn't loose it I had grumpy hide it so I wouldn't eat it all at once

Phos - traffice was bad only about 25mph so it wasn't to dangerous. I practice talking while driving daily

jin said...

By the time I type this you should be fast asleep.

By the time you read this, hopefully you are awake.

Heehee!!! Ok...It's 1.30AM & I have at least 3 hours to go & I just had to sit down for a second!

Am glad you like the brownies!!! :-)

Hope you get your lists done! LOTS to do! LOL!

Hey, I forgot to tell you what I was doing while we were talking. I had an order for 4 German-type desserts for a bridal shower...funny thing is, wouldn't you know it, they REQUESTED German's Sweet Chocolate cake!!! LMAO!!! I'm printing a sticker, as soon as I have time, to put on all GSCC boxes as to its origin from now on!!! The other 3 desserts were: Sachertorte, Linzertorte & yes, what you mentioned, Black Forest...but mine will not be 'authentic' as you mentioned! LOL (But, that's ok, my customers won't know the difference! It'll just taste good:-)