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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekend & Monday

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So I just noticed the picture of me getting ready for girls night on Friday never posted. Well just as well the night wasn't all that.
So here is one of me trying to do homework while both kitties are begging for attention.

I was still talking to N., the AP that was staying with me, when my Scottish friend B. called fussing where I was. I had totally lost track of time and she HATES to wait alone. So I quick brushed my hair and ran out the door. We got a little corner table at the restaurant and our server was a buddy of ours . Mind you there are only a few people that we allow to wait on us!. She knows us well enough so B. had her Bacardi and Coke and I had my pitcher of Ice tea and soon there was yummy Garlic bread, cheese and oil. I was starving as I just had soup for lunch in anticipation of dinner. Our English friend P. was late as always. She was in dire need of a drink as she had quit her job and got it back with in 10 min. She was still shaking.
About 5 minutes later the AP (N) staying with me and another one of my German AP's walked in the door. We ended up moving to a big table. The other German AP (D.) told me Mac the Great Dane bit her. My first question to N. was did you let D in the house? Remember we told you do not let strangers in unless we are present. Luckily Mac did not break the skin and she just had a little swelling. But still WTF is there to misunderstand - no strangers in the house!
Anyhow so that pretty much dampened my mood. Dinner was great I had, what the waitress referred to on her ticket as "Katies pasta". [Bowtie pasta with onions, carrots, peas and broccoli in a parmesan cream sauce] Unfortunately B. got drunker by the minute and started arguing with me about au pair rules (in front of my au pairs) and how she thought curfews are wrong and they should get paid more. Obviously I couldn't tell her I agreed with the girls sitting there. I do however think curfews are necessary at least in the beginning until you get to know your au pair better - quite frankly I want my AP to be awake and alert while watching my kids and not sleep deprived and hung over! As for their pay that is set by the state department and considering room and board is included its not all that bad and the program is not meant for them to MAKE money. Anyhow when I finally caught B. alone I told her to cut it out - which she promised to do. Knowing her P. and I were taking bets on how long it would last.
After dinner and dessert (I had the exotic bombe again) we moved out to the patio. I ended up having to save B. from herself when she was going to drive the new waitress home. B was way past the driving stage. I decided as the new girl lives near the house I was calling it a night and head home after I dropped her off.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. I got an email from one of my host families in response to me setting up the two week interview [I have to go over the rules with everyone two weeks after the AP arrives] saying they'd be out of town. WFT I was just there a week ago and told them I'd come that week. We emailed back and forth and the Host father was really pissing me off. He finally agreed to do it on the 23rd at 4pm which mean first of all its going to be almost a week late and I will have to take or work from the office early and won’t be able to wait tables that night!!!! ARGGGGGG.
I finished up homework and worked at the restaurant. It was pretty slow so I didn't make much money. I tried to find out from N when her boyfriend would come and get her tomorrow as I really did not want him in the house without us and we were going to go to Watercountry USA where this month AP meeting was held. She told me she didn't know which quiet frankly pissed me off.

So Sunday morning rolls around and I wake her up as I needed to print of my sign in sheet for the meeting. I ask N. so when does he pick you up? She says he isn't! Excuse me!!!!! Apparently he sent her a text message saying he wasn't going to. So now we had to figure out how to get her to the family which was 3 h away. I ended up having to leave to meet the AP's for the meeting so they could sign in. Grumpy had to stay at the house to help her find a way and make sure someone is there incase the BF was showing up. I was so pissed so I drove to the water park (1h) and got everyone’s signature just to drive back (1h). When I get home the family had said they'd meet her half way and Grumpy and I said for him to driver her vs. waiting for one of her other friends to rent a car and come. We kinda hoped we could make it to the beach with the pups at least. NOPE Grumpy didn't get home till after 6pm. I was so mad. We both had taken the day off to be together and go to the water park. I rarely have a day off and that was mine for the month!!!!!!!! So we ended up just going out for some Mexican and went home.

Monday was just as bad as the weekend. It was the docs first day back so we all knew it was going to be crazy. I had 6 patients of my own to see and had made sure I was ready and prepared. When I got in the office manager said the part time nurse is MIA and if I could help out up front. Fuck I hate working up front. When I came up for some air I asked if anyone had heard from the nurse - no. I reminded the office manager that the docs schedule had changed he was originally coming back Monday and seeing patients Tuesday. Oh she goes, I wonder if he knew. Now I maybe wrong but isn't it the office managers job to ensure her employees know when they should come to work especially as they do not want that nurse in the office unless the doc is here? Anyhow I was exhausted when I left the office and I headed to the restaurant. There we had a huge party to serve, lots of running but they were pretty easy. By the time I got home at 11, I kissed Grumpy goodnight and fell into the bed. I barely got undressed I was so dead.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Lots of ups and downs! Sounds as though you have a busy schedule.
Huskies can be as pestiferous as cats sometimes - Yukon has decided since we had popcorn two nights in a row that now we have it every night and starts wooing at me around 7pm.

jin said...

Awww...katy, what a mess with the au pair!!!

Wishing you a MUCH BETTER weekend this weekend! :-)

Katy said...

PK - I like huskies but I think I'd only get one if I lived somewhere were it snows. Popcorn mhh we don't eat that often around here. Actually the pups are better about begging than the cats. Both cats will stalk me if I eat a M&M McFlurry from McDonalds knowing at the end they get to lick the spoon.

Jin - well I have a feeling there will be less au pair drama this week but unfortunatly do I work both days. No day off until laborday (actually I may had to work that night at the restaurant) so I'll have to wait for my day off until October 1st when we'll go out of town with the pups for my b-day.