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Friday, August 18, 2006


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Isn't Cleo the cutest little kitty? And she is so good, she lives to be petted.

Okay so Cheapos may not be a word in the english language but I think it should be. It describes those patrons that insist on not tipping their waitress accordingly to the service provided. I had these type of people all night long.
I had 3 four tops and 6 two tops and except for my first table all of them left me barely 15 %. Now none of them had to wait, I didn't screw up any orders nor did any of them complain. On the contrary most of them even told me how great everything was. SO why the hell would you not tip me 20% or at least 18? I mean come on I make $2.25 an hour I NEED my tips. The other thing thats even worse than a cheapo is one that take up a table all night. One of my four tops sat for 3 fuckin hours and their tip was barely 15%. Damn you if you are not leaving - with that preventing me from getting sat again - at least leave a good enough tip. Between the four of them I made $19 of that table while other tables around it where turned 3 times. So I could have made at least another $20 if not even $40. That kinda crap just pisses me off. I mean I understand you want to hang out and chat with your friends fine but please realize that this is my job and I LIVE of my tips.

So enough bitching I am going to bed now.


jin said...

You are correct!
Cheapos should def. be a word!

*1 minute later*

According to

cheap·o Slang

n. pl. cheap·os
One who is cheap.

So, there you go!
Have a good weekend!

Katy said...

how cool It is a word. Thank you Jin

Jewels said...
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Jewels said...

AAAhhh, the good 'ole days when I was a waitress/shooter girl. Waiting was shitty, 'cause we were assigned 'sections', but we had a salary - we HAD to be shared with the bartender at the end of the night however,even though they got mass tips just sitting there behind the bar, we had to give them %20 of OUR take. Total B.S.!

Selling shots wasn't so hot either, we only made $0.25/shot. At 40 shots/tray, that's only $10!!!! Plus the test tubes were super small AND watered down, so the shots didn't sell so easily. It went both ways for me. I got many a 'cheapo' who'd let me keep the change on a $4.95 bear, and give me a fiver... But I once got this wonderful gentleman from Texas tip pay me with 2 $100 (USD) for 3 shots. Being the honest girl that I am, I tried to give him back the one bill, and make change for him, but he said "No dahling... That's for yall to go bah yo'self som'thin' pretty, ye'hea?! Nah you juss' make sure to come back latah, ahllright?"

Here's to hoping that your next night will rock, and that you get a high roller who'll tip you what you deserve for your hard work!

Katy said...

Jewels - thanks and tonight was better money wise.