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Monday, August 07, 2006

Rest of Seattle

So with no wireless modem as it was such what caused my computer to freeze up, I was forced to go sightseeing on Friday afternoon. The meeting was over by noon and I had to check out but my flight did not leave until 10pm. When I came back from the market on Thursday I had seen that the Space needle wasn't to far from the hotel. So after leaving my stuff with the bell hop I went marching down the street hoping that I would come up on the needle at some point. I don't like maps and with the Needle being pretty tall I figured I wasn't going to get lost anyway.

On the way over I came up on this new looking development that had plenty of offices and a sports bar and a cafe. The front of it had a fountain and there was this cute little pup that was playing in there. The puppy kept trying to bite the water as it shot out of the ground. He had quite an audience including a camera man - one of the buildings was the home of a local TV station.

After having the pleasure of waiting in line for 30 minutes and paying $14 dollars I got to go up on the Space Needle. While I was waiting to go up I was chatting with my mom (I generally do not do my sightseeing during those meetings as Grumpy rarely gets to come and it is kinda boing doing these things by myself. ) when I got a call from one of my au pairs : "SHE KICKED ME OUT". MHH! Okay do you have a place to stay for the night or does Grumpy need to come and get you now? "I can stay at a friends". I went ahead and told Corporate about it their answer was oh "That does not want me to put another au pair there" You think?!?!?!??! I mean they overworked the girl (she was leaving in a few days to go somewhere else anyway but agreed to stay and help out for their sake!!!!!) and the host mom seemed to be a total bitch!. Now the advantage of this happening to me was my wait time seemed to go by very quickly as I had to deal with this.

So finally everything is settled she's got a place for the night and I made it to the top. The Blue Angels were in town for some festival and were doing their show. I had front row seats!! I tried to get a picture but my cell takes to long. So here are a few shots from above the needle.

After I walked around, watched the Blue Angels I went downstairs to see if I could find that Indian Restaurant. I had to go through a park with the International Fountain.
I finally found the place only to find out they had closed for lunch 30 min ago and where not reopening until 5pm. I made my way back and remembered that cafe where the dog was playing in the fountain. Their menu was so yummy looking. I decided for Crepes with Nutella, Bananas and Vanilla Ice cream decorated with Raspberry sauce. I had my latte and decided to sit there for a bit and read my book.

After my afternoon snack (well technically it was lunch) I went back to the hotel where I hung around for a while reading my book before asking the concierge about a good restaurant close by. The lady said there was this great Italian Restaurant a block down. Well I should have known not to expect too much when I saw the place was in a mall. The concierge had given me a coupon for free Bruschetta which I was looking forward to try. I asked the waiter for some pasta with a wine sauce and mushrooms. They brought me some bread and the wine I ordered. Then there is nothing for awhile and there comes my dinner. No bruschetta and the pasta was a Primavera not what I wanted. I reminded him of the appetizer and it got there a while later. I wasn't crazy about either and decided to leave it and try a dessert. It looked and sounded really amazing but as often if its not made by Jin it tasted not have as good as one would have wished.

I still had about 3hours to kill so I went back to the hotel and got comfy in the lobby with my book. My ride (I am spoiled I usually get my own car and driver - depending on location sometimes even a limousine) came and off to the airport it was. It was a rare occation but all my flights for this trip left and arrived on time. I got into Charlotte, NC around 6 in the morning, stopped at Jamba Juice for my Caribian Passion Smoothie and headed toward Concord E. I was picked up by Grumpy and my whole mission for the day was to get a nap and to write my essay that was due Sunday. That was however not quite how it went but more to that in my next post.


jin said...

OH! The pics are GREAT Katy!!!

Thanks for the compliment, too! :-D

Those crepes sounded (& looked!) DIVINE!

Sorry to hear about the au pair drama...hope all goes better this week!

Katy said...

Thanks can you believe those are taken with my cell? I love the razr. I got some video of the fish market to but I can't find out how to share it.

The crepes was delicious.

As far as the au pairs go - it seems there is something in the water. I spent 53 min with yet another family on the phone tonight. I will write about all of it tomorrow.

The Phosgene Kid said...

My brother and I got busted for tossing pennies off the top of the Space Needle. I got to ride the monorail though, one more thing scratched off on Phos's todo list.

Cherry! said...

I love the pic of the car! And those crepes look to die for!

So what's the story with the au pair now? Is she with another family?

Katy said...

PK - the monorail was broken so I got to walk!!!!

Cherry - the au pair drama post explains all that if I ever get the text to show.