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Friday, June 30, 2006


Okay so I am so relieved now. I feel like this huge weight was lifted. I watched the Argentina vs Germany game which lasted over 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I had asked my office manager if I could take my work with me outside into the waiting room (no patients today) so I could watch the game. For those of you that have not seen it. They were tied 1:1 after the 90 minutes and no goals were shot during the 30 min overtime so they had to do penalty shots. Thats where all the Germans that got to shoot scored and the German goal keeper held 2 of the Argentinian shots so WE WON.

The cooks at the restaurant said yesterday that if Germany won they would buy me drinks and if Argentinia won I would have to pay for their drinks. Well I guess I get to drink tonight. But I may be nice and take the bottle of Puskin Red (a red vodka) I had saved for a special occasion. Here is one of our chefs while eating dinner last night. His brother made me the yummy dish below.

I had just said no Marinara sauce everything else did not matter. So I got Angelhair pasta with carrots, onion, broccoli, and mushrooms in a parmesan cream sauce.

So now I need to relax so I can watch Italy beat the Ukraine.


jin said...

Pasta looks AWESOME as always!!!

YAY Germany!!! D was rooting for them too. He said great game. (I was working again. :-P)

Katy said...

Jin - It was an awsome game I am sorry you missed it. Get a tv for the store.

jin said...

Long story, I USED to have tv here...they tried to jack up my rates for very basic channels cuz I'm a business. Nevermind that my TV was in the KITCHEN where NO customers could even see it.....the jerk who runs the cable company even 'suggested' that my customers won't come back if I've no TV for them to watch!!! Arrggghhh...I never DID! It was just for me!

Then again...if I had a TV here I probably wouldn't be blogging! LOL! :-)