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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mad house

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Here is Misty watching me check my messages. All four of them are mad that I pay more attention to the computer than to them. It was a mad house all week but especially today. I just got home and checked my emails since 4pm (when I left my office) I had gotten 79!!! emails. As you can tell by the picture I am sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap (thats where it is supposed to be right - lap top!?!??)

Anyhow I haven't had any time to blog at work, since one of my patients died. That is always so much paperwork and hassle, getting the medical records filling out the serious adverse event paperwork and reassuring the pharma concern that it was not their drug causing it. If you think that sounds mean - I lost my compassion for this particular patient after he kept refusing to stay clean and took rehab as a paid vacation. And surprise, surprise his drug test (which is done routinely when patients are in a coma) was positive for coke. He woke up just to have 2 cardiac arrests and then died. So no time to do extra curricular actvities at work.

The 79 emails are from my other job (the au pair job) hell is breaking loose as the state department changed rules in regards to the educational component for the girls. So lots of back and forth in our little LCC grapevine. Of course the law of three kicked in and I got a call from one of my girls. She is not getting along with her host parents and I am sure I will have to go and talk to everyone this weekend but I have a feeling I will have to find her a new family and them a new au pair - personality conflicts are hard to get over. And sure enough number 3 hit tonight. I had a message from one of my former families (they moved to DC and have a new LCC). They have problems with their au pairs and asked if I knew of someone that could replace her. Talk about timing the above meantioned girl would fit great (from what I can tell). Thats kind of nice for me to know as I can tell the au pair not to worry as I will be able to find her a new family.

The restaurant was pretty slow today nothing much to report from there. Didn't make much money but had pretty much pleasant tables and got a nice dinner myself (Penne with a Marsalla wine sauce - yummy)

For those of you not following the world cup GERMANY won today!!!!!!!

Well let me go and do some homework so I can go and play with my babies before they get too mad at me and the computer.


jin said...

Wow, katy, sounds like you are even busier than I am!!!
Of course, notice we both still MAKE time for blog-business!!! LOL.
Take care of yourself!

Katy said...

I'd say we are head to head.

PS Grumpy just about finished the cake so now I will have to make another, my mom is coming and she told me yesterday that she wanted to try it. This time I will find my bake form first.

Real said...

Sounds to me that you could lose a leg and still win in the butt kicking competition. In other words, wow you are busy.

Although don't you think it is rude for you two to be putting up food pron and not offering to share.

Katy said...

Real - I am sorry for leaving you out of the loop with the cake. I shall do differently with the next one (which will be better and prettier anyhow!!!!!)

michele said...

You are one busy person,but
try to relax sometimes.
Have a great weekend!

Katy said...

Michele - relax what is that? LOL I hope you have a nice weekend. I will be working but jsut one job per day