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Friday, June 23, 2006

Thunderstorms and TV

Originally uploaded by dino0477.

Cleo trying to block me from the computer.

Today was rather boring aside from the bad storm and the rain that flooded my neighborhood. I was trying to get to the restaurant and the water came up to the hood of my escort. I was trenched by the time I got to work. Tonight I had my usual section but we had the day manager hosting so I ended up getting good tables and made decent money. After eating my dinner (Penne with Marsalla sauce - sorry Jin no picture today) I left to go home.

Right now I am watching CNN - Angelina Jolies interview. I think what she does is so awsome, using her popularity and money to bring awarness to the problems of this world. I wonder how much better the world would be if more people would follow her lead.

Well I need to go to get some sleep so I will get up in time to watch Germany beat Sweden!!!!!!!


jin said... foodporn today.

That's ok, I'll just fantasize about the pasta!

David's excited about the game tomorrow too. I told him he can stay home with the pup again.

hmmm...I know he said it should be a great match but I forgot to ask who he was rooting for.....

Katy said...

Jin - 1:0 for Germany in the 4th minute. Told you they would beat them. I am sure D. is rooting for them so they can meet and beat :)england.

Katy said...

okay I got to go concentrate on the game. I will be sure to post the final score