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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Scottish, the English and the German ...

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Well Michele suggested to get some rest and Mac took her up on it. It is kind of hard to tell in this photograph but Mac (Lady Macbeth) is a fawn colored Great Dane. She loves to nap in her crate all four in the air.

Well I wish I could say my rest of the week was less crazy but that would be a lie. I spent 2 nights mediating a conflict between a host family and their au pair. The outcome (which I predicted from the 1 second) was that they are parting ways (but amicable) so then I had to work on finding the girl a new host family and for the family a new au pair. Well right now it looks like I managed to do both so keep your fingers crossed for me. After accomplishing that yesterday I decided I earned a dinner with friends.

As you may have thought by the title my friends are European as well. B. Is from Scotland and P. Is from England. We used to hang out every Friday but lately work has gotten in the way of it. We did manage to do so last night. P. And I met at the restaurant for dinner, B. Was working that night so after she got off she joined us. We had a good time it was great. I love hanging out with these gals who are essentially my family here. I can't tell you how many times B. And her husband bailed me out or helped me out. I also like that we understand one another - we all grew up similary and are still adjusting to the US and the people here. We tried to explain the soccer thing to one of the American waitress but she did not get it.

Speaking of soccer I was happy to watch all THREE games today. I have to say my favorite was Ghana vs Czech. Oh my god it was great. I hope they get to move on , I would love for Ghana to get in the semi finals. Obviously Germany will win the Worldcup there is NO question but I'd like to see Ghana advance a bit further.

My night started out pretty good tonight. I worked at the restaurant and got a great section. My customers where nice and spend plenty of money so I made decent tips. The night did end on a upsetting note. I was doing my sidework and when since what I did is usually split up I told one of my coworkers that was doing less, to take one part of it. Well she ran to the owner (the best friend of the guy she sleeps with) and cried that she had to much to do. Her and one other girl had the patio. All there is to do it take the stuff off the tables (about 11 tables) sweep and mop the patio, the patio is pretty small, so that's no biggy between 2 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sidework was the bar, I had to clean the machines, stock the wine and beer, cleaned up the counters, got rid of the trash, refilled the olive oil and some other stuff. All they were supposed to do was the fucking floors. Well the owner came up to me saying since they had to sweep and mop the fucking patio I would have to do the bar and bathroom floors. I looked at him and started to say something and then just said what ever. So I decided to hell with those bitches. I am going to do my job and just ignore everyone until I find something better to do. They are not worth it for me to waste energy on them.

So enough bitching for one night. I am going to bed now and I am sure tomorrow will be much more pleasant.


jin said...

Awww...katy that's so cute!!! :-D

Hope your weekend has gone well.

P.S. I tagged you. Read my blog entry from tonight. Then you're supposed to copy my questions & answer them. No hurry, whenever you have time!

Katy said...

Jin - well now that the post is edited you know my weekend went well till tonight.

The tagging thing will have to wait for a second. I have homework to finish this weekends.

michele said...

Katy hope you weekend was
relaxing.You'll find a job
where you are appreciated,
keep the faith.

Real said...

I watched a game for the first time today. It was Franch V. Korea. Apparantly France got robbed on that one. I suppose that will be one more bad memory of Germany for the French. Ok, I should not have said that, it was rude. :)

jin said...

Oh...bad night I see...but fingers are crossed for the au pairs & a nice job for you!

If you were here I'd hire you in a second!!!

D says "Go ENGLAND!!!" Heeheehee :-D He stayed home all day Sat. to watch the games & our puppy. I could have used his help here but I'd rather he watch my lil Brioche. My Dad had to go with me on the wedding deliveries, but they went fine. I got to watch a few minutes of France this afternoon, but quit because I had a headache...after a crazy weekend like that I stress myself out & usually end up with a 'Sunday headache'. :-P I don't really have to do anything today, that's nice. I'm glad you got to watch all the games yesterday!

Katy said...

Thanks Michelle - I am not fretting about the job thing. I did get asked (very strongly) to apply to a postion on thurday. I did sent my resume as requested but I am trying not to get my hopes up as I know they like people with finished degrees.

Real - I am so proud of you, your first game. I forgive your comments about the french BTW they are the rude ones NOT the Germans - never the Germans!!!!!!

Jin - thanks for the offer, but I have a feeling my waistline would be in big troube workign for you. Tell D there is NOOOOOOO way England will win, as previously mentioned Germany is going too!!! :)

Cherry! said...

They sound like slack bitches! I hope you find something better soon!

Katy said...

Cherry - nice to see you got back from your sailing trip safe and sound. Yes they are slackers and bitches as well.