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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dinner entertainment?!?!

What a day -

The day started good enough Grumpy had off last night so we actually woke up together - with his mind on recreational activities. To be rudely interrupted by me seeing yet another flea on Cleo. For some reason she got fleas and neither her monthly stuff nor the spray has been successful. Anyhow it took some apologizing to Grumpy for my unromantic behavior to get back on schedule.

So after breakfast I headed to work just to realize halfway down the road when I realized that I forgot my phone - crap it was to late to turn around. Once at work I had an email from one of my families - the AP wants to leave. After a call to the lady and trying to schedule the final meeting - I had patients and a monitor. We had a patient that was on a stretcher - poor lady she had two huge bedsores and dementia and was screaming - bone chilling screams as if we were trying to kill her. Tell you what I do not want to ever be that way someone please shoot me if I get to that point. It was 4pm before I knew it and off home to get changed here is Grumpy trying to hold off the puppies from slobbering all over my white tux shirt.

Tuesday night one of the waiters had asked me if he could have my Wednesday and I gave it to him after I said the pharma party that was scheduled for today would be mine - so I did work that party - a dinner talk by a doctor who I had (mistakenly) talked to earlier this week at my other job. While the dinner was winning down - they were out in the patio - a car was pulled over into the side street right infront of the patio - first there were 2 cop cars then there were 5 with bullet proof vests and all. (this was 6 feet away from the patio windows) Then the drug sniffing dogs come after the two people in the car were put in cuffs on the side walk. The party I was working was totally captivated. After throughly searching the car the two people were released and the cops left. So I am guessing they did not find what they were looking for. The drug reps told me in the end that they loved my service and will request me next time. Yay me.


jin said...

What a day is an understatement!!!
Hope you have a nice relaxing Sat./Sun.!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - we'll see how it goes. Today I get to beg for my old job - tomorrow its a final meeting for the fam with the AP drama

Beth said...

I'm glad someone is getting some!!!

angel said...

"recreational activities" eh... mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa...
i have got to make a plan!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - yeah our times seem to be far inbetween

Angel - it will happen