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Monday, November 05, 2007

Blogfunk :(

I know I know I haven't posted much the last few weeks. I don't know why there are lots of things that I wanted to write about but somehow I never get around to it. Part of it is pure laziness since my little computer doesn't work on the new network I have to actually get of the couch and go into my office and write there (or get that laptop out here on the couch - which I did now) the other is I just haven't felt like doing much besides reading. It seems I developed a one a day book habit (on occasion its two days) I guess I am trying to make up for not having had much time to do so with school and all. Alright so lets see whats new.

1. Mhh we had a blast at Busch Gardens for their howl-o-scream celebration and I am seriously considering going back next year just to be a monster and scare people.

2. Haven't had to much AP trouble just a little.

3. Had a new waitress who is an idiot but is now of the schedule as everyone realized she is an idiot.

4. Grumpy has been working opposite to me and I rarely get to see him :-(

5. Argued with my mother about the fact that I do not want to meet my sister anywhere but for breakfast in town while we are in Germany

6. Still haven't been able to apply for a new job since I have yet to hear back from the school if I am done

7. Found out today that the weekend before we leave for Germany I have to go to Las Vegas for a meeting (leaving Grumpy home with my mother ;)

8. The Euro keeps getting stronger diminishing the money we saved for our trip

9. Oh and here is the photos Angel asked for - she got a new tattoo and asked her readers to show of theirs. I got this in Illinois when I was 19 - its my design. The snake (cobra with a skull) is from a necklace that I have. I lost it so many times and would always find it by stepping on it with my left foot. Since the necklace was 3D it kind of hurt - this happened in the ocean, on the beach all over the world so that gave me the idea.

check out the pretty flowers Grumpy gave me for finishing school.
See pure harmony we all love each other - here is me, Misty and Shawnna (please disregard the mess on the table)
Misty's latest hiding spot


jin said...

COOL tattoo!
I didn't know you had one?!!?

I know very much about your blogfunk. I've been hit again too. Don't even feel like commenting much anymore... it has to end soon!!!

Library Mama said...

Isn't it interesting how this blogfunk business has affected so many of us at the same time? I'm like Jin, not even that interested in visiting other blogs.

Love your tat! I don't think I would ever have the courage to get one.

Your roses from Grumpy are beautiful! I carried a dozen white roses for my wedding bouquet.

angel said...

oh thank you katy katy katy, its gorgeous! i love hearing the stories behind people's ink and this is a cool one!
i'm sorry you're in a funk... i think it has to do with this time of the year- everyone starting to wind down to christmas and such...
i hope you can get out of it soon!
congrats on finishing school, and i adore that picture of misty!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yeah I have had it for some time. I hope I snap out of it soon. But I do usually still comment

LM - hey stranger nice to see you back in the blogsphere.

Angel - you are welcome. I don't know where my "funk" came from like I said partly because I don't have my little computer working anymore as for the other parts who knows.