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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Waiting for yet another plane

Waiting for yet another plane
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Its some ungodly hour and i am waiting for my plane. I had a short nap so i am cranky too. Jin is still at the hotel lucky her she gets to stay until tonight. I did manage to get most of my Xmas shopping done this morning thak goddness for airport gift stores since we never did make it into any souvenir stores. In fact everytime i asked a cabbie about it they didn't even know what i meant. All in all a good time was had someday lets hope we can repeat it.


vegas jin said...

Hello Hello!!!
How's my fab Vegas Ami?!
I am checked out.
My bags are stashed.
I have purchased internet access for an hour because I'm friggin addicted. Sorry to cut you off this afternoon but my minutes were almost used up and I wanted to save them in case I need them in Milwaukee.


OMG I ate two more pastries.
Oopsy... I mean three.
I think I'm going to eat at Olives again tonight because I couldn't decide between the chestnut ravioli or the butternut squash tortellini yesterday. I'll have the squash tonight. Actually, the place I wanted to go was closed. I was very adventurous today so I figured I don't have to be tonight. Ha!
I was awake at 8AM believe it or not. I'll try to snooze on the plane back. Not looking forward to snow and below 30 temperatures....

Get some sleep!
Talk later!

vegas jin said...

This damn machine only has IE and half your blog doesn't even show up.
Can't see if you responded to comments or not because there are only comments on the first post!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Jin dear, what plays in Vegas, stays in Vegas - you don't have to own up to how many pastries met their fate at your hands!!

vegas jin said...

Haahahahahahhaaa Phos!
Then I'll keep it hush hush about how many more I consume before leaving...

Bubs said...

Katy, did you see many people playing the airport slot machines? A friend of mine almost missed a flight once coming back because he won $500 and had to wait to be paid.

Up until recently they used to have these smoking cages in the airport that were glassed in from the rest of the concourse. You'd get off the plane (or be waiting to board) and see these desperate smokers, puffing away and hitting the bank of slot machines in the smokers lounge.

Dino aka Katy said...

VJ - so how was dinner

Phos - LOL

VJ - yes not a word about any of it!!! :)

Bubs - there were a few playing but it was early so most were cranky and wanted to sleep like moi. Yeah I remember those cages

Eternally Curious said...

OK, I'm bummed! Jin's right, IE only shows half your blog, and not the video! I only have IE at home (well, and MSN - but that's really the same thing) - and am too tech dumb to know how to access webs via anything else!!! Booo hooo !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

EC - download firefox!

Eternally Curious said...

OK - will do, but 2 questions (this will show you how dumb I really am!!!):
1. If I download it, will it override IE? (I do need IE for somethings, work related)
2. Is there a charge? Monthly, or otherwise?

Dino aka Katy said...

EC - no it will not override it I have both IE and firefox on all mine they work side by side.

no there is no charge its a free browser

angel said...

thats such a cool picture!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - thanks