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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have so much to do its not funny. See my countdown above - yes I really am leaving in one day. Only problem is that I haven't had a chance to pack - hell I haven't even made a list yet. And then i just got a call from Grumpy (who is packed BTW) that the bank called. Apparently my paycheck and the Xmas bonus check from the Italian restaurant weren't signed so they wont cash it.the little runt with Mac is my moms Chihuahua Missy

So with stealing the idea from Lesley (she loves her lists) I am going to post a list of all the things I need to do before I leave tomorrow.

  • work at the doctors office until 4 pm - try to get done all the prep work for patients coming in while I am out, finish the patients that I saw today, send out their bloodwork ect.
  • second phone interview with the recruiter from k-force. they are looking into hiring me to work for Pfizer (keep your fingers crossed for me) at 3pm
  • rush to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book Grumpy reserved for my Oma as Christmas gift
  • race to the German Restaurant for a Christmas party of 40 which hopefully wont last much past 9pm
  • run to the store for last minute Christmas gifts. I had ordered some though our receptionist kids school stuff. I had asked her will this get here before I leave and was assured yes it will. Here I am the day before my trip and they still don't have it. So now I get to pay twice for presents
  • get home - brew coffee and try not to collapse while making a list of things to take
  • pack those things
  • sleep if time allows it
  • run to the bank to see about my paychecks
  • go to lunch with Grumpy and my mom - so I have some yummy (Indian) food in my tummy for the long flight over
  • head to the airport by 1pm
So I better hop to it.

PS I was to meet some friends of mine at home at my favorite restaurant (sadly the link only works via internet explorer) in my hometown. But apparently they were full so my friend got us reservation at this Italian restaurant - kind of funny Italian wasn't what I was planning on eating while there since I get it here 3-4 times a week.

I'll probably post from my cell from the airports. Not sure how my posting capabilities will be while overseas.


Lesley said...

Yay, a list! Although reading your list was enough to make me tired. Good luck with getting it all done. And I hope you're able to get some rest on the plane. Have a great trip!

angel said...

woah... thats daunting and i don't have to do any of it!!!
holding thumbs you got it all sorted girl!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Lesely - i didn't get all done and exhausted myself

angle - you know you could have offered to help