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Friday, November 23, 2007

its Friday

I feel like its Sunday. Holidays in the middle of the week always confuse me. I was out an about for AP stuff all day. Tomorrow I need to find out whats going on with one of the girls that is leaving her family - hopefully she can go to the new one on Sunday otherwise we have to house her. Which means I have to clean that room which is also my office. I did spend the afternoon setting up the computer Grumpy brought back from the bar - for some reason it wouldn't accept the printer driver but it finally did.
I worked tonight at the German place. I did get my new dirndl and made good money considering it was slow. Hey check out the web site they are working on for the restaurant.

1 comment:

angel said...

awesome you made good bux despite a slow night! bodes well for a busy night...
so i take it the girl managed to get to her new family and didn't end up with you?