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Monday, December 10, 2007

F.B.I. agents, hand.cuffs and a D.A.

You know the saying truth is stranger than fiction well it could be easily todays post title.

I have worked for 20+ days straight with having only had one off because I was to sick to go in. The weekend was hell. I worked Friday night at the German Restaurant. I decided to wear these shoes that I had bought some time ago with my outfit thinking it would look cute. They seemed comfy enough and it wasn't going to be THAT busy. Well I was wrong it was busy I made a lot of money and got nasty blisters. Saturday the Italian place was closed for a private party and I didn't get home till past midnight - my feet killing me - just to leave again a few hours later to work lunch at the German place.

My mom got here Sunday with her little dog - here is Grumpy with the little rat. So far the only blood lost was that of me when Cleo scratched my boob trying to get away from the little rat. Can't promise that will not change in a day or two with working so much my patients is running low and my mother is pushing the limits. I am to tired to deal with her. The past weekend drove a point home - I may not look like I am 30 (according to my customers) but I feel like I am 60. I had left a msg for my academic councilor asking why I hadn't heard if I graduated - and found out I did. So I applied for a bunch of jobs today.

It seems like not a minute to soon as the Italian place seems to become popular for arrests. Remember this post from a few weeks ago?
Well we were kind of busy and after most had left we all set down at a table to try some new wines. One of the girl's boyfriend is a wine seller and he had brought them in and there we were, Ronnie the girl and her boyfriend, my Scottish friend on my right. On my right one of the customers that comes in a lot and is friends with the owner sat down coming to eat and have some wine. All of a sudden 4 plain clothed guys walked in, grab the guy on my left make him get up cuff him on the way out and march onto the parking lot. We all sat there like WTH just happened??????????????? They didn't they who they were or why they took him. One of the tables left was 4 guys - 2 of them teens. The older (Dad) said we need to call the cops and when outside. He walked up to where they where with two cars and so are his "sons" at this point I go out too. The older son is on the phone calling the cops when one of the plain clothed guys gets in his face screaming he is FBI and he doesn't have to tell them Jack. Turns out the older customer is the District Attorney!!!!!!! Then he and his son start arguing with these Feds.
Eventually the Feds drove of with their prisoner and all of us went back inside guessing what the hell happened. Apparently the dude has been a Federal Fugitive for sometime. One of the waiters said one of the Feds came in minutes before all this asking for a take out menu so we are assuming he was scoping the place out. I work again tomorrow night so I'll see if I find out anything else - they forgot to grab his phones and left his car so maybe someone will be back and we get some more info.

But what are the odds that the guy sitting next to me on the table while I am waiting on my dinner is a federal fugitive and that the table next to us with being one of the few customers left - is a District Attorney - as I said Fiction is stranger than the truth


jin said...

How bizarre!

Vegas won't be nearly as exciting as your job! lol!

Hey, I wanna go here. What do you think? Bubs says it's his fave bar in the world!!! They have live bands Friday & Sat night. I forget... do you play pool?

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yeah right - the bar looks fun not sure about the Bacon Martini thats one I am not going to try. Yeah I play pool haven't in forever

angel said...

sheesh katy- talk about illustrious company!!! did you find out anything more?


i'm so sorry you're working so hard girl, i'm not suprised you are completely exhausted!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - no I haven't been back to work yet.

Beth said...

oh man, he does not look happy!!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - that's his usual expression

Bubs said...

Sounds like an exciting night!

If you go to the Double Down Saloon, try the Ass Juice. It's a varying combination of liquors mixed together, usually kind of fruity and very, very strong.

Dino aka Katy said...

Bubs - yeah it was interesting alright. I think we will definitely make an effort to go visit that place. I may even try that drink

Nicole said...

That's a damn good story, I must say.

jin said...

It's almost time!
Hang in there until then!

Dino aka Katy said...

Nicole - yeah it was interesting alright

Jin - I am trying

jin said...

We're on our way in less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!

*jin jumps up and down!*

I gots ta go n bake some of them thar vanilla sugar bliss (n scones, too)!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yeah I am excited too I printed my boarding pass - to bad I didn't get my First Class upgrade :(

jin said...

I have to wait to print my boarding pass until after 4PM... I just checked it out.
It looks like I can manage with one carry on and a little backpack-type-purse-thingy so I shouldn't have to check anything. Yay! I'll bring as many cookies/scones as I can fit and what I'll do is ship you and grupmy a box when you get back from Germany with truffles and things.

Hope you found a way to the airport! Do you fly out of Dulles or the other one?

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - my mom said she'd take me the airport is just 10min away so its not far. Uhh goody I can't wait to nibble on those cookies

Dan said...

I'm looking at that photo of Grumpy and I'm wondering ... why do you call him Grumpy? :)