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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beginners luck????????

Tonight was lots of fun. We went to the hofbrauhaus for dinner. Miss Jin tried Kaesespaetzle for the first time and was smitten. I made her drink some beer too. The place is pretty authentic down to the obnoxious drunk people - my food was good and yes it was German so go there and check it out. After that we decided to walk to the strip however halfway through we decided I didn't need presents that bad went to the hotel to drop of our left over food. We were planning to go check out the double down saloon on Bubs' recommendation and after checking their website I decided I'd be more comfy in my play clothes vs my dress up clothes. As instructed I drank some Ass juice and even bought a t-shirt. She stuck around a few hours - the music was awesome - well until the band started. They were to much bluegrass met rock for my taste but the chello player was very cute - we both agreed. Check out the video we took. Note the idiot dancing - he was also in an argument with some invisible person and then played with himself. Obviously drugs and alcohol were involved.

After a few songs we agreed we had enough (the bar music was much better than the band) and headed back to the hotel to do some more gambling. I decided to play roulette for the first time. I only had $10 and played those. Jin told me a number and low and behold that was it so we won $41!!!!!! The chick working the roulette was not happy that we just did it once and then left with our bounty. We went to play the BlackJack computers after that where Jin won $8. So all in all a great night. I have to be up in a few hours as my flight is leaving at 7:45am.


vegas jin said...

FIRST comment!
Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that I was sitting here waiting for you to finish the post?!

Truly AWESOME night.
I drank no ass juice... but, even stone sober, I concur with your description of the cello player.

This post & comment is totally dedicated to Bubs. You rock!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

VJ - okay Miss Pinocchio you know very well that you did DRINK ass juice as you tried mine and you liked it too. So that means between the beer and juice you weren't sober - just saying

Anonymous said...

ONE teensy sip of the ass juice.
Yes, it was tasty.
One teensy sip of the beer/cola concoction for research purposes.
It was icky.

Lucky 13 I say.
Have a safe trip back!
Do you think I won the Hummer yet?

vegas jin said...

oopsy...that was me.
mouse jumped and I didn't get to type in vegas jin.

Kingcover said...

*gasp* Jin drank some beer! Did planet earth suddenly split right down the middle whilst you were in Vegas?! That place is a bad influence on A Jin. Go on Katy you can tell us - she was drunker than a fly sitting on beer froth. Right??? :-P

puerileuwaite said...

I like how the bozo dances in and out of the frame. But I have a concern: at the 1:02 mark, someone in front of you appears to wave what looks like a gun!

Katy's cell said...

VJ - hey I thought we agreed we'd take the money not the car?

KC - you should have seen her after the piece of cake filled with liquor ;)

P - i didn't see anyone with a gun and the type of people that go to those types of clubs are usually pretty friendly. welcome to my blog

Bubs said...

Oh, this is great, you're making me pine for the Double Down. Nice video too!

Katy's cell said...

Bubs - your welcome its your fault we went there!