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Sunday, June 17, 2007

nothin much

Haven't had much to say.

After dinner we saw Ocean thirteen. It wasn't as good as Eleven but much better than Twelve. While our dinner view was lovely the rest of the dinner left much to desire. Our Ice tea was fermented, the appetizers left much to be desired, Grumpys dinner was cold and mine was just icky. So we'll redo it this Wednesday. This time we are going to this place one of the other girls works in. Its supposed to be really good. Then we are going to see the Silver Surfer.
Anyway between homeowrk and work haven't had much time the last few days. Somehow I managed to hurt my back so waiting tables was painful. I still made good money even while trying not to work much. That's what I love about our restaurant. Right now I am enjoying my day off. I had lunch at my favorite indian restaurant with my Scottish friend. I spend the am yesterday cleaning the bedroom and I tell you I was horrofied. I mean I knew it was bad but yuck!!!!!!!!! Today is laundry day. Here are some photos of the spoiled kitties and the newest bunny picture.

Cleo and Grumpy - check out the look she gives me Here is Misty in her newest hidaway. We put a little stuffed pig in there for her to be more cozy. And last not least the newest bunny picture. The front yard looks so empty now with the big oak tree and the spruce gone. I can't wait for Grumpy to plant some new stuff.


Cherry! said...

I cleaned my bedroom on Saturday and now I can finally see the floor!!! Hoorah!

Too bad about dinner. What a let down!

jin said...

Hope your next dinner is better than that one!

Love the piccies!

Awwwww....grumpy looks soooo cute all cuwdled up with widdle kitty.

Bubs said...

Great pics. My bride always says that there's not much more adorable than a guy sleeping with an animal or a baby draped across him.

Dino aka Katy said...

Cherry - your back. Funny you got the cleaning bug too.

Jin - I do think the dinner will be much better. I am running out to get lunch for the office we are trying out a new thai place around the corner

Bubs - your bride is right there is nothing more adorable/sexy than a big guy with a little kid/pet

angel said...

aaaawww... lookit the pudding tats!!
so the bunny has moved in eh?
i hope your back feels better quick-like, and i'm jealous you're going to see "silver surfer"!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - yep Bunny and family moved in actually we've had bunnies for a while in the front yard not sure its the same. My back is feeling much better thanks. Yep silver surfer is on the schedule for tonight! (I can tell you all about it if you wish)