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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Am I evil .... Yes I am

So you all know the Metallica song Am I evil right????? The chorus goes like

Am I Evil?
Yes I am
Am I Evil?
I am man, yes I am

So I am sure you are wondering why I am bringing this up. Well because its been bussing in my head since last night.

Not sure if I bitched about some of the new lazy waitresses we have gotten but they suck, their work ethic sucks ... . Anyhow I was working with one of them last night. It was me, one of the other waitresses that is good Ms M and Ms Lazy.
Anyhow I got there last (always do since I work till 4 in the office) so Ms M takes me aside and tells me the Ms Lazy had been waiting for her in the parking lot and flagged her down as she was getting out of her car. Ms Lazy said that she heard that I and my scottish friend have been saying that she is not doing her side work. (She was written up for such a thing by the daytime manager last week). Ms M. told her that yes indeed there were problems in the last few weeks with new people not doing their side work and she should always ask someone to be sure she did what she was supposed to. So the night goes on and we are super busy. I ended up asking Ms M if it was indeed Tuesday and not Friday. I made mainly lousy tips except for a lesbian couple that just loves my appletinis and they always tip me very well - Grumpy says its because they like the way I walk. I still walked out with $150 despite the $4 and $8 tips I mainly had.
So the night winds down and I am trying to get my checks for a big table that insisted on paying separate as I overhear Ms Lazy saying she was going to mop the bar and bathroom and stock the beer and wine. Which is okay those where the side works assigned to her station. Well Ms. M comes over and tells me that Ms Lazy had asked her what she should do - to which Ms M replied she needed to ask me because all the side work was to be split between her and me. Ms Lazy shook her head and refused. I mean I didn't care that I had to do the majority of the sidework (clean the bar and bathroom and the patio) because I had tables in those to sections. Granted had I worked with someone else they would have offered to split the work more evenly but ... So while I am still cleaning and helping the poor busboy resetting the tables Ms Lazy sits down to eat and then left. I hear Ms M ask the owner why he let her leave - her section wasn't set up. I ask Ms M if the bathroom floor was clean (I knew it wasn't because I had just been there to clean) - and she said no it wasn't. So I ended up mopping that too - with a smile.

Now she was being just an idiot - knowing that someone was on her case and not doing her shit anyways - but you still don't know why I am evil right?
Remember how I said in this post (#8) that when crossed I can border on evil. Well she crossed me and here is what makes me evil - she did make however make it very easy.

When I cleaned the bathrooms I made sure that one of the pieces of paper she didn't clean up were right there to be seen. And then made sure Ms M went in under the eyes of the owner to find that in deed she did not clean it. After sweeping and moping the bathrooms I showed the "findings" to the owner to make my point. I also went to get lunch from the restaurant today where I mentioned to our daytime manager the happenings of last night and to please not schedule us together as she is clearly not capable of working together which is essential especially when we are that busy. I also told her she left it to us, the owner and his wife to set up the tables and ensure the busboy is not there till midnight! Well I am pretty sure this chicks days are numbered but seriously she made it way to easy on me. I mean you don't go around accusing me of being unfair to you, then refuse to help out in the clean up and get away with it. If someone accuses me not of doing something I'd make sure to get it done the next time but no not this chick- I am back on the schedule with her on Saturday so it should be interesting if she is still even around then.

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